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Lawrence Bender’s Greatest Contributions to Film

Lawrence Bender’s career as a film producer really took off in 1992 when Reservoir Dogs dogs was released. This event marked the beginning of a long relationship between Bender, working as producer and Quentin Tarantino, working as director. Together, Lawrence Bender and Quentin Tarantino have created nearly a dozen movies. They even created a film production company together called A Band A Part Productions.

Bender was born in 1957 to parents who were both educators. He was born in The Bronx, New York, New York, but he moved to New Jersey as a kid. Originally, taking after his grandfather, Lawrence Bender intended to become a civil engineer. During college he found a passion for dance, and he pursued a career in this field until an injury permanently sidelined him.

The film industry isn’t Bender’s only expertise. He has earned a total of 6 Academy Awards for his films, but he has also been honored for his role in assisting with humanitarian causes. The ACLU awarded him the Torch of Liberty Award and he was honored at his former college with an honorary degree. Bender is known among the Hollywood elite for his giant fundraising parties at his home in LA.

Lawrence Bender doesn’t exclusively work with Tarantino either. In fact, the last Tarantino film that Bender was credited with was Inglourious Basterds. Some of the other films Bender has worked on include, An Inconvenient Truth, Good Will Hunting, and Intruder.

Good Will Hunting

This film is about a young janitor who works at MIT. The film gets its name from its main character Will Hunting, a young genius who solves a complicated math equation at MIT. This event sets off a shroud of intrigue at the school, resulting in teachers, students, and other staff wondering who could possibly solve such a complex problem.

The screenplay of Good Will Hunting was created by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Damon and Affleck also star in the film. Damon is the main character; Affleck plays Will’s best friend. Robin Williams also stars in the film, playing the role of Will’s therapist.

Lawrence Bender Movies

Lawrence Bender is an award-winning American Film Producer. His experience and success spans across 20 years, earning 6 Academy Awards along with 29 nominations. Born in The Bronx, New York City, he had initially set hit career towards being a Civil Engineer like his grandfather. In 1979, Lawrence Bender graduated from The University of Maine with a degree in Civil Engineering. Following his undergrad he was a professional dancer that ended in injury.

Beyond Bender’s career in the Entertainment Industry, he has been a prominent figure across political and environmental activism and an active member in the philanthropic community. He had worked closely with environmentalists focusing on the gas emissions from SUVs in 2003. He is the board member of The Creative Coalition LLC and Advisory Board of Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. He has influenced popular brands such as Wal-Mart and Muppets for a great cause.

Lawrence Bender is a Founding Member of Global Zero, an organization dedicated to reducing nuclear stockpiles. Bender is among military, political, and civil leaders within this organization. Bender had even presented a plan to Barack Obama and President Dmitry Medvedev. Today the organization is focusing on reforming nuclear launch protocol and first strike power.

Bender’s movies are widely received as classics. His movies are timeless classics that remain a favorite, even being streamed on Netflix. My favorite thing to learn about his movies is that his trademark is to play a small role in every one of his movies.

Good Will Hunting is my favorite of his movies because it is a timeless tale coupled with great acting and actors. It appeals to a mature audience and sheds light on the hardships of different socioeconomic classes as well as the power of influence role models have in a youth’s life.

The full bio of Lawrence Bender can be found on IMDB.



The Talented Sergio Cortes

Sergio Cortes, is hands down the best Michael Jackson impersonator on the planet today. When I first heard about Cortes I thought to myself just another MJ wanna be. I saw some pictures of him and could see the resemblance, but I really wanted to see him perform to be convinced.

I finally came across a performance he did on a show from Peru and the interviewing asked him to sing acapella and I was blown away. It was incredible how much he sounded like the “King Of Pop”. That was it I knew at that moment that Sergio Cortes is the greatest Michael Jackson impersonator ever!

Anyone can look like someone else but to capture all their moves and characteristics is another story. Sergio does all these things like second natural and really makes you forget that you are watching an impersonator. Born and raised in Spain Cortes always loved Michael Jackson and as a young boy started to imitate the super stars moves every day.

With a huge fan base Sergio is branching out to new levels in his career. He can really deliver the whole Michael Jackson experience. His physical appearance in so like the real MJ that it is hard to tell in pictures who is the real Michael. More impressive is his moves and voice that make him the whole package.

He has very loyal followers that believe that Cortes has truly takes them back to seeing Michael Jackson. Cortes is passionate about giving the best performances. Sergio Cortes works for Destiny Projects. The firm concentrates on managing and building artists. This company assists him to enhance his impersonation of Michael Jackson and it has also furnished him with many events to show case his talent. Cortes’ shows attract countless attendants in significant world locations for example Brazil.

Sergio Cortes is a master when it comes to the walking, looking, and sounding like Michael Jackson. For Sergio it is not about being famous and gaining money he believes in the same things that Michael stood for like world peace and love for one another. Who he is stands out and people are noticing the purity behind the impersonator.

Every performance he does is special and Cortes puts everything he has into it. He has fans that travel far just to see another Michael Jackson show. Authentic to the core many fans are happy to experience the splendor of Sergio Cortes.

Reliving The Moonwalk With Sergio Cortes

Michael Jackson was phenomenal; he changed the world of pop forever. Even though six years have passed since he died, his legacy lives on, and the fact that his estate has grown into billions of dollars is evidence that people are still buying MJ. Well, there is one Spanish man who has decided that in addition to the legend living on in people’s hearts, he will help them relive the electrifying experience that characterized MJ concerts. Here is what you need to know about Sergio Cortes.

Cortes is a Hispanic male who not only resembles MJ physically but also impersonates him with his singing and dancing skills. He was born in Barcelona Spain close to 4 decades ago, when the real MJ was about 10 years old and singing with the Jackson Five. Sergio has received a lot of support from his Brazilian fans, most of who attend his shows and support his stage performances. He is a member of destiny projects, an outfit that has helped him manage his artistic talent and advance it.

His interest with MJ’s work started when he was a little boy. He realized that he bore a lot of physical resemblance to the real Jackson and had the voice to match that of the legend. His two brothers, also great fans of MJ decided to join him in his performances, and they normally serve as lead dancers in his shows. When he was in his teens, he decided that he really wanted to look like the new age, Michael. He grew his hair long and even made his voice a soft baritone like Michael’s.

He has been recognized as the closest MJ look-alike alive. His personality, however, differs a little from that of MJ. He believes that life should be filled with less drama and more art.

When he is not singing or performing MJ songs, Sergio stays alone in the privacy of his home. He only keeps a few friends close to him and usually expresses trust issued for new and eager fans. The most central thing in his life is his talent that is performing like MJ.

If you are interested in following this sensation, you can find him on social sites such as facebook, twitter Myspace, and Orkut. He used these platforms to connect with new fans and keep in touch with the old ones. Due to his outspokenness on social media, he has earned both fans and haters. When he is not performing, he either listens to RnB or collects dolls and figures.

Is This Man Michael Jackson

Sergio Cortes is a man that does an amazing impersonation of the king of pop. Michael Jackson is an entertainer that has been impersonated over the years. Many people loved into impersonate Michael Jackson, because his moves are legendary. Michael Jackson is known as the king of pop because he was the originator of so many different ideas. The moonwalk is one of Michael Jackson’s classic moves. When he first did the moonwalk millions were thrilled by this move, and they tried to impersonate it to the best degree possible. Michael Jackson has songs, dances, and a look that is very hard to copy. He made his career to be a unique entertainer, and that is why he is an individual that is popular and well-known all around the world.

Sergio Cortes is one of the few impersonators that truly does an amazing job impersonating Michael Jackson. Sergio Cortes is a Spanish native, and even when he was a young boy in Barcelona he would love to watch Michael and his brothers perform. He would watch their different moves in their concerts, and he would try to mimic the way that they danced and the way that they would move. As time went on Michael began his solo career and Sergio loved to watch Michael as an entertainer as well. When he was a teenager he would watch Michael’s moves very carefully and he would mimic them. Sergio would practice and practice until he got the moves down perfectly. As a teenager he began to dress and look like Michael Jackson, and he caught the eye of the local Spanish reporter. This reporter encouraged Sergio to pose in different photographs as if he was Michael Jackson and he did.

As the photos of Sergio posing as Michael Jackson went viral, so did his career. Sergio was offered many different jobs working for the entertainment business. Sergio now lives in Brazil, and he is a very well-known entertainer all around South America. Many individuals come from far and wide in order to see Sergio Cortes’s performances, because in reality he is a true artist and he has been able to do what many other impersonators have never been able to do. He is able to give a truly great performance as if he was the king of pop.

Crystal Hunt: Veteran Starlet

Crystal Hunt is an American actress and producer. She most recently starred in Pop Television’s “Queens of Drama,” a reality show featuring soap opera stars vying for a chance to form their own production company and create a scripted series. A rookie to the scene, she is not. She has been steadily working in movies and television for the past decade and has already produced a horror film. This isn’t some lost starlet looking to revamp her career as Crystal was just featured in one of the top blockbusters of the year, Magic Mike XXL.

Hailing from Clearwater, Florida, Crystal had a passion for acting that, as a teenager, led her to the Actor’s Workshop in New York where she was subsequently discovered and cast in the daytime soap opera, “Guiding Light”. This big break led to a four year stint on the series before being cast alongside then-teenage-superstar Amanda Bynes in Sydney White. After working in bit parts on the small and big screen it was back to soap operas, this time as a regular on “One Life to Live.” She continues to work on film and television with no signs of slowing down.

PRNewswire suggests this Emmy nominated beauty is an ambitious woman with a lust for life. She loves travelling and embracing world beauty. Her heavy presence on twitter helps her interact with her fans, showing that graciousness and enthusiasm shines from within. Her natural beauty and vibrant personality are hallmarks of a long and vivacious career to come.

Scott Disick Cheating Scandal

When we think of Scott and Kourtney Kardashian, one thing we never forget is all of his wild crazy moments. We know Scott loves to get drunk, flirt with women and make insane look normal. Scott is the same guy who wanted a helicopter in his backyard, it never gets old and it’s always been good for television. Lately Scott’s drama is getting to be a little more than good for ratings, and Kourtney is done being the understanding girlfriend she has always been. Now that Kourtney and Skout have three small children, Kourt has to focus on doing what is best for them. These days Kourtney has little time to worry about if Scott is out drunk in a ditch, or sleeping in another woman’s bed.

Lately the stories about Scott’s cheating won’t stop, and while it looks like some could be just the result of thirsty women out to get famous, there is also more evidence than a little that Scott is no angel. Kourtney has been a great and supportive girlfriend but Scott’s luck is wearing off big time, and he doesn’t seem to care.

This week Scott’s been photographed in Monte Carlo, enjoying the sun and a few drinks with his ex girlfriend Chloe Bartoli. Apparently Chloe and Scott are so comfortable with each other that the PDA between them seems very natural and normal, in fact they look like they’ve been together for years. Of course Kourtney isn’t happy about Scott’s recent behavior, and even went to let off some steam and a few rounds at a gun rang. Could this be the end of Scott and Kourtney, or just another dose of drama?

Kendall And Kylie Jenner Have Many Business Ventures

Kendall and Kylie Jenner have gone from two teenagers, to two superstar teenagers. The two were virtually unknown when they were on the show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” but now their names are called every day in the news, on TV, or in entertainment magazines. Kendell & Kylie Jenner. These two girls are constantly in the limelight, but they don’t seem to mind. Both of them are models, and now they have joined together with a company to make clothing, which is among their many different jobs right now.

They are both endorsing makeup, clothing, anti wrinkle cream and so much more. Some at Qnet almost feel like they are spreading themselves too thinly. These two have more money than typical teenagers their age, and they are almost as famous as they’re older Kardashian sisters. When these two were interviewed, they were asked who in their family do they envy, and whose closet would they raid. They responded that North’s closet is one they would love to raid, and they wish that they had the same type of clothing when they were growing up. North is Kim Kardashians daughter, and everyone knows that Kim dresses her like a beautiful little model.

Although many have criticized these young girls were growing up too fast, you have to admit that they obviously have some good business sense. Another criticism would be to say that these girls were born into privilege, and this is absolutely true. If it wasn’t for the privilege that the Kardashians have, and the Kardashian name, then the Jenner sisters wouldn’t have a foundation to stand on. Either way, the girls are making the best out of life, and they are making a lot of money from their businesses.

Brady Awaiting Goodell’s Decision

After ten hours of pleading his case to Roger Goodell, Tom Brady must now sit and wait for the NFL Commissioner to decide what if any punishment the quarterback deserves for his role in the AFC Championship game where his New England Patriots played with under inflated footballs. Reports have surfaced that he was very persuasive in his arguments, and how this will playout in the mind of the commissioner still remains to be seen. But even after Goodell makes his determination, it does not mean this story will finally end. If Brady feels the punishment is unjust and violates NFLPA agreements he can take his case to federal court. On the other hand, if he doesn’t have some form of punishment the NFL Commissioners ultimate authority will be called into question for any player suspensions for rules violations.

Some people like Stephen Murray CCMP Capital are speculating that the four game suspension will be reduced, which will probably go from four down to three or even two games. This will say that yes Tom Brady has been punished, but he didn’t really hold the ultimate responsibility for the balls being deflated. I am sure that if we were to ask Indianapolis Colts fans, they would argue that they should be stripped of their titles and Brady banned from the NFL all together. But let’s face, Brady will not be banned and the Patriots are not going to be stripped of their titles.

Kim Kardashian Bought Kanye West The Staples Center

Kim Kardashian may be one of the worst role models of all time, but she recently proved that she is one of the best wives ever. Kanye West recently celebrated his 38th birthday, and many people were wondering what Kim Kardashian was going to get for him. However, everyone now knows that Kim Kardashian rented the Staples Center for her husband. The Staples Center is a massive arena where the Los Angeles Lakers and LA Clippers play professional basketball. It’s not easy to rent the Staples Center, and it cost Kim Kardashian $110,000 dollars.

Fans like Bruce Levenson have learned that, aside from having the basketball court of himself, Kanye West was also joined by professional basketball players and many of his own friends. Justin Bieber, John Legend, and Tyga were there to celebrate Kanye’s birthday. Also, Scottie Pippen, Magic Johnson, and Kobe Bryant made videos that played on the titantron of the Staples Center.

TMZ recently published an article that features all of the details of Kanye West’s amazing gift. Hip hop fans and Kardashian fans should definitely check it out. However, I fear that many people will be extremely jealous of how well Kanye West is currently living.