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Quality research improvement through Oncotarget

About Oncotarget

Oncotarget is an organisation that was started in 2010. The organisation was started because of the increasing reduction of quality in medical research journals. Patients were getting diagnosed with different ailments, but the available information was insufficient to guarantee their safety. Because of this, Mikhail Blagosklonny saw a huge gap which had to be filled. The rate at which cancer patients were visiting healthcare facilities was alarming and Oncotarget lacrosse camp.

Offering free medical journals

Potential researchers had insufficient funds to support their research works. It was a challenge to them to gain access to the new developments in the field of cancer. Cancer is one of the most unrelenting conditions in the world today. To solve the problem, Oncotarget offers the public free access to the journals where different diseases can be checked and Oncotarget on Facebook.

The experience of Mikhail Blagosklonny

Mikhail Blagosklonny is the current CEO of Oncotarget. For a long time, Mikhail Blagosklonny spent his resources and knowledge in trying to understand cancer and ageing. After several years of dedicated studies, Mikhail understood that there is a lot of information which the public needed to know about the conditions. From this motivation, Mikhail Blagosklonny looked for a few other friends who had rich backgrounds in research on different cancer conditions. The team came together to help the medical experts and other medical researchers gain free access to medical journals and more information click here.

The quality leadership

Under the leadership of Mikhail Blagosklonny, Oncotarget has been one of the most influential organisations. By the time that the organisation was started, it only had about 450 journals for the public. Most scientific researchers did not consider these journals because of their scarcity. With years of growth and development, the organisation can now afford to avail more than 40000 different journals on medicine. Most of these journals focus on cancer treatment, diagnosis and management. Mikhail Blagosklonny received a boost from other experts who shared the same concern. The team has been working together for last six years to produce quality resources that would be helpful to the public. Currently, the members of the organisation work together to produce the quality resources without having to rely on other researchers and learn more about Oncotarget.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny: The Cancer Researcher Making A Difference In The Field

Mikhail Blagosklonny is an incredibly well-known name in the field of cancer research and oncological treatments and has contributed immensely to the field. He has been the scientist behind numerous outstanding discoveries that have changed the course of cancer treatments. He has been involved in the field of cancer research since the start of his career and has consistently been working to bring about change in the field. Soon after completing his medical education, he began working at a company known as Oncotarget. The company is one that was involved in the research of new treatments for people who have been diagnosed with cancer. This was a perfect fit for Mikhail Blagosklonny, and he proved to be an important part of the company. He founded numerous new methodologies which were soon after being used by doctors all around the world for the treatment of cancer. Through his research, he has changed the lives of numerous people all over the world, giving them new hope for a better life. He has helped alter the way doctors diagnose and treat their patients, and has offered them a good alternative which helps them tackle the problem without doing much harm to the patients.

Teaching has always been one of the more important aspects of Mikhail Blagosklonny’s career. He has always believed in helping impart knowledge to others in the field and inspiring the new age of doctors and researchers. One of the first professorship jobs that Mikhail Blagosklonny got was soon after he had passed out of medical school. He began teaching at New York Medical College and was employed as an oncological professor there. He was an important teacher there and was highly regarded by all the students who had the good fortune of being taught by him. He tried his best to inspire them to enter into the field of oncology and make a difference to the numerous people who were diagnosed with this deadly disease.Even though Mikhail Blagosklonny does not work at the New York Medical College anymore, he continues to live out his passion for teaching as a professor of oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

He is the head of the oncological department at the Institute and uses his incredible amount of experience in the field to educate the future oncological surgeons and researchers of the country.Even though he is so well versed in the field of oncology, one of Mikhail Blagosklonny’s most prized researchers has been in another field of medicine altogether. He used to research the current treatments that doctors are using on their patients, and would analyze the drugs that were being used. It was at this time that Mikhail Blagosklonny soon made an astonishing discovery that the chemical Rapamycin had the property to help increase the lifespan of those who took it. The development was considered to be revolutionary in the field of medicine since there is not much evidence already pointing towards something that can help increase the lifespan of human beings. Visit his Facebook page :

Oncotarget is A Leading Oncology Research Source

Cancer research is a subject that is consistently expanding with new discoveries and information from doctors and scientists around the world. Oncotarget makes finding this information all in one place simple and organized.

Established in 2010, Oncotarget is a weekly peer-reviewed medical journal with open access. Oncotarget features articles written by physicians and medical scientists that cover all areas of oncology. Their mission is to make fresh scientific findings widely and readily available to physicians and patients alike. Oncotarget’s popularity has steadily increased over the years because of its insightful and constructive peer-review system. Articles can be trusted to provide honest and well-researched information from reputable authors.


Oncotarget was founded by Mikhail Blagosklonny, a former professor of oncology and scientist who studies cancer and aging. While his mission in starting Oncotarget was to make scientific findings about cancer more accessible, his ultimate goal is to end the disease all together. The Oncotarget journal is bringing this ultimate goal just one step closer by including such an extensive collection of oncology information. The journal covers all aspects of oncology from causes of cancer to treatment protocols for cancer. The journal also gives a special focus to newly found therapeutic practices and patient’s quality of life.

Clearly, Oncotarget’s system is working; the journal earned an Impact Factor of 5.168 for the 2016 publication year. Due to Oncotarget’s steady rise in popularity, it has recently expanded to include information on topics such as neuroscience, endocrinology, cardiology and metabolism. Learn more at

Major Medical Crisis at Osteo Relief Institute

Arthritis, a common condition, represents all joint diseases or joint pains. There are over 100 forms of arthritis, and a shocking number of 50 million adults in the United States of America suffer from different kinds. This condition is commonly experienced by women, and mostly in aged people. The highest cases of disability are caused by arthritis with osteoarthritis being the most common disease. It is also referred to as a degenerative joint disease, as it involves the degeneration of the soft tissue found between the joints.


When cartilage wears away, the bone rub against each other, thus causing swelling, pain, and stiffness. The joints eventually lose strength as the pain continuously increases. As there is no particular cure for this condition, it is possible to manage the pains. Factors that result in osteoarthritis condition include age, excessive weight, previous injury, and also family history. As stated before, this condition does not have a cure. Therefore, there are strategies that have implemented so as to achieve maximum relief, success, and good health. These strategies involve constant exercise, medical treatments, and also a healthy daily routine.

On the exercise category, it is important to involve oneself in physical activity so as to manage the pain as well as the loss of mobility that could be associated with arthritis. Also, engage in activities that are focused on building the muscles that are located around the joints. On a daily routine, take the initiative to stretch and do some gentle exercise right before getting into bed.


Ensure that you walk for at least for 30 minutes, or more each day. Also, avoid smoking as it increases the damage of the connective tissues, making you weaker. For the medications, speak to your doctor and let them recommend the most appropriate medication for you. This is because medications that provide arthritis pain relief often have side effects when consumed for a long period.


About Osteo Relief Institute


The Osteo Relief Institute doctors aim to assist patients to relieve their pain, reduce swelling & stiffness, as well as to increase the capability of the patients to move up and about. Osteo Relief Institute is invested in the health of their patients’ well-being by providing free introductory screening and evaluate the most suitable treatment.

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Seattle Genetics To Introduce More Cancer Drugs

Clay B. Siegall is a biotechnology expert who is based in the United States. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of a company he founded in 1998, known as Seattle Genetics. Clay is also the institutions’ Chairman in the board of directors. Clay is a scientist by training, and he specializes in cancer treatments. The researcher used these skills to start Seattle Genetics, and today it is recognized as one of the best drug development companies in the country. He has a passion for helping cancer patients and this explains his vigorous research in the industry.

Since 1998, Dr. Clay Siegall has worked hard to guide his company to its current position. The company has managed to develop antibody drugs conjugates. Its first drug is known Adcetris, and it was introduced in the market several years ago. In the year 2011, the drug was approved by the FDA. At the moment, the drug is being used internationally, and it is approved in over sixty nations around the globe. The pharmacist was recently appointed to join Mirna Therapeutics as the as one of the directors.

This year, the vice president of the country, Joe Biden visited the company. During the tour, the company announced its plans to advance its treatment for different types of cancer. Under the leadership of Clay Siegall, the international company announced that it was entering into various strategic licenses for in the ADC technology. To make sure that the dream comes right, Clay Siegall has worked hard to raise capital. In the recent past, the company has been involved in capital-raising activities, and it managed to secure over one billion dollars the private and public financing. The initial public offering from the company took place in the year 2001, and it was very successful.

After the successful fund raising activities, Clay Siegall announced that his company would be increased its employees to cater to the increasing number of requirements for Seattle Genetics. The company is planning to develop over twelve drugs in five years to cure different types of cancers that are common in the recent times. Some of the drugs from the company will be used for curing breast cancer.

How Clay Siegall Has Helped in Shaping Seattle Genetics

Dr Siegall serves as the President, CEO and the Chairman of the board of Seattle Genetics, Inc. He acquired his B.S in Zoology from Maryland University and a Genetics PhD from George Washington University. He also cofounded Seattle Genetics back then in 1998 after working for Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute for 6 years. Dr. Siegall also built the company with a strong emphasis on cancer therapies. The company is established on a foundation of rigorous research, drug development processes and scientific innovation.

Dr. Siegall’s Achievements

Seattle Genetics has gained critical acclaim due to its antibody drug conjugate (ADC) platform. The platform targets diverse autoimmune and cancer indications. Under Dr. Siegall’s management, the company has acquired several strategic licenses mainly for its ADC technology. These include AbbVie, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and Genentech (Roche). These licenses have accumulated over 300 million dollars to date. As a sign of progress, there are over 20 ADCs in the clinical sector using the company’s technology. Dr. Siegall’s capital raising ideas have enabled Seattle Genetics to secure more than 675 million dollars through private and public funding.

Dr. Siegall was a keynote speaker at the CHI’s 5th Annual Antibody Drug Conjugates Conference held in Boston. In his speech, he talked about how ADCETRIS (brentuximab vedotin) is being used to treat over 15,000 lymphoma patients globally. He also mentioned that Seattle Genetics has collaborated with several leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

His Perspectives Regarding ADC Technology

Dr. Siegall highlighted that his company is leveraging the experience gathered from ADC and driving innovation into ADC technology. He also mentioned that two pipeline programs have launched in addition to the ADCETRIS product. These include SGN-CD19A and SGN-CD33A. SGN-CD33A was developed to provide treatment to acute leukemia cells. On the other hand SGN-CD19A is an antibody drug conjugate that targets CD19 that is a protein found in B-cell malignancies.

Information on the technologies that are used in both pipeline programs was presented to the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual meeting in April 2015. This information focused on the new linker, antibody, cytotoxic payload components and drug designs for the pipeline programs.

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