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Susan McGalla on Being both a Woman and a Leader

There is a broad range of confusing information on the internet concerning advising women on how to pick up leadership roles at various positions in their organizations. While they can be true, they don’t point out to the fact that women can be advised to develop working solutions that achieve the leadership role they seek in their organizations. One of the most prominent reasons why this information is confusing is that they don’t give an account of what other women have done to become better leaders in society for others to emulate. This shortcoming provides the best solution for those seeking fast development functions.

Susan P. McGalla is the CEO and Founder of the P3 Executive Consultation Company based in the United States. According to her, she has always developed the best business strategies towards making his business grow to reach greater levels of success in the industry. The company also provides executive consultation sessions for other companies and individuals seeking solutions in sales and marketing, branding, talent management, operational efficiencies and many other services in the industry. Susan P. McGalla has always tried to communicate her views to many women who would like to achieve his solutions in the world of business and information.

Most of the women Susan P. McGallaspeaks with don’t have a sense of direction when it comes to picking up leadership roles. For this reason, their main intentions are to advance in business with the use of achievements that cannot be capacitated in the industry. The buzzwords and party lines that surround their thoughts must be eliminated so that they carry on a new mind towards achieving their leadership roles in the industry. According to her, the evolution that has come up is an encouraging expedition that oversees better business strategies in the world of business and advancements. Her background also plays a major role in leadership.

Women in Leadership and How Susan McGalla Shows a Great Example

Among the ways that women have impressed people is in how they have shown that they are capable leaders. For one thing, it was often believed that women could not be leaders for many different reasons. The only thing is that this negates the humanity of the gender. Fortunately, Susan McGalla has shown plenty of skills in leadership. As a matter of fact, she is the one example that others should follow because she practices plenty of useful methods of leadership. She also does not have any type of chip on her shoulder. Instead, she makes sure that she is focused on the business.

Susan McGalla has been involved in the fashion industry. One of the things she has done for the fashion industry is come up with ways to expand the businesses that she works for. One company that she has worked for was American Eagle Outfitters. She has worked for that company when it only sold clothes for men. However, she has taken the time to bring forth some ideas that have made it more of an all inclusive store. Women and children got to enjoy some of the fashion that has come from this store. She has done this without resorting to the politics of women.

Susan has shown that she is good in any environment. She has held positions in male dominated businesses and has gotten along very well. This is one of the reasons that she has been very effective as a business women. She has always interacted with others as people and not according to gender.

Susan McGalla also speaks on leadership. She talks to women about what they can do in order to move forward. She offers plenty of practical advice and does not resort to just talking about the typical struggles of women. She gives them something that they can use to move towards their goals. After all, one of the worst things that oppressed people can do is just dwell on their oppression. Moving forward with plans of action is the best method for achieving something that is worthwhile to the cause.


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Susan Mcgalla Is A Corporate Trail Blaizer

Susan McGalla was the President of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. She worked her way up to becoming Chief Executive Officer of Wet Seal. Susan has been a board member of HFFC Inc. The company provides real estate services and is traded publicly on the stock market. McGalla spent time on the board of Magee-Womens Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. She had been a trustee at the University of Pittsburgh where she held the title of Director of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development.

Susan McGalla’s corporate career began at Joseph Horne Company. She rose through the ranks by serving different management positions throughout the mid 80s and 90s. American Eagle presented Susan with the opportunity to become Divisional Merchandise Buyer for Women’s Clothing. Susan excelled at this position. She went on to become President and Chief of Merchandising at American Eagle Outfitters. Susan had a skill that enabled her to develop brands. She was the leader of the Aerei and 77kids brands. These business models proved to be huge successes. Susan left American Eagle to go into private consulting with HFFC Inc. She was on the board of directors at HFFC and replaced Ed Thomas in January of 2011.

Susan McGalla is an example of leadership in corporate America for women. She launched P3 Executive Consulting LLC. It is a demonstration of how a female executive can compete in an industry that is dominated by men. McGalla has been offered numerous speaking engagements. The events draw huge audiences. The Women and Girls Foundation of Pittsburgh and the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs have all reached out to Susan as an inspirational personality.

McGalla was brought up in a family of men. Her father was a football coach who did not expect her to look for shortcuts because she was a girl. This type of work ethic lived in Susan throughout her academic and professional life. She credits her upbringing for giving her the resolve to compete in a powerful industry where very few women are leaders. McGalla continues to inspire other females in corporate America to push past the obstacles that they inherently face.

Susan McGalla – Successful Business Executive

Companies that are diverse have shown a larger percentage of success according to a recent statistic study. They have shown that they are open to new ideas and can perform at a higher level of obedience. It is found that a small percentage of women are in C-level positions within many of these companies. The recent highlight of an article directs their attention towards Susan McGalla, who has helped pave the way for many different types of women leaders. She credits her childhood development and how her parent’s raised her to equalize her strong personality and comfort level while working with men. Her father was a football coach and she grew up with two brothers. As a child, she was not warranted any breaks, and learned to work hard in order to achieve certain things at a very young age. Throughout her career and hardships in life, she learned to carry the same attitude of positivity, which has placed her in the position she is in today.

McGalla worked for American Eagle Outiftters, which she worked her way up as an executive. She founded P3 Executive Consulting and is now the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Working with a company that employs mostly men, McGalla was able to rise to the top and become a highly valued executive in the industry.

McGalla works with several different women’s networks to help them make connections in the business world. She helps them find and work with different tools and enable strategic opportunities and ideas. Although it is well-known that most executive jobs are held by men, women are scaling the market with their expertise and fueling knowledge. They are learning that they have the support of other women as well, which helps motivate them to continue the drive. There have been many solutions that have been discussed. In particular, there is opportunity to create sponsorship’s. They will be responsible for working with women to help open up and create opportunities within the community. Mentorship and sponsorship will most definitely aid in the key to helping women across the world find success.