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End Citizens United Vows To Oust The Big Money 20

End Citizens United is a grassroots caucus that seeks to overturn the decision by the Supreme Court to allow unlimited use of undisclosed funds in both party and individual campaigns in the United States Elections. It has mobilized like-minded supporters from across all the states in the US. The group seeks to sensitize Americans on what it believes is a threat to democracy in the US. Some of the activities it is pursuing include raising funds to support selected candidates from either political divide as long as such a politician demonstrates strong support for their objectives. The organization has a plan to spend $35 million in support of its cause.

Getting Rid of Big Money from American Politics

End Citizens United has crafted a list of 20 Republican candidates it wants out of leadership. The organization wants the group that has come to be referred to as the Big Money 20, out of politics. The group of 20 candidates is said to have favored interest that exceeds the expectations of their own constituents. They have shown compromise in a variety of ways including accepting large donations, supporting legislation that is believed to be counteractive to the efforts of ridding politics of the big money vice or openly or subtly opposing finance reforms. The Big Money 20 group includes Ted Cruz; the Senator for Texas, the Senator of Nevada, Dean Heller, Paul Ryan from Wisconsin, Mike Bishop of Michigan, Mike Bost from Illinois, Rod Blum, Mike Coffman, the Colorado Rep, Ryan Costello from Pennsylvania, Rodney Frelinghuysen from New Jersey, Dan Hunter from California, Will Hurd of Texas, Darrel Issa from California, the New Jersey Rep Tom MacArthur, the Minnesota Rep, Erik Paulsen, Pat Meehan of Pennylvania, the California Rep, Dana Rohrbacher, the North Carolina Rep. Rob Pittenger, Peter Roskam from Illinois, Mimi Walters from California and Claudia Tenney Rep for new York.

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The List of Shame

According to the Executive Director of End Citizens United, Tiffany Muller, the above list represents some of the worst pretenders in leadership among the Republicans. The Political Action Committee has set a target to raise over $35million from the grassroots to aid its preferred candidates in the midterm elections of 2018.


Owing to the fact that End Citizens United does not operate as a political party but rather as a traditional action committee, the group does not accept contributions exceeding $ 5, 000. The group hopes to raise sufficient funding from its members that are estimated to be over 3 million. End Citizens United has attracted significant support from both independents and the Democratic Party.

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End Citizens United Endorses Campaign Finance Reform Senatorial Candidates

In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are people and granted corporations the right under the First Amendment’s right to free speech, to contribute to political campaigns. This ruling put democracy on sale to the highest bidder and even opened the door for foreign countries to inject themselves in the American political process. Corporations can now donate to politicians anonymously.

Democrats fighting for campaign reform established End Citizens United in 2015 to fight dark money in our political system. End Citizens United endorses candidates who support campaign finance reform and End Citizens United endorses senators in Florida, Missouri, and Wisconsin in their reelection bids. Each of the candidates staunchly defends democracy, transparency in campaign funding, and the removal of dark money from politics.

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In Florida, incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson has the endorsement of End Citizens United. As a NASA astronaut, Bill Nelson traveled through space as a member of the Columbia crew and entered politics in the great state of Florida in 2001. To increase transparency in campaign financing, Bill co-sponsored the 2015 DISCLOSE Act. Nelson supports the mission of Ends Citizens United to return democracy to the hands of people and not corporations. A potential challenger to Nelson’s candidacy is the current governor of Florida, Rick Scott who has expressed interest in running for the Senate. The fact that Florida turned red in 2015 imperils Nelson’s reelection bid. Nelson supports the Fair Elections Now Act to increase transparency in government, and he supports legislation that requires public companies to disclose all political contributions to the Securities and Exchange Commission. End Citizens United endorses Bill Nelson’s reelection bid for senator from the state of Florida.

Claire McCaskill, the incumbent senator in the state of Missouri, has the endorsement of End Citizens United. An accomplished lawyer and former prosecutor, her first foray into public service was her election to the Missouri State Legislature. Moreover, in 2006 Claire McCaskill became the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate from the great state of Missouri. As a Democratic senator in a deep red state, McCaskill works tirelessly to protect democracy from the corporate donors who are holding democracy hostage. McCaskill opposes the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision and she supports the Democracy for all Amendment that would overturn Citizens United. End Citizens United supports Clair McCaskill’s reelection bid.

Ends Citizens United endorses incumbent Wisconsin senator, Tammy Baldwin, in her reelection bid. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin law school, Baldwin began her career in public service at the tender age of 24 serving on the Dane County Board of Supervisors. As Wisconsin’s first female senator and the country’s first openly gay senator, Baldwin has been very vocal in her quest to overturn the Citizens United Decision. In fact, she co-introduced a legislative reform bill designed to increase transparency in political fundraising. In support of democracy and transparency in campaign financing, Baldwin once stated, “When those at the top try to buy our democracy, I will fight back because your voice should be heard at the ballot box.” End Citizens United supports Baldwin’s reelection bid to the U.S. Senate.

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Major Medical Crisis at Osteo Relief Institute

Arthritis, a common condition, represents all joint diseases or joint pains. There are over 100 forms of arthritis, and a shocking number of 50 million adults in the United States of America suffer from different kinds. This condition is commonly experienced by women, and mostly in aged people. The highest cases of disability are caused by arthritis with osteoarthritis being the most common disease. It is also referred to as a degenerative joint disease, as it involves the degeneration of the soft tissue found between the joints.


When cartilage wears away, the bone rub against each other, thus causing swelling, pain, and stiffness. The joints eventually lose strength as the pain continuously increases. As there is no particular cure for this condition, it is possible to manage the pains. Factors that result in osteoarthritis condition include age, excessive weight, previous injury, and also family history. As stated before, this condition does not have a cure. Therefore, there are strategies that have implemented so as to achieve maximum relief, success, and good health. These strategies involve constant exercise, medical treatments, and also a healthy daily routine.

On the exercise category, it is important to involve oneself in physical activity so as to manage the pain as well as the loss of mobility that could be associated with arthritis. Also, engage in activities that are focused on building the muscles that are located around the joints. On a daily routine, take the initiative to stretch and do some gentle exercise right before getting into bed.


Ensure that you walk for at least for 30 minutes, or more each day. Also, avoid smoking as it increases the damage of the connective tissues, making you weaker. For the medications, speak to your doctor and let them recommend the most appropriate medication for you. This is because medications that provide arthritis pain relief often have side effects when consumed for a long period.


About Osteo Relief Institute


The Osteo Relief Institute doctors aim to assist patients to relieve their pain, reduce swelling & stiffness, as well as to increase the capability of the patients to move up and about. Osteo Relief Institute is invested in the health of their patients’ well-being by providing free introductory screening and evaluate the most suitable treatment.

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Lori Senecal-A High Ranking Corporate Leader’s of the 21st Century

Lori Senecal was hired as the Chief Executive Officer of CP +B in 2015. She is charged with the growth and global expansion of the company, and the management of 9 international headquarters of CP +B. Under Senecal’s leadership, Advertising Age awarded CP+B the award of “Creative Innovators of the Year”. In 2016, Advertising Age gave Lori and four other executives, the recognition of Agency Executives to Watch, a highly coveted award for CEOs.

According to, before she went to CP +B, Lori worked at MDC Partner Network as the president and CEO. She was involved in strategic management, and worked with the staff to promote cross-collaboration, and growth in the firm. Before her term at MDC, Lori was at KBS+ where she worked as CEO. Under her tenure at KBS+, the company grew from a 250 staff working locally, to a staff of 900 people working in international branches of the company. Her leadership is what made Crain acknowledge KBS+ as the “Best Places to Work in New York”. Under Lori’s watch, KBS+ has appeared on Advertising Age’s list of “Stand Out Agencies”.

Before working at KBS+, Lori Senecal served as the president of McCann Erickson in New York. She was also working for McCann Worldgroup, her role was that of a Global Chief Innovation Officer. In 2013, Lori was awarded the “Quantam Leap Award” by AWNY Game Changer Awards for her leadership and innovation. A year later, Lori made it to Advertising Age’s “Women to Watch” list, reports

Senecal Speaks out in Clueless or Subtly Strategic

Senecal outlined some lessons she had learned keeping an eye on celebrities in her article named “clueless or subtly strategic”. Senecal holds that media icons perform simple gestures into viral media moments. Some of the lessons corporations should pick from these celebrities are as follows:

  • Hire a great stylist: Markets are more sympathetic and responsive to consumer brands that have good stylists
  • Re-emergence: Consumers tend to react better and offer more support to those brands that make it back on top after languishing in doldrums
  • Exploring Multiple Disciplines: Many film icons have clothing lines, or are producers and directors of films.
  • Appearances: Consumers are attracted to significant changes. For example when a celebrity loses weight, or a company invests in small versions of their products, these actions are likely to receive a lot of hype.
  • Adopt a Cause: Celebrities who are involved with scandals are seen to be involved in humanitarian causes like giving to the poor, and donating to environmental groups, a strategy that gives them positive publicity despite their negative attributes.