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Is the use or Trading in CBD Oil Legal or Ilegal in Indiana?

The state of Indiana is on the spot over the issuing of somewhat conflicting statements over the legality of Cannabidiol oil, CBD. Gov. Eric Holcomb threatened retailers with legal action if found with CBD oil after a grace period of 60 days. However, State Exercise Police circulated a memo in August to the effect that the use or sale of CBD and other products derived from industrial hemp is within the law. State police were thrown into the mix when they arrested a resident of Indiana, Mamadou Ndiaye, in August for the possession of CBD oil. They later charged him with possession of marijuana. Such is the CBD oil situation in Indiana: confusing.
Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) and DEA are also entangled in the CBD oil debate. DCS was on the brink of separating a 20-month-old girl from her mother because the former used CBD oil to try and heal seizures that tormented the girl. However, DCS could not push further after the intervention of a state representative. Rusty Payne, DEA spokesman, earlier in the month was categorical that CBD oil is illegal. According to him, it is within the law to use CBD for research, but commercial use of the product is illegal. However, he seemed to contradict himself when he alluded that he, and by extension, the DEA, has no problem with people that use CBD oil for the supposed therapeutic effect.
Indiana residents are at the crossroads regarding the use or trading in CBD oil. Ben Rosman, PSI Labs co-founder, wonders why CBD oil will null traces of THC is outlawed.