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Butler University Now Selling Beer At Basketball Games

For Butler fans who want to enjoy a cold one while watching the basketball game from the stands, they can now do so after university officials made a rule allowing it. According to the Indy Star, the beer is sold at Hinkle Fieldhouse concession stands and a few other locations as part of this new experiment by Butler. The issue had been debated on for a while but reached a consensus at last that it could be done.

One of the concerns some longtime Butler fans have had is that alcohol could ruin the experience for families and others looking to enjoy it clear of obscenities. Butler administrators understand this and have pledged to make sure those who do consume alcohol do so responsibly, and limits have been set on how much can be sold at a time. You can also be sure IDs will be checked at every sale.

Butler is well aware of the problems many professional venues face these days, particularly in the NFL and MLB between home and visiting fans. And that’s why they have highlighted that they intend to enforce their call for good sportsmanship and avoiding misconduct in the stands. Fans who throw objects on the court or get involved in altercations may be ejected and be reported to the campus police. Butler says this rule is really just an addition to a few other sports facilities where alcohol is also permitted.