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Mexico Gains Recognition In Business World Thanks To Omar Yunes

For the first time ever, Mexico held their own small scale version of the Best Franchisee of the World Competition. They wanted to be able to send their countries very best and most successful Franchisee so that they could show the world what they have to offer the international business world. Generally, competitors are judged on a huge variety of factors that essentially determine how successful a business will and can be. For example, they are judged on things like new programs, employee encouragement, employee happiness, implementation of new programs, and successful customer relationships. In Mexico’s case, they were able to name both Omar Yunes and Ivan Tamer the two best Franchisees in Mexico. Therefore, these two men were sent to compete in the real international event.

The international event took place in Florence, Italy and people from countries like Italy, Spain, France, Mexico, and Hungary were just some of the competitors and guests. People are not only recognized for their own individual success but they also attend to gain knowledge and spread their own knowledge in the industry so that other people can implement these strategies into their own businesses.

Omar Yunes is Franchisee of Sushi Itto. Sushi Itto is a Japanese style restaurant located in and throughout Mexico. Omar Yunes first became Franchisee of Sushi Itto at they very young age of 21. Since then, he has successfully expanded into 13 units all across Mexico and into different cities in the region. CEO of Sushi Itto and judged of the Best Franchisee of the World Competition both agreed that the relationship Yunes has with his Franchise is very unique. He completely transformed the traditional role a franchisee plays in the business world while still remaining professional. They even commented on how he has drastically improved customer service relations over the years.

The other representative from Mexico was Ivan Tamer. Tamer is Franchisee of Prendamex, which is a small network of Pawnshops also located in Mexico. Ivan Tamer was recognized for the sales program he created and implanted in order to increase revenue.

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Aloha Construction’s ways of giving back to the society and their importance

Aloha Construction refers to a firm that has been prosperous in its operations for about ten years under the leadership of Dave Farbaky who serves as the Chief Executive Officer. The firm’s establishment occurred in the year 2008 at Lake Zurich, Illinois.

As at now, they have already accomplished approximately eighteen thousand projects. It is evident that they are firm in their society. Its ownership and operation being under family bring out the implication that they understand the significance associated with adhering to their original roots within Lake Zurich then giving back whenever an opportunity arises.

Giving back to the society is essential. It is a form of appreciation as it must have supported the enterprise in some way to facilitate its success. The task of giving back serves as a way of returning the favor and enhancing a promising stand with the society together with helping the local families as well as the needy children. It provides a good feeling.

There are other benefits associated with giving back to the society. These include the fact that the amount given in as a donation is tax deductible. Giving services in line with charity groups or volunteer organizations within the community establishes a good PR thus promoting products and intensifying business as a result. The execution of good plans for the company often results in a positive outcome. It can be termed as a win-win kind of a situation between the society and the business.

It is worth acknowledging the different ways through which one can give back to the society. The essential and most effective ones are three. They include getting involved with local organizations, establishing one’s foundation, or even sponsoring a local event or team.

Getting engaged with the local institutions is the most appropriate option particularly when new to the work of charity. The availability of various options, charities, foundations, and organizations gives one to choose their most preferred.

The advantages associated with setting up one’s foundation include the facilitation of philanthropy that is more effective, accessibility to increased openings, and intensified control over one’s charitable donations.

The idea of local sponsorship facilitates brand awareness across the society. It also offers support for the young without the capability of taking part in some particular events.

Market America Unfranchise

Market America Unfranchise is a company that has been successful in its activities in many countries. Its main purpose involves broking between producers and consumers. It is an online sales company. It has been in existence since 1992. It was founded by James Howard and Loren Ridinger. The company has a workforce of approximately 650 people. The headquarters of the enterprise is in Greensboro, North Carolina.Market America deals in products that range from household items to custom websites. It is mainly dependent on its distributors and works with numerous affiliated companies to reach its market. The company began its operations at North Carolina in the United States. It deals with the sale of electronic equipment, water filtration systems, and auto care. The founders later spread their activities to Australia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Upcoming events

The Market America Events for the year 2017 are scheduled to take part across the countries that it has achieved success through its distributors. The list below is a comprehensive schedule of the events;

  • The East Coast Product Symposium; this will take place in Atlantic City in New Jersey at the Atlantic Convention Center from 6th to 8th October.
  • Singapore Leadership School; planned to run from 20th to 22nd October in Singapore
  • Taiwan Leadership School is expected to run from 27th to 29th October at the Nangang Exhibition Hall in Taipei.
  • NutraMEtrix Annual Convention is expected to run from 27th to 29th October at the Hyatt Regency Dulles in Herndon, VA.
  • Hong Kong Leadership School will start on 3rd November in Hong Kong.
  • Moving Up Seminar; this is a three-day event that will start on 3rd November in Miami, Florida
  • Moving Up Seminar; planned to take place for two days. It will be opened on 5th November in Miami, Florida.
  • Northeast Regional; to be held from 17th November at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, RI.

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Bob Reina: He’s The Man

The term “He’s The Man,” gets through around a lot and it is always in a positive manner. It shows that someone is in firm control of what they are doing and they control their lives. Bob Reina is the man over at Talk Fusion as the CEO and founder. He founded the company back in 2007 with a clear goal and clear mission: change lives. That is a big goal, but you have to dream big in today’s world. No one should settle for anything less than the best. It is the Bob Reina way and it is the Talk Fusion way. They are known as the best in the business at video technology. It is why they have won awards and afforded people the opportunity to work from home.


For so many people all over the world, that is the dream for them. They want to wok from home. They have a great idea and they want to see this idea put into motion. However, many of them are missing the tools to make it happen. Bob Reina is offering the tools, the guideline, and everything for the customer. He believes in them and he knows they can do something great with their careers. They are capable of anything they set their mind to in this day and age.


People have to understand that these are people that have been beaten down by the 9-5-job situation. They have had enough of it and they are sick and tired of it. They are worn out from it. It has made them miserable and they want out sooner rather than later. After all, you truly can’t put a price tag on happiness. However, Bob Reina is going to make sure people are happy using Talk Fusion. He is also going to use his position as CEO and founder for something positive.


Nothing is going to stop him or stand in his way. One of the greatest things he did was make a record-shattering donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. It was said to have saved countless animal lives. Learn more:

Marc Sparks and the Advice to Plunge Into the Deep End

Starting a business is no easy venture. Many people think about starting their own company, but they don’t always see through to it. Marc Sparks decided that becoming an entrepreneur is the way to go and he was not afraid of taking that leap over the edge of the cliff that is going into the world of business. It is now more competitive than ever and requires people to be resilient, patient but not afraid take necessary risks to succeed.


Starting a business first means to establish a model for the firm. Then finding and distributing the resources across departments to ensure the business takes off and succeeds. Timber Creek Capital, LP is a company Marc Sparks started and is now able to share the building with other firms. It allows new businesses to have a substantial incubation period and grow. After gathering experience and being a serial entrepreneur, Marc Sparks is sure that there are several important things each business and entrepreneur needs to remember. Learn more:


Collaborating with others, quality goods, and services, as well as constant learning and evolution of the firm, should all be part of the package. Once there is no more evolution and improvement, the business can become stagnant, and that doesn’t lead to success. More clients leave inactive companies than approaching them.


Companies need to keep their standards high no matter where the location is and how big it is in size. Whether you do the business on the High Street in a big city or a small town or from home, the quality and customer service are some of the most important things to remember.


First impressions are also critical. The modern consumer is sophisticated and educated. People know what they want, and they will hold businesses to the standard they expect. And, if the competition is fierce, the companies and business owners will be motivated to work to the highest possible standard.


Marc Sparks also thinks that people need to stay passionate about their business. Determination and drive to succeed are helpful when trying to become better. It is important to be open to modern technology because that can make life easier and attract a new wave of customers. People nowadays live in the digital age, and they are very open to discoveries in the business world. A good website, a smart marketing campaign and good customer service can help on that level.


Marc Sparks is from Texas, and after he graduated from high school, he can name several start-ups under his name. Some were successful and some not so much but he learned from all of the experience it offered. He doesn’t have any formal training in business but everything he learned, he learned from his personal experience. He encourages other people not to give up, but give it an honest try.

Bob Reina: He Knows What You Are Experiencing

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are talking to people and you feel like they don’t understand? You might explain it as best as you can and go into as much detail as possible, but they still don’t understand. For example, a lot of people hate their jobs with a fiery passion. They really, really hate it. They have reached the point where they are not sure how much more they can take and how they are going to handle another day. However, other people tell them, “Everyone hates their job. You just have to deal with it. Don’t let it get to you.” All of those things are much easier said than done. Learn more:


Bob Reina is the person who will listen to someone, understand him or her, and come up with a way to make it better. While it is healthy to vent and it can feel good in the moment, in the end, it does not solve a single thing. Bob Reina is about solving people’s unhappiness the best way he knows how and that is with his company Talk Fusion, the absolute best in talk, voice, data, and chat. They have two awards from 2016 to back it up and prove it. They are now entering the decade mark, and they just keep getting better with age.


They are in the brainstorming room, 24/7, and they are looking at ways to advance the company and more importantly, advance the product. They want the product to stay on top and just keep improving as each day goes by without any issues. They take pride in the work they do as a company. Because of this, people are seeing their unhappiness go away. After a little bit of time, they are able to quit their job, start up their own business, and see it turn a very good profit.


As a matter of fact, they are making more money at their new job than they ever made at their old job. They are happier and they have more money. That is true happiness from a job perspective.


Anthony Petrello: Leading Nabors Industries Towards Success

Anthony Petrello- the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Limited, is one of the highest paid CEO’s in America. Nabors Industries deals with drilling oil, geothermal energy, and natural gas. Although the drilling contractor company is based in Hamilton, Bermuda and Houston, Texas, its operations are in Africa, the Americas, Middle East and the Far East.

Anthony Petrello also doubles up as the Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee member of Nabors Industries Limited. The company is one of the largest natural gas and geothermal drilling contractors in the world. The company which was previously known as Anglo Energy was started in 1968. Mr. Petrello started working for the company in 1991 as the Chief Operating Officer.

By 2002 he had been promoted to the President’s position. Due to his consistent hard work, Mr. Petrello once again climbed up the ladder to a Deputy Chairman position in 2003. He retained this position for eight years, and in 2011 he became the CEO of Nabors Industries. In 2012, his leadership role expanded as he became the Nabors Industries Board Chairman and learn more about Anthony.

Mr. Petrello is affiliated with many other successful companies and where he holds various notable roles. Some of them include where he holds the Director position, Stewart & Stevenson where he holds the director position and Texas Children’s Hospital where he is the Director, Hilcorp Energy Company where he also serves as the director and many others.Before working with Nabors Industries Limited, Mr. Petrello was the Managing Partner of Baker & McKenzie’s New York office. The successful CEO launched his career in this law firm when he joined it in 1979 and resume him.


More On Anthony Petrello:

Anthony Petrello attended the Havard University Law School and he graduated with a J.D. degree. In addition to this, he also attended Yale University where he graduated with a Masters Degree in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics and more information click here.

Currently, Anthony Petrello holds the position of the Director of Texas Children’s Hospital. The hospital deals with clinical programs and research of the children with various neurological conditions. This position is very close to his heart especially since his daughter, Carena suffers from periventricular leukomalacia which is a neurological condition that affects premature babies due to insufficient blood or oxygen to the brain. Through his role in the hospital’s board, he hopes that her daughter and other children like her get a chance of living an ordinary life and Anthony’s lacrosse camp.

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Sharing Knowledge and Information with Greg Secker

People who know Greg Secker know him for one thing, he is a jack of all trades and master of many. He is a man who will accept a project before he can understand its requirements. Born on 18th February 1975, Greg Secker is the founder of over 16 companies. His greatest achievement is the Knowledge to Action that he established 13 years ago. This is a group of companies that consists of various institutions such as SmartCharts Software, Learn to Trade and Capital Index. Capital Index and Learn to Trade focus their efforts on teaching people how to benefit from forex trade. As a way of giving back to the community, Greg Secker established the Greg Secker Foundation. SmartCharts Software focuses its efforts on offering its clients with innovative solutions using the latest technology. Greg Secker says that this foundation is a representation of what he loves; improving the lives of the people around him.

During his college life, Greg Secker became a businessman selling computers and their accessories. Selling computers led him to master some coding. During a career fair at his university, he met with a Thomas Cook Financial Services executive who offered him an interview. During the interview, Greg Secker impressed the board and was hired. He learnt about forex trading during his time at Thomas Cook. He would, later on, participate in the establishment of the first online trading platform known as Virtual Trading Desk. Later on, he took a position at Mellon Financial Corporation where he worked as a vice president. He oversaw the company’s operations in the United States, Australia, South Africa and the Philippines. He worked with this institution for 13 years before quitting to chase after his ventures.

At the University, Greg Secker studied agriculture and food sciences but successfully managed to establish a career in finance. He says that nothing should stop you from achieving what you desire in this life. In sharing knowledge and motivating people, Greg Secker has rubbed shoulders with prominent people in this field such as John Demartini, Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield. He is a man who believes in the sharing of knowledge and information.


How Roberto Santiago established his Business Empire

Roberto Santiago is a respected business mogul in Brazil. He has been an entrepreneur since he was a teenager and his career in the field has been successful. At 56 years old, Santiago owns the leading shopping malls in Joao Pessoa, and they are Manaira Shopping and Mangeira Shopping. He established his first business about three decades ago, and it was a cartonnage company that manufactured decorative items. The entrepreneur generated his first income by working in a café’. The cartonnage enterprise was a success, and it enabled him to gain sufficient experience in running a business. Roberto schooled at Pio X-Marist College before being admitted as a business administration student at the University Center of Joao Pessoa. The business knowledge that he gained from the higher learning institutions has enabled him to be successful in his entrepreneurship undertakings.

Roberto is the sole proprietor of Manaira Shopping, and he built it as from 1987 to 1989. The business center has been active for the past three decades and has received hundreds of thousands of shoppers from different parts of the country. Manaira Shopping has managed to offer modern services since it is regularly renovated to meet the trends and the needs of the clients. Santiago has also expanded the size of the mall about five times to accommodate more people since the city’s population is constantly rising. Many people consider the mall as reliable shopping place since it offers a wide array amenities. It has more than 200 shopping stores, a food court, finance institutions, a concert hall, a gaming zone, and a cinema. Read more on

Manaira Shopping launched the Domus Hall in 2009. The hall is located on the building’s rooftop, and it is used for hosting a broad array of events that include music shows, exhibitions, seminars, weddings, and many other gigs. The room is highly spacious and can accommodate approximately 10,000 people. The shopping mall is preferred by many residents of the city because of the variety of entertainment facilities that it provides. It has invested in a state-of-the-art movie theater and a gaming zone that offers several entertaining games.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is also recognized for the delicious cuisine that is available in its food court. The place houses many restaurants, and therefore, the shoppers can get meals that suit their budget and appetite. The eateries that have been established at the food court include Capital Steakhouse, Waynes, Gourmet, and Espacio. The shopping stores that are at the business center also enable customers to access a wide array of products. The mall has financial institutions that take care of the banking needs of the shoppers and businesses. The Brazilian entrepreneur also runs Mangeira Shopping, which is appreciated in the city due to its modern facilities. Roberto Santiago always ensures that the two business centers that he has established are well maintained to offer excellent services to the city. They both operate for 24 hours a day. Read more articles on Blog Do Gordinho

Nine9 Offers Actors and Models Tips to Breakout

It is no secret that modeling and acting are tough careers to get involved in. In fact, most people end up giving up, but that does not have to be you. In an interview with Nine 9, the Unagency, Nine9 reveals how you can be one of the few that breaks through and makes it big as a model or actor.First off, Nine9 reiterates how important networking is to success. If you want to be well known then you have to start networking so that people know who you are. This means that you take every opportunity you can to connect whether that means volunteering, working as an extra, getting an unrelated job on the set. Introduce yourself as you can and always be ready to pitch in and help. Sincerity is rare in the climate, so it is usually recognized when seen.

Second, you need to take classes because if you want to be a professional you have to be willing to put in some work to earn that status. There are always workshops and classes that you can sign up for, especially if you live in the California area. The harder the train the more natural you will be when you audition. You can also use these classes to network.

Nine9 is a unagency that helps provide the tools, support, and opportunities to budding models and actors that want to breakout in the entertainment industry. They have worked with people for the past ten years developing top technology and helping build client relationships. Their goal is to help the 99% of actors and models that are not signed into an agency get the edge and take over the entertainment industry because there is strength in numbers.Read full article: Here.