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Homeless in Indiana Benefit From Canceled Wedding

Sarah Cummins was going to get married in an Indianapolis suburb called Carmel. However, the wedding was called off at the last minute. This meant that food was going to be prepared for 170 guests and the contract with the wedding caterer was completely nonrefundable. Sarah could either dispose of all the food or use it to help people who were less fortunate. It was at that point that she decided to invite homeless people from the area to attend a party so the food would not go to waste. Suits were donated by a few businesses in the area so the homeless people could get dressed up for the festivities.

Sarah is 25 years old and currently attending college to become a pharmacist. She was joined at the homeless benefit by some of her bridesmaids and her mother. She admitted that the majority of the cost for the food was paid for my the man she was going to marry. She felt that allowing homeless people to eat the food would be much better than having all of it go to waste. The total cost of the wedding was $30,000. Sarah would not say why the wedding was called off so abruptly. She only said that it was a very difficult decision.

Every person had a great time at the homeless benefit. Sarah said that she was trying to make the best out of a bad situation. She did admit that it was a bit odd to have a bunch of complete strangers eating her wedding cake. However, she has always felt that it was in her nature to help people who were less fortunate than her. Sarah has not decided what she will do with the wedding dress. She does not want to think about that right now.