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Isabel Dos Santos is a Role Model to Young Women

Isabel Dos Santos, 42, is the first child of Jose Eduardo Dos Santos. She has been involved in various investments that led Forbes to rank her as the most powerful woman in Africa. Her net worth is currently over $3.5 billion. This makes her the first and leading female billionaire of the country.

Isabel Dos Santos was an alumnus of King’s College. She studied engineering. Upon graduating, she established a restaurant known as Miami Beach. It was the first beach restaurant in Luanda. That was the beginning of her entrepreneurial career. She has since become a board member of several high-profile companies, particularly in Angola. Isabel owns controlling shares at Unitel. She also holds significant shares at Banco BPI and ZON Multimedia.

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Isabel Dos Santos first worked for a recycling firm before starting a truck business. The outset of the use of walkie-talkie helped her to join the telecommunications industry. She also served as Urbana 2000’s project manager before expanding her business interests. Over the years, she established several businesses. She also made significant investments in high-profile enterprises.

Isabel Dos Santos faced significant challenges while advancing her career in male-dominated fields. She was marginalized in her quest for new executive roles. As such, she has been helping women to overcome barriers to their jobs. She understands that by mentoring women, they will be encouraged to empower their families and grow the economy of the continent. Dos Santos adds that successful women of Africa should take up the challenge too.

Isabel Dos Santos believes that her continent’s transformation is dependable on empowering women to join the business world. She also adds that Africa harbors many potential entrepreneurs. However, they have been marginalized. Dos Santos reiterates that it’s sad how such business professionals are treated with contempt as this prevents them from uncovering their potential to succeed in business. To empower such individuals, she implores them to pursue their studies. She also asks them to apply for c-executive positions in the job market. Isabel knows that it’s important to create employment opportunities for young business professionals. The success of these women will influence their state’s economic positioning.


Meet Smita Shah, President And CEO of SPAAN Tech Inc

Smita has considered herself to be somewhat of a “geek” ever since she was young. She spent more time doing math in school than she did taking up extracurricular activities or commonly fun classes for most students like gym. In Smita’s case, it wasn’t a fruitful effort either, because she is an expert when it comes to solving equations and engineering problems in her job today. After earning her civil and environmental engineering degree from MIT, Smita went on to found her first company just after in 1998.


At just 24 years old, Smita Shah founded SPAAN Tech, a company specialized in engineering and construction management, dealing with both public and private sector projects. However, they are typically in the market for infrastructure projects in aviation and transportation. SPAAN Tech also offers program management services to help other businesses plan, control, staff, and organize to remain within the financial limits to gain optimal results.


Recognition has come to Smita Shah in many different forms, including a variety of awards over the years for her accomplishments in business, engineering, and construction. She was a Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, she’s been added to the list of Chicago’s 40-under-40, she has earned the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, and the American Consulting Engineers Council name her National Community Leader of the Year in 2011.


Throughout her career, Smita has worked hard to become an accomplished professional, and today she is an influential leader in business and many other industries. She has become a regular and sought after keynote speaker throughout the media around the world for her insight and expertise, sharing her expertise to the younger generations. Learn more:


SPAAN Tech has been named as one of the fastest growing companies for a time, and Smita has been able to tackle even the most difficult engineering and construction projects that have come her way. Many leading organizations consult with Smita on a regular basis, and she has even taken up a place on various company boards, including the Chicago Plan Commission and the Board of Trustees at the Museum of Science and Industry. Follow Smita Shah on Twitter

Betterworks Incredible Contribution

Betterworks is software for aligning, developing and activating a company’s workforce to enhance its growth. It increases the transformation of interactions between employees and their managers. Through this software, employers can fix traditional review processes and replace them with modern, Consistent Performance Management.

The company has recently announced its intention to expand the series B investment for Betterworks. The main goal of this innovation is to sustain the rate of products novelty as well as to advance sales drive in entrepreneurial organizations.

Customers mostly rely on continuous performance program on Betterworks. This is because, through this software, employees are allowed to feel a great connection with the work they are doing and how it leads to the achievement of essential goals set. Employers are also given a chance to offer a hand in the certified development of their employees as well as supporting them in achieving their purposes.

Continuous Performance Program helps employees to improve on their work. The program allows them to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the firm quickly. It frequently makes communication and in a simplified way. Through the frequent feedbacks, made employees can remain on track and stay motivated.

Betterworks provide a unique way for companies to practice Continuous Performance Management. This is through coordination with Objectives and Key Results. Through this employee get a sense of belongingness because they are allowed to take part in crucial talks and feedbacks are given to them. Employees get a feeling of recognition and better their activities due to the motivation they get. Betterworks support OKR as it is a crucial way in which both personal and company goals can be set and achieved.

Isabel dos Santos on Inspiring Future Generations

Isabel dos Santos is the type of businesswomen to be very aware of the potential consequences of every single one of her actions. In fact, this awareness can be very daunting to carry around with you because it becomes a clear indicator of all the many ways you could make a mistake at any given moment. To most other people, this is a source of constant dread and anxiety. For her, however, it is a challenge that can be overcome just like any other.

This is something she truly lives by. The line of thought she usually comes from includes the following logic: mistakes are inevitable, but the ability to move forward is not. Anyone can linger over a mistake; it takes no skill to do. To actually get up off the floor and try again, on the other hand, is a beautiful feat not only for the individual but for any companies they interact with. Something Isabel dos Santos reminds herself of on a daily basis is that she cannot possibly move forward while looking backward. Read more on

Lingering on mistakes is something that many young entrepreneurs have difficult with. If they did not, they would have no issue getting back up and trying again. However, there is a lot of difficulty with this act. A lot of the challenge comes from the fear that you might never be able to stand again, but Isabel dos Santos knows this is not the case. No matter how many falls she takes, she will always be ready to try again, as continuous, focused effort is a skill she picked up from the way she was raised.

Many assume that because Isabel dos Santos was born into wealth that she has had an easy life, but the truth could not be farther from this. Having any amount of money from birth is not a very spectacular occurrence, but gaining your success on your own in the same way Isabel dos Santos did, even when considering her birthright, is truly nothing short of awe-inspiring. She lives for that reaction; inspiring the youth is where her true passion lies.

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Why Bhanu Choudhrie chaired the CGE Business Advisory Board

In 2010, Commonwealth Games were held in New Delhi, India, and one name that made headlines was Bhanu Choudhrie. The billionaire investor was in the limelight when he was appointed to chair the Common Wealth Games England advisory board. It was a role that was coveted, and therefore, he was going to play a huge role in the games, especially when it comes to the English team. Considering that New Delhi is where he was born, it came as a sweet surprise for him to be chosen for such a task.

Official friend of the England team

Only a month before the appointment of Bhanu Choudhrie to head the advisory board, Commonwealth Games England had been announced as the official friend of the England team at the competitions. It was after the company raised more than 100,000 pounds for the same course. During the fundraising process, the company had signed up several SMEs. Because of this situation, Choudhrie was going to play a significant role in the games, and everyone was looking ahead to it. True to his word, he did not disappoint because, at the end of the games, there were any success stories to tell.

Happy to take on the role

When he was appointed to head the board, Bhanu Choudhrie said that it was an honor to be accorded such a position. He told the media that he was focused on ensuring that Commonwealth Games England enjoys a lot of success during the games. He also noted that they were going to take care of more than 400 athletes from England, and this was no mean task. It became even more critical when they noted that it was a team of the most elite athletes from across the country, and so, they need to put everything in place.

Bhanu Choudhrie grew up just like any other Indian kid in New Delhi. He was born in 1978 and grew up under the care of his parents who ensured that he goes to school. His education saw him move to the United States where he studies international business and marketing. He then moved to the UK where he has worked ever since.

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Doe Deere Talks the Realities of Immigrant Life

Doe Deere, the founder of Poppy Angeloff jewelry, recently shared her own immigrant story on It’s an inspiring story of how one woman and her family, with a little grit and determination, can make it in America.

She was born Xenia Vorotova to Russian Jewish parents. When she was 17, she moved to New York City with her mother and little sister. America was nothing like she had seen from movies or TV shows. Her mother’s background as a successful accountant did not immediately transfer to a job in the Big Apple, and she had to become a house cleaner. Ultimately, the small family was forced to move into a homeless shelter. After six months there, they connected with the Sanctuary for Families legal organization. Xenia was able to get into the Fashion Institute of Technology and the family moved into their own two-bedroom apartment.

Doe Deere explains that without these struggles, she would not be the person she is today. She adopted the name Doe Deere in the late 2000s and built upon her early fashion dreams by becoming a successful entrepreneur. As she argues, despite the current sociopolitical climate, America will always be a place that attracts immigrants in search of a better life. It is still possible for anyone to make it here.

Doe Deere’s first venture, Lime Crime, paid off more than she could have ever dreamed. Today, its cult products – from Unicorn Hair hair dye to the original Velvetines liquid lipsticks – inspire everyone to live their brightest, most unapologetic selves.

She also recently started a new venture, the fashion brand Poppy Angeloff. Designed for “Victorian girls living in the modern world,” the brand’s jewelry is inspired by Doe Deere’s own rich history. She first fell in love with jewelry design while admiring jewelry passed down form her grandmother. Since then, Doe Deere has been on a journey to design and create jewelry that pays homage to Victorian jewelry making: products that are made to last a lifetime and to be shared with the next generation.

The Influence of Jeunesse Global

Something customers often do not consider when they witness the level of tyranny within the health and beauty industry is that just because there are many corrupt corporations does not mean that they all are. One shining example within the community that stands out as being particularly suited to adapting to the needs of the people is Jeunesse Global, and the reason their reputation for customer satisfaction is so enormous is likely due to the factors surrounding their conception.

Jeunesse Global was not just a business; it was a response. When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the cofounders of the prolific health company, first saw what their industry had devolved into in 2009, they were so concerned that they decided they would make a difference. While many businesses enter an industry because they want to capitalize on its level of public interest, Jeunesse Global stands out as being a more result-driven corporation.

Unfortunately, the reality of our economic ecosystem is that the interests of the corporate few often do not reflect those of the many. It is reassuring, therefore, to see a business model like Jeunesse Global, where the people’s needs are considered before all else. After all, it is these needs that will ultimately end up pushing us to the best society we can be. Through listening to the common people, we can determine which parts of our society are defunct and need to be changed.

While many businesses would rather simply ignore the public’s desire to improve themselves, Jeunesse Global seeks to work with it. They do not want people to feel alienated within their own bodies, so they create the products needed for individuals to feel comfortable in their own skin. Ultimately, this is their vision. They see a future America wherein everyone feels as though their bodies are running at their greatest capacity, and they want to do everything they can to reach that future. The creation of Jeunesse Global will go down in history as being one of the single most influential decisions upon American health, and with their track record, we can trust that their influence will be positive.

Serge Belamant Makes Changes For IT

Serge Belamant had a childhood that foreshadowed that he would be of great success. He was born in Tulle, France in 1953. He later moved to South Africa when he was a teenager and learned English. He became an honored student at The North High School for Boys. He excelled in chess, rugby, and academics. Serge Belamant later became a digital engineer who made a profound impact on the financial banking industry. He studied engineering, computer systems, and information systems at Witwatersrand University and the University of South Africa. Over the course of Serge Belamant’s career, he managed to help develop applications that could perform impressive tasks like measuring water, predicting droughts, advancing digital mapping and more. He also made business deals to rival many well-known computer businesses. Serge Belamant then furthered his knowledge by receiving training in Washington D.C for linear and nonlinear programming for RSA military. He later became a head analyst for ESKOM, JCI, weather bureau, CSIR, and Palindaba nuclear research. View Serge Belamant’s profile at Linkedin.

Serge Belamant then joined DATABANK to use data control equipment and create the first scientifically operating financial system. Belamant’s program monitored how sustainable business really was. He then later moved to SASWITCH and helped SASWITCH become the second largest ATM switch in the world. Serge Belamant then developed the first RSA POS system that used a network of X.25 syncronized workstations. The banks did not implement his system so Belamant decided to leave SASWITCH and start Net1. Belamant then developed The Chip Offline Pre-Authorized Card. This led to his agreement with Visa to relocate to the USA and establish COPAC (Chip Offline Preauthorized Card). Later, Net1 bought CPS and developed a system that paid welfare grants to those in need in South Africa. Net1 provided interoperability, protection, and convenience when it applied UEPS to its functions. Belamant is now approaching retirement and is now working on projects with his son.

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Investments and Rates with the New Residential Investment Corp

Most real estate investment trusts focus on commercial properties that enable them to easily and quickly put money into malls, shopping outlets and retail space available all over the country. This is what has made the New Residential Investment Corp company so different from other trusts of its kind. You will find that the New Residential Investment Corp company works primarily with residential properties, offering better mortgage rates to those looking to purchase real estate and for those who want to invest in these properties themselves.

The New Residential Investment Corp company was founded in 2011 by Wall Street professional Michael Nierenberg. Michael Nierenberg felt that there was a big gap in the real estate market for high-quality residential investing. This is why he chose to make use of the New Residential Investment Corp company and found it to be a wonderful asset to those who wanted more from the different properties around the country. While the company is headquartered in New York, New Residential Investment Corp works with real estate properties and residential projects all over the nation, providing better opportunities for homeowners as well as stock holders of the company.

If you feel it is time to learn more about the New Residential Investment Corp company and all that they can offer to you, it might be a good idea to visit their site and see what they are all about. The company has worked diligently on the variety of different residential properties available and is growing to become one of the world’s leading REITs. For this reason, you can catch up on their latest projects by visiting them on social media or checking out the news section of their website. This is ideal for people who also hold stock within the company and want to learn more about what the New Residential Investment Corp company is able to do for them.

There are a lot of reasons for you to give the New Residential Investment Corp company a try for yourself. Not only do they work on residential investments, but they also offer mortgage and consumer loans at more affordable rates. This is allowing people of all kinds and financial levels to be able to afford the properties that they both need and want. This is the reason the company has grown to become a leader in the industry and is highly sought after by many professionals.

OSI Group McDonalds Creates Healthy Hamburgers

Eating healthy food has become essential in the society because of the increase in obesity and food diseases. People are now aware of which foods to indulge in and which ones are bad for their health. The ingredients contained in food also play a big role in its consumption. People want to consume foods that contain natural ingredients and are chemical free. When buying food, people look at its preservatives, sugars, additives and chemicals. This ensures they are getting food that does not have any harmful ingredients or unnecessary preservatives. McDonalds which is a well known fast food joint is also not left out when it comes to food safety. Consumers of the McDonald’s hamburgers are concerned with what it contains.

This curiosity led one David Whipple to experiment on a McDonald’s hamburger. Whipple decided to keep a hamburger away in a locked kitchen cupboard for 14 years to see if it has preservatives. When he took out the burger after fourteen years, it did not show any signs of rotting. It looked exactly as it did 14 years ago. This sparked a lot of controversy regarding the McDonald’s hamburger and the ingredients that it contains. McDonalds came clean and said their hamburgers do not contain any preservatives. Other researchers also supported McDonalds stating that the hamburger did not rot because it was not in a suitable environment. To know more about the company click here.

A brief visit to the McDonalds factory was arranged to see how safe their hamburgers are for consumption. Their hamburgers are made in the Gunzburg factory, which is part of the OSI Group franchise. OSI Group supplies hamburgers to all McDonalds restaurants. In the factory hygiene is the number one priority. All workers on site are supposed to dress properly to avoid contaminating the meat. No one is also allowed to enter the factory if they are sick. There is a lab in the factory that is used to test the hamburgers that are made in the factory. The meat is tested to ensure it has the right amount of fat and that it is safe to consume.