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James Dondero Philanthropy

Collateralized loan obligations have been revolutionized over the past decade by a company known as Highland capital management. Under the leadership of James Dondero, the company has managed to create an entirely new array of product offerings that have targeted retail and institutional investors around the world. James Dondero current president and co-founder of the Highland capital management has over 30 years in the world of equity and credit markets. With this experience, he has helped to fuel the growth of the company so that it is now valued at over $30 billion. While investment opportunities in financial markets are the primary focus of James Dondero and his company Highlands capital management it is not the only area that he has managed to have a significant impact in. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

James Dondero with the help of his company has managed to fund over $10 million worth of charitable donations within the last decade. Almost all of these generous donations have been targeted towards educational opportunities. It is the belief of James Dondero that it is their responsibility to invest in the communities where they have employees. Community culture is incredibly important, and it is because of this that the company has focused on programs in education and healthcare around the world.

Highland capital management has helped to promote the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute. This organization has helped to develop educational opportunities that aim to create some of our nations future leaders. Follow James on Linkedin.

Another nonprofit organization which James Dondero has supported is Snowball express. Snowball Express has helped to provide children of fallen military heroes with help. The organization helps the children of these deceased military members experience a four-day opportunity, taking them to sporting events, dances, amusement parks and even more educational opportunities.

James Dondero graduated with two bachelors of science degrees from the University of Virginia’s school of commerce. His career began in 1984 when American Express hired him. During his time at American Express from 1985 to 1989, he oversaw $1 billion of fixed-income funds. After this opportunity, James Dondero served as the chief investment officer of Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. Starting from merely a concept James Dondero help to grow the organization to a multibillion-dollar business.

It was after this experience that he started his own company in 1993. The name of the company was Highland capital management, and since that time the corporation has forged a reputation as the most significant alternative credit manager in the world. Currently, the investment firm emphasizes private equity accounts, credit hedge funds and several other investment avenues for institutional and retail investors. It is through this company that Mr. Dondero has helped to revolutionize the world of financial markets.


David Giertz Talks About the Importance of Understanding Social Security Retirement Benefits

When it comes to Social Security Retirement Benefits ignorance is not bliss. For individuals with a retirement plan in place in addition to SSR, the latter can account for 40% of their retirement income.

It is vital for financial advisors to discuss Social Security with their clients. Dave Giertz Nationwide Financial Distributors’ President reports that most financial advisors fail to do so. Discussing Social Security benefits both advisor and client. Eighty-percent of clients stated that they would seek a different financial advisor if the advisor failed to factor Social Security into the client’s retirement plan.

David Giertz explained how not talking about Social Security can hurt the client. A survey revealed that only 14% of future retirees understand how their Social Security Benefits are calculated. As a consequence, 30% of retirees get a smaller Social Security check than they anticipated. That percentage is on the increase.

The minimum age for collecting Social Security is 62. Doing so will also minimize your benefits. Conversely, working past your retirement age can increase your monthly payment by eight-percent.

If someone’s Social Security benefits would total $1,400.00 if they retire at 67 retiring at 62 will cost them $350.00 a month or $4,200 a year. If you start collecting Social Security and then decide you should have waited you can reverse the mistake. There are however two caveats. First, you have a year to change your mind, second, you have to pay back everything you collected. Most people don’t realize that up to 85% of Social Security Benefits can be taxed.

David L. Giertz was educated at the University of Miami and Millikin University. He holds a Master of Business Administration from the former and a Bachelor of Science from the latter. His career as a financial advisor began at Citigroup. He has been with Nationwide Financial for the last 19 years. During that time he has helped the company’s revenue grow by $6.5 billion.

Mr. Giertz is a former member of the Girl Scouts of Broward County’s Board of Directors. He has also served the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce as a director.

Award-Winning CEO Troy McQuagge Excels In Enabling Affordable Healthcare

Troy McQuagge is the CEO and President of USHealth Group. He was recently recognized by the prestigious One Planet Awards. The organization honors business as well as professional leadership. It identifies top performing employees and companies in various categories across multiple industries. Troy McQuagge won the “CEO of the Year” award.

He has been serving as the CEO of USHealth Advisors since 2010. He has restructured the company for profitability repositioning the marketing and retail distribution section. USHealth Advisors recorded tremendous growth under his leadership. The subsidiary acts as the sales engine for the group. He has served the group in various executive positions. He rose to become the President of the group in 2014. He has led the company to achieve rapid growth in the healthcare insurance industry.

USHealth Group operates subsidiaries providing innovative health coverage solutions to families and small and medium sized employers. Some of the other subsidiaries include Freedom Life Insurance, Ascent Funding, and National Foundation Life among others. Learn more at about Troy McQuagge US Health.

Troy McQuagge dedicated the award to the whole team at the group. He reiterated that the honor was a demonstration of their commitment to affordable and flexible healthcare. The group leverages a diverse talent pool as well as extensive provider networks to provide competitive products that deliver on customer satisfaction.

Troy McQuagge has had a successful career in the insurance industry. He has spent over thirty years in business development and executive positions. He worked for Allstate Insurance straight from college in 1983. He then joined United Insurance in 1995. He became President of the group’s insurance agency in 1997. The group restructured to HealthMarkets in 2006. He worked as the President of the new insurance agency, HealthMarkets’ Agency Marketing Group (AMG).

He was in charge of business development and sales. The agency hit the $1 billion mark in sales revenue in 2007. This rapid growth was recognized by Selling Power as well as Stevie Awards in the same year. Troy McQuagge has won numerous industry awards both as a corporate leader and as part of the various business units. He received the CEO World Awards’ gold trophy in the CEO of the Year class in 2017.

The organization also designated him the Most Innovative CEO of the Year in 2016. The group won the Corporate Social Responsibility category by the same organization.

Troy McQuagge has emerged as one of the most influential corporate leaders to watch. The awards demonstrate his excellence in leadership. They are a show of recognition from industry peers and the communities the group serves. He ensures value for both shareholders and customers alike.

Troy McQuagge studied at the University of Central Florida and graduated in 1983. His guiding principle is to put people first. He mobilizes his internal teams to focus on the patient.

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Troy McQuagge – A Ray of HOPE for People in Need

The United States Health Advisors (USHA) is a creation of the vision and mission of Troy McQuagge. He is also the chief executive officer and head of USHA. This organization has shown a surge as it has increased to almost ten times its initial size. Troy McQuagge took over USHA when it was in dire condition. Troy McQuagge is a leader in management, and under his aegis, the shares of USHA have risen by 1200%. USHA is a large organization and employs about 500 persons in various capacities.

Troy McQuagge UShealth graduated in legal studies from the University of Florida. He then worked with Allstate Insurance Company, where he made his mark through his hard work and commitment. The next step in his career was a big one as he rose to the post of president at University of Illinois Health – Market Division. This is where the bulk of his professional career was shaped. This was followed by Mr. McQuagge’s entry into USHA at Texas. Read more on about Troy McQuagge US Health

The Help Other People Everyday program is a brainchild of the USHA. It was initiated in 2010 and is USHA’s proud example of a community service program. HOPE has been instrumental in providing support and aid to people in greatest need of it. An example of this is the HOPE’s massive efforts in helping those affected by Hurricane Katrina through reconstruction of their houses. This was done in conjunction with the Phoenix of New Orleans group in 2010. The next year saw the HOPE foundations endeavors to help infants through its charitable contribution to Crisis Nursery. The work of HOPE extended in 2012 when they gave away 25,000 dollars to HOPEkids Arizona, an organization that aids children suffering from cancer and life-threatening illnesses. Additionally, USHA Advisors initiated a program to provide houses for rehabilitation of war veterans.

Troy McQuagge and his entire team at USHA are motivated by their belief in giving back to society at all levels. These are the fundamental values of not only McQuagge but other senior executives of his foundation such as Travis Yoder and Bill Shelton. McQuagge and his work have established him as a leader in philanthropy. Read more on Resumonk:



Farewell Interview with Ambassador Daniel Taub

When Daniel Taub first shook hands with the Queen of England, he was presenting his credentials as the Israeli ambassador to the U.K. Despite his glittering shoes and morning tail coat; there was one thing which could not escape the attention of those present, the kippah.

Although he was born in the U.K, Taub seemed to have wanted to pass a message that his beliefs and practices as an Orthodox Jew were unshakeable.

The Queen was aware that Taub had been given the mandate to represent a country to which he had immigrated less than 30 years ago. “For me, it is going to be a great privilege to raise our children in our ancestral land where we have been exiled from for over 2000 years, at the same time I do not take for granted for the opportunities I have had in this country.

All in all, I am very happy to look back and see the steps I have made to bring these two countries together” said Taub.

After four years of serving as an ambassador, Daniel Taub feels that he still has a duty of uniting Israel and the UK considering the opportunities many Israelites have had in the UK. “I cannot find enough words to express my gratitude to this country, and I think that is how every Israelite here feels like” he asserted.

Taub also mentioned that his faith as a Jew has never been shaken and that there was nothing which was going to change that.

There is no doubt about the role that Taub has played in presenting Israel’s case to the UK and the world in general. He has been seen in TV programs such as Newsnight and Today as well as several business luncheons trying to make people understand Israel’s agenda on a global scale.

Of course, there are several individuals who feel that Taub has not done much as expected. Nonetheless, much of his work can be seen both from within and without. He concludes by saying that the relationship between Israel and the UK have improved.

“Ever since I was sent here to represent Israel, I have been able to present nothing but Israel’s agenda. Trade between the two countries has improved, and we have witnessed an influx of Israeli business here in the UK. In my opinion, the relationship between the two countries is stronger than ever before”, said the outgoing ambassador.

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“Religion should have a place at the negotiating table” says Israeli Negotiator Daniel Taub

Troy McQuaggeExemplary Leader with Tremendous Business Skills

Troy McQuagge, President, and CEO of USHEALTH Group is the man behind the rapid success achieved by USHEALTH Group in the last few years. Even though USHEALTH Group is a relatively new firm in the insurance industry, the company has been making rapid progress in the previous few years under the leadership of Troy McQuagge. At the time when Troy McQuagge joined the company, it was still in the infancy stage, but today, USHEALTH Group Inc is worth over a billion dollars and counting. Troy McQuagge has made extensive internal and external changes in the company’s organization and structure that has helped the firm strengthen its position in the market. Learn more at about Troy McQuagge US Health.

Troy McQuagge is also known for his commitment towards the community, and the first thing he did when named as the CEO and President of USHEALTH Advisors was to initiate the HOPE program. It is through the HOPE program that the company launches various charitable efforts to help the people in need in the local communities across the country. When hurricane Katrina struck in and around New Orleans, it led to the devastation of unprecedented size and cost hundreds of lives. Troy McQuagge and USHEALTH Group was amongst the first to run to the help of the people in New Orleans and helped in the rebuilding of homes for the people who lost everything they had due to the hurricane. It is tough to start life afresh after experiencing something as catastrophic as Hurricane Katrina, but Troy McQuagge made it possible.

Troy McQuagge USHealth knows and understands that leading the company to success and enhancing its revenue is not the only responsibility as a leader, but to also stay committed to the local communities. It is for this reason he strives for developing a positive work environment within the company as well for its employees and inculcates in them a commitment to the local communities. He firmly believes that everyone who is a position to do something for the others do their bit, the world would be a better place. Troy McQuagge takes HOPE mission initiated by USHEALTH Group seriously and personally looks for ways in which he can help people in need through various measures. Read more:



Nick Vertucci and How Taking a Chance can Change your Life

Real estate is a robust industry that has been growing massively and is still expanding to this day. Many people have managed to change their lives completely because of their work in the business.

One of these people established a company and eventually also launched a real estate academy where he teaches people how to do investments n the industry of real estate and how to make successful and educated choices long their newly established careers in the business.

Mr. Nick Vertucci has been experiencing a lot of success in the industry. Despite the fact that his start was timid, he managed to amass a treasure trove of knowledge about real estate and how to make the best choice possible. Of, course there have been ups and downs, but this real estate investor believes that the industry has the power to change lives.

Over the curse of his years of learning and practicing, Mr. Nick Vertucci gained momentum in his line of work. He developed a strong passion for real estate investments as well as the desire to teach other everything he has learned and continued to learn.

The businessman established the business called The Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc. The business later stemmed the NV Real Estate Academy that has established itself as the flagship of resources on everything real estate.

The NV Real Estate Academy has more than a dozen trainers that teach people about what it takes to succeed in the industry of real estate. The founder himself is exceptionally passionate about that as he used to be in a similar situation as many of the student at the NV Real Estate Academy.

Mr. Nick Vertucci and his parents had lost most of their finances when he was a young boy. He had to spend his teenage years living in a caravan and fending for himself. He put a start to a small business for selling computer parts, and that worked out well for a while. Eventually, he started a family, but life had a different thing in mind.

The family lost their financial stability as the computer parts retail business started falling through. For more than a year the family was living on a minimum income. That began to change when Mr. Nick Vertucci decided to take a chance on a real estate seminar. After that, he started accumulating knowledge from any resources and this newfound passion changed his life.

Rio’s Infant Unit Plans Given The Support Of Felipe Montoro Jens

A range of new Infant Education Units is set to open across the Brazilian capital of Rio de Janeiro as Mayor Marcelo Crivella makes good on his promise of developing new preschool and kindergarten places across the city. To make sure the planned units have the most up to date technology and construction methods the plan is to develop what infrastructure expert, Felipe Montoro Jens calls Private-Public Partnerships; these partnerships have become commonplace across much of the world as private companies begin to play a larger role in the development of government programs found on many continents such as Africa and South America.

Felipe Montoro Jens believes the success of the program will be easier to contemplate as the World Bank Group has taken on the role of providing private companies to partner with Rio’s City Hall to provide support for the planned new kindergarten and preschool places. In total, Rio de Janeiro will see more than 60,000 new places open up in newly constructed Infant Education Units which will include 20,000 kindergarten places and a planned 40,000 preschool places to ease the burden on the overstretched services currently on offer in Rio.

Felipe Montoro Jens explained his belief in the success of the project had been heightened by the arrival of the World Bank Group as the infrastructure partner for the project. Private funding will be sourced from the company and provide their services to both construct and run the administrative side of the Infant Education Units. Diminishing funds provided for school lunches by the Ministry of Education means Mayor Crivella’s City Hall will make up the shortfall in funding to provide school lunches for those attending the newly constructed Infant Education Units due to open by 2020.

Logan Stout an Entrepreneur and Charismatic Leader

Logan Stout Experienced the effects of Hurricane Harvey’s first hand as it happened close to his hometown Frisco, Texas. Stout is an entrepreneur and Started IDLife Company where he serves as the CEO. Stout knew that he had to do something to help the Hurricane victims and as a result, he mobilized people to help get the supplies to the victims. ID Life being a health and wellness camp also provided help to those who were affected. When asked what motivated him to help others, Stout replied, it is the desire to make an impact in life by helping people who will never repay you back.

Stout first thought of providing his warehouse space but on another thought saw that a convoy of boats and trucks could help deliver more items to the affected families rather than holding them in the warehouse. He quickly together with other volunteers helped transport dozen of pallets of supplies in the affected areas of Houston and Tomball.

Other volunteers who came on board to assist the Hurricane Harvey’s victim include David Wilks. Wilks decided that he will help transport supplies using his truck to the afffected families. Wilks is passionate about helping the survivors since he had been in a similar situation before. During Hurricane Isaac Wilk used to live in Louisiana which was badly affected by the Hurricane. Since then he has always endeavored to help others because he understands what the survivors go through. Wilks was also part of the rescue mission of Hurricane Katrina. Wilks is the owns and manages transport business known as Alden transport and Marine. some of the items that Wilks transported included water, clothes, food and cleaning supplies.

Stout did not stop at the community level he had a bigger picture in his mind and turned to social media and the mainstream media to appeal for help for the survivors of Hurricane Harvey. His Facebook posts and participation on the Today Show was quite successful as it alerted millions of people towards the relief effort most of whom made generous contributions. Stout being a former baseball player knows to well the power of coming together as a team towards a common cause and that’s is why he is creating awareness to others to join in the noble cause of helping fellow citizens.

About Logan Stout

Logan Stout is a Serial Entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of IDLife which is a healthcare company dealing with the production and distribution of food supplements. The food supplements help add nutritional value to the body and aide sleep including weight management among others.

Stout was is so passionate about baseball and is also a former basketball player. He attended J.J Pearce H.S School and the University of Dallas where he earned a Psychology Degree. Besides, Stout holds a business degree from Panola University.

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Dr. Mark McKenna the Doctorpreneur

Dr. S. Mark McKenna is a licensed medical doctor originating from New Orleans. He graduated from Tulane University’s Medical School. He has a license in Surgery and Medicine from the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. After graduation, Dr. Mark started practicing medicine alongside his father while concurrently launching McKenna Venture Investments which is a boutique real estate firm. Dr. McKenna is a dedicated community servant and a passionate patient advocate.

Most of Dr. McKenna’s business interests perished during Hurricane Katrina which destroyed the city of New Orleans. Without losing hope, the doctor actively participated in the aftermath of the storm in rebuilding the city through the redevelopment of low to moderate-income housing. The doctor then relocated to Atlanta where he launched ShapeMed. ShapeMed is an aesthetic and wellness based medical practice. The doctor later sold ShapeMed to Life Time Fitness Inc. in 2014 where he served as the National Medical Director up to 2016. He then moved to OVME in 2017 as the founder and chief executive officer.

The doctor says that his idea to start OVME came from his association with the medical aesthetics industry for over ten years. He grew his practice which he ultimately sold to a publicly traded company. He is a hardworking doctor, father, and husband who wakes up early and goes late to bed. He manages to materialize his ideas by regularly setting goals and practices visualization. He also meditates at least once daily which he qualifies as a recipe for success.

Dr. Mark McKenna has a family of four. Gianne McKenna is Dr. McKenna’s wife. Together, they are the parents to Milana Elle and Ryder. The doctor is currently a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization after serving as a board member of the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

In 2013, Dr. Mark was a featured guest on Doctorpreneur which is a CBS television show. The show highlighted the entrepreneurial spirit in the healthcare and medical communities. The doctor expressed how pleased he was for getting an invitation to the inaugural episode of the new show. In the presentation, the doctor discussed his practice ShapeMed.