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The Sale Of Holley By Lincolnshire Management

Lincolnshire Management is an independent equity firm that deals with investments. In the recent news, the company has revealed on the sale of Holley Performance Products. The sale is directed to an associate of Sentinel Capital. Holley is a company which was started in the year 1903. The company manufactures, designs and markets for the various products that are branded. Holley has served for a considerable period of time and is therefore loaded with both skills and experience in the industry. Holley has been the leader of various brands such as Racepack, Hays, Earls and Edge among many others. The main objective of Holley is to improve the general value to people’s cars.

Lincolnshire Management company’s current president Mr. T.J. Maloney goes ahead and showers praises to Holley by saying that the power of Holley’s brand and its expertise in the industry gives his company the urge to have an investment with Holley. He further reveals that for the time that they have worked with Holley there has be remarkable growth and thrive in the investment made to the development of new products. Lincolnshire’s principal recommends Holley for being an exemplary brand which is very innovative and has created a good customer relation with the numerous customers all over the world.

Mr. Tom Tomlinson who is the current Chief Executive Officer of Holley says that Lincolnshire Management has a very good understanding of Holley’s customers, products and also markets. They also have a clear understanding the various challenges that are experienced by Holley. These two factors have brought a positive impact to the growth and development of Holley.

Lincolnshire Management has its headquarters in New York and was started in the year 1986. It has several branches in Atlanta, Los Angeles and also in Chicago. The company has put investments in numerous companies since its founding. The company’s staff are also well equipped with skills for proper management and operating skills. Lincolnshire Management has also established several partnerships which are working on coming up with new and helpful strategies which will assist in the development of new lines of products.

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Alternative Online Banking Alternative with PSI-Pay

PSI-Pay launched in 2007 and began a payment solutions business. The company provides financial clarity for individuals that want a global banking experience and alternative payment solutions. PSI-Pay became licensed to do such payment solutions in 2007 shortly after their launch by formally known FSA. They built their reputation by partnering with the best of the best in regards to sales, marketing, and management in order to provide the best service for an online-only banking solution. PSI-Pay is FCA regulated to ensure their customers will have secure security measures when it comes to their information.

Three years ago in 2015, PSI-Pay announced their best financial year. The company had made a 45% revenue jump and an incredible 29% volume increase from the previous year. PSI-Pay’s card sponsorship program combined with the thought out, successful business plan contributed to the high-profit margin for the company. The PSI-Pay team was more than confident that they would beat 2015 numbers consistently. With the help of successful promotional campaigns and affiliate programs, the company is proud to begin nationwide expansion.

When it comes down to Brexit and PSI-Pay as a combined force, the company has stated that they are not fully able to reveal the extended plans for the merge. Although terms have not been negotiated, the partnership is in the making for the company.

Being a FCA regulated company can mean everything to some customers and nothing to others as having the seal of protection does not always guarantee that your information is completely safe. PSI-Pay joined with MasterCard’s PayPass and promises that the advanced technology and integrated encrypted layers behind the PayPass secures and safeguards the data of its customers. This is also done with smartwatches and wristbands that can be purchased and used as an alternative payment solution. The safeguard feature restricts the user from further access until unlocked in the event of more than one failed attempt to pay with the card.


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If You Fall Under this Category, Do Not Miss on the Offers by Equities First

Equities first is an association that is engaged in giving advanced alternative lending services to individuals with high aggregate resources and associations hunting down non-reason capital. Equities first wants to work an overall portfolio while takes key part in securities based loaning. The association has an astounding service experience having served clients for over 15 years. Equities first workers have polished their skills and have viably completed more than 700 business exchanges. To date, the association has offices in not less than nine locales over the globe and read full article.

The kind of loaning decisions given by Equities First is awesome for high aggregate resources individuals or borrowers with the need to get quick cash. People who can’t meet loan necessities in different sorts of credit-based loans may similarly reap the services’ merits provided at Equities First. As an issue of reliability, the expansiveness of the services offered by the association comes as a perfect solution for numerous clients.

Conventional technique for securing loans have an extensive measure of custom included making getting liquidity a great deal and more or less challenging. Thus, Equities First is an association that is centered on application of modern world strategies that furnishes clients with alternative lending solutions. The company makes things simple for borrowers to empower them satisfy their fantasies when it comes to seeking loans and contact it.

A better option to traditional lenders, Equities First offers stock loan services to its clients whereby clients with equities have the opportunity to use them as security for a time of three years. If some person has stock in one of their undertakings and have the desire that it can add value in future, they can as well take them to Equities First. The shares are used as protection to secure liquidity; thus Equities First is the leading world company to invest in your stock and at the same time acquire the best loan.

Kyle Bass: No He Can’t Blame T Boone Pickens For This One


Kyle Bass sure seems to know when a housing crisis is on its way, but he doesn’t seem to know when energy stocks are going to go back up or stay stagnant. At least this seems to be the reason why his hedge fund management firm, Hayman Capital has been performing poorly despite others in his sector doing all right. It was reported that Bass recently went to meet with energy tycoon, T. Boone Pickens to discuss where oil prices were going. Pickens had mentioned that the “domestic supply wasn’t going to exceed storage space,” and to Bass that must have meant that oil prices were going to see a rebound. But it certainly hasn’t happened that way, and now it seems Hayman capital has lost some money as a result.


It wasn’t just 8 years ago that Kyle Bass became a legend in the real estate community when he had predicted a housing crisis leading into 2008. Bass had worked as a senior manager for several large investment banks including Prudential Securities, Bear Stearns and Legg Mason, and he was an ambitious young investor who had promised he would have a financial firm of his own soon. Sure enough he followed through on that promise when he started Hayman Capital, and while others seemed to downplay the fallout that was coming in the housing market, Bass prepared for the storm by investing in credit default swaps, a move that paid off handsomely.


But as Useful Stooges reports, Kyle Bass seems to have lost his way somewhere in between 2008 and now. It can’t totally be explained, but he’s lost profits along the way, and probably mostly due to his poor choice in company. The first poor choice in that regard is Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the former president of Argentina. Somehow, Kyle Bass’s money got tied to her country, and his associations there hurt his company’s reputation, even more so when he tried to defend Fernandez de Kirchner’s decision to default on the country’s debt. Kyle Bass’s second bad choice of company was GM, the automobile producer that found itself in big trouble over failed safety features. And last but not least, Kyle Bass got tied up in a patent abuse scandal when he tried to hurt pharmaceutical stocks and then sell them at a low price. Perhaps karma has struck back at Bass for his terrible associations.

A Notable Investor Talks His Advice On Commodities Investing And His Role In THINX

Impeccable Career of Sam Tabar from Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar knows a few things about commodities investing and making the most careful investment decisions. When making investing decisions, he says that one should at all times ensure that adequate research is carried out and within the research, explore the history of the particular commodity that one wants to invest in. Research is crucial in the sense that it formulates a perception that is reasonable and especially in matters related to how it is likely to perform in future.

Sam also knows that for one to make the right commodities investments, it is important to avoid problem products, he has a history of dodging those. He also advises that one should avoid funds that are poorly managed so as get a reasonable return on the investment. According to him, the more research one conducts, the better. If one has not conducted proper research, one can end up sinking a lot of money in an investment that has poor management.

However, with proper research, one gets the insight as well as the experience on how markets operate and ends up knowing exactly how they might perform in a consistent manner over a period of time. It is also imperative that one focuses the research on commodities that are properly managed and that have better chances of reaping in the best ROI.

Sam Tabar is not new to matters related to capital strategy as well as investing. He is also a respected attorney based in New York City. He has a rather interesting career that spans from being a legal associate to being a respected capital strategist and private investing. He also has a serious liking for hosting events and traveling.

In the very recent past, he managed to add THINX, an epic startup to his investment portfolio, and it was also the inspiration for creating his own Go Fund Me page. THINX is determined to help women in America and Africa get out of their financial and lifestyle misery cocoons and live much happier lives. In America, it provides employment while in Africa, it provides revolutionary and fashionable underwear that women can recycle during their menstruation days.

Initially, the company started a kick-starter campaign and managed to start producing its five different styles of underwear. With every purchase, a woman in Africa is given more than five washable cloths that allow her to go around her usual activities without worrying a lot about sanitary pads. As a result, many women have been able to go to school without having to break and therefore, growing into becoming better pillars of the society in future.

Beyond that, Sam is also an amateur photographer, frequently posting his creations to Instagram.  And he also provides investment advice in video form.  Usually posting to his Vimeo, where he talks about dealings of the day.

Picking The Right Facility For Loved Ones

Finding the right assisted living facility should not only include the care that the elderly person receives, but also the care that goes into making their senior yeas their best. First and foremost the facility considered should be clean, well kept, and have sufficient landscaping for the area in which it is located.

The Manse on the Marsh offers impeccably clean grounds with beautiful landscaping and inviting outdoor areas, and boast a ton of great reviews from the people currently living there. The view from the front of the facility may not show it, but the outdoor space behind the facility is well equipped with patios, a bistro and plenty of places to sit and enjoy the California sun.

The facility also maximizes the comfort of the residents. A big, cozy fireplace offers a place to warm the feet in the winter, as well as making a great setting for meeting with people and socializing. The spacious dining area, which has won numerous awards, also allows for those living there to have get together with family, as well as host parties and events.

When considering an assisted living facility the housing arrangements should also meet the needs of the senior person. Some may want to maintain their privacy and independence. For these individuals the Manse on the Marsh offers one and two bedroom apartments, cottages and even studios.

Others may desire a more social living arrangement. For these individuals there are many shred living arrangements that may e opted for. The Manse on the Marsh also offers a full fireplace with their apartments so that cozy at home feeling can be maintained.  Some of the pictures from their Twitter are amazing, considering what you get.

Activities are another consideration that should be kept in mind when finding the right facility. People can can depressed and bored if they have nothing to do. The Manse on the Marsh is in the downtown area of San Luis Obispo. They have access to many community events, as well as museums, art galleries and the historic sites.

The confines of the facility are also hock full of plenty of activities for the residents to enjoy. They have a theater, fitness center, library and salon just to name a few of the perks one will enjoy there. Each room is also equipped with WiFi and cable television.

Quality of care is one of the most important facets to consider. The Manse on the Marsh hires qualified professionals that love their jobs. Residents are assured of help when it is needed, and the medical attention that they need. The Manse on the Marsh is one big family that wants to invite your family to come and see what they offer.

The first time stepping onto their grounds one will experience a welcoming atmosphere that is clean and friendly. Families are welcome to come and visit or stay for a night with their elderly loved ones.

North American Spine Grows Into the Desert of Nevada

Great news is breaking for back pain sufferers in Las Vegas. North American Spine will offer AccuraScope treatment with Dr. Satish Sharma at the Red Rock Surgery Center. He will see post-operative patients and hold consultations at the Advanced Pain Management Center. Adam Arnette, the Chief Marketing Officer of North American Spine says, “Dr. Sharma’s experience and skills are a welcomed addition to our talented team.” He has dual licensure in Anesthesiology and Pain Management and is a diplomat of the American Board of Anesthesiology. He will be there to provide help to patients with chronic pain. Dr. Sharma will prepare effective back pain management plans for a variety of back injuries, disorders and complications of the spine.

Dr. Sharma’s educational background began in Rajasthan, India. He split the completion of his post-doc training between India and the United States. He spent his internship and residency at Western Pennsylvania Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His fellowship in pain management was done at Allegheny General Hospital. Before joining forces with Advanced Pain Management Center in 2006, he practiced as a pain management physician and attending anesthesiologist.

Dr. Sharma states that “Our goal is to provide a modern approach to pain management in a comfortable setting. We want to work with patients to help control pain and regain control of their life.”

What to Expect From North American Spine
As an exclusive provider of AccuraScope Procedure, patients can take comfort in minimally invasive spine surgery for faster recovery. The procedure itself only takes about 45 minutes total. This is for treatment of chronic back pain that patients suffer from day after day. More than 8000 of these AccuraScope procedures have been successfully completed by board-certified specialists in this particular treatment. The success rate is 82 percent according to the most recent research on the AccuraScope therapy. This minimally invasive treatment saved patients and medical facilities an average of $23,190 in out-of-pocket expenses in the past five years. Expenses in medical visits, prescription drugs and other medical costs are reduced drastically. Other procedures that have similar results and are offered are CuraSpine and SecuraSpine procedures.

Patients in Las Vegas can rejoice for the quality of their lives is about to improve drastically with permanent relief from chronic back pain thanks to the options available to them at North American Spine, many users are already commenting about their anticipation on Facebook. The physicians are spine treatment experts with specialty Orthopedic Spine Surgery, Neurosurgery, or Interventional Pain Management training. The procedure involve minute incisions and the highest level of state-of-the-art visualization. The specialists provide a minimally invasive decompression or stabilization or both to the patients that will end the pain with quick recovery as the prognosis. Treating chronic back pain will restore freedom of movement and alleviate pain for better quality of life with successful treatment.