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Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings has a history that dates back to 2002. 2002 was the year Al Christy Jr founded the company in Indianapolis, IN. Christy worked for four years as president and owner of Diversified Financial Group, Inc. He used that experience to help him start Equities First Holdings. The business has had lots of success and as of today has completed more than 700 financial transactions.

As of today Equities First Holdings has conducted business in more than five countries, including countries like United Kingdom, Thailand, Australia, China, and many others. The company’s main office is located in Indiana and has a base of approximately 50 employees. Equities First has a central focus of giving clients alternative share holding financing. They hold more than 25 years of experience in the financial world. Currently the company has plans to open more offices in more countries.

The Great Businessman Matthew Autterson

Success does not come easy. Matthew Autterson can attest to you that being dedicated and self-driven play a vital role in achieving one’s goals. In his college, years back at Michigan State University, his life as a student was a busy one.


He completed his studies in 1980 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. He later joined the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program for further studies. His high profile academic achievements help him to acquire his first job at the First Trust Corporation.


Matthew worked for some years and interacted with professionals who had more experience than he did in the field. He managed to form an unbreakable bond with the workmates where they came together and begun working on an Integrated Resources Inc. company. It has been offering financial services to the people of New York over the years.


After four years, Autterson was posted as the president of the Resources Trust Company. This enabled him to get experience that is more reliable. His leadership skills attracted more customers to invest in the company.


Resource Trust Company was later taken over by Broad Inc. in 1989. Nine years later, AIG acquired this company for $18 billion. This amount of money was agreed upon due to the positive impact achieved during Matthew’s time.


Other than been very successful in business-related fields, Matthew Autterson has been involved in various philanthropic projects. He is a member of the Board of Directors at the Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB).


He has significantly influenced the breakthrough of Colorado’s Business Community due to his expertise in moneymaking ideas. This has led to its stability thus gaining trust from a wide range of investors.


Matthew has also worked for the World Presidents Organization where he displayed his leadership capabilities. Denver Zoology Foundation has benefited from Matthew Autterson professionalism. He was the Chairman of Board of Directors in Denver Hospice at some point in his career.


In 2013, CNS Bioscience, Inc was established. Later, Matthew became its CEO. The company produces clinical stage drugs that act as painkillers for neuropathic pain. This has improved the lives of neuromotor patients who face discrimination in society. Go Here for more information.


As observed, Matthew Autterson has helped save the lives of many people. His achievements have changed the minds of companies on how they influence the society with their services. He is a true philanthropist who knows not how to favor himself.



Bob Reina of Talk Fusion Has a Heart for Animals

Bob Reina has found the perfect way to give back to his community that’s in accordance with one of his passions in life and that’s by making a substantial donation to the Tampa Humane Society. He’s also done his part on a personal level as he’s adopted eleven dogs and cats at different times to rescue them from various troubles.

He’s always been an animal lover and is touched by their inherent helplessness at certain times and this has motivated him to donate one million dollars to animal causes. Reina has served in the past as a Hillsborough County sheriff’s deputy but it was his startup company called Talk Fusion that has been the foundation of his success and ability to support worthy endeavors.

The money that Reina is donating will go toward the funding of a low-cost veterinary clinic which will serve people who are currently unable to afford basic services. The clinic will provide a range of services such as shots, spay and neuter services, checkups, and diagnostic testing among other things at reduced, affordable prices.

This outreach is in keeping with Bob Reina’s character as he’s helped those who are less fortunate by paying their vet bills on many occasions in the past. Darryl Shaw is a Chief Executive at the BluePearl Veterinary Partners clinic and speaks highly of Reina’s generosity in such matters.

Talk Fusion came about as Bob Reina noticed a need for video emails when he tried to send a short clip of a home he was interested in buying. An idea was born and he joined it to a direct selling model whereupon the company took off.

The product line of Talk Fusion has expanded and they’ve become a company that covers the entire category of video marketing. The online video trend is one area that Reina sees as transformational and disruptive. The connectivity of the world is growing exponentially and he’s excited to be a part of it. He credits the growth of Talk Fusion to their refusal to become one-dimensional and places a great emphasis on continual innovation in an effort to avoid stagnation. Learn more:


Bob Reina Talks Philanthropy and Business.

There are few things more consistently impressive than the rise of certain entrepreneurs to the height of their industry. Bob Reina went from being a retired police officer to one of the most important names in video marketing. Nowadays, video marketing is a regular part of our day to day lives. From the apps we use to the websites we visit, every inch of free space is used to promote via video. Reina saw this concept as a possibility far before the likes of YouTube or Vimeo or even Instagram. Reina saw the power of video and he acted on it and as a result, Talk Fusion came to be.


Talk Fusion was established in 2007 by Bob Reina with the express goal of creating a platform that savvy marketers could use to get their message out far and wide. Talk Fusion’s initial concept was borne of necessity. Reina had been touring a house with a realtor when he decided to ship off a video to friends and family of the walk through. However, no email client would let Reina simply send off his video with ease. This was the seed that eventually became the Video Email application that Talk Fusion launched their company with. Every successful entrepreneur starts by addressing a specific need that they are passionate about and can capably solve.


As an entrepreneur, you need to do more than just rest on the laurels of a successful idea. Reina says of his career, “I’m just going to keep doing what I’ve always been doing: looking ahead to the future.” Reina goes on to explain that Talk Fusion’s job is never done and that they are focused on always innovating and changing lives with their industry. This is the way that all entrepreneurs should look at their potential business.


Reina is about more than just finding success for himself, he’s all about giving back to the world around him. Reina says, “Giving back is always an emotional experience unlike any other.” Reina’s worked hard to give back to numerous charities, including donating $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa.



Aloha At The Helm In Excellence and Integrity

In this modern-day world of conglomerates, mega-corporations and high-end enterprises, it can be so refreshing to see family started and family owned businesses still deliver on their experience and skills in making better local communities and learn more about Aloha Construction.


About The Aloha Organization

One such family owned and operated business is Aloha Construction based out of Illinois and serving southern Wisconsin. Morphing from a small family establishment into an industry with over 7,000 locally completed projects, Aloha is well-known for its organization filled with field supervisors, on-site inspectors, installers, office staff team and specialists in claims, quotes and financing as well.

As a reputable local entity famed for its excellence in a variety of projects and achievements known for safety, intelligence and vision in the industry, Aloha doesn’t fall behind in any respect when compared with other construction contractors.


The Aloha Approach

Aloha Construction Inc. is integrity-driven as it maintains the most top-notch level of ethical practice found anywhere in the construction business. Professionalism, honesty and fairness in its daily dealings with suppliers, subcontractors, insurance adjusters, company agents, and most importantly the clients, is what fuels this company with a heart.


Speaking Of Having A Heart

Having a heart is not just a slogan with Aloha Construction. As its many past and present customer base can attest, providing the local community with customer satisfaction in other ways is also of utmost importance to its management, sales teams, service team and every member of its office staff as well and Aloha on Facebook.


Local Children Delighted With Aloha Sponsored Shopping Sprees

A yearly charity event presented by Aloha gives needy parents a chance to let their children participate in a mad dash shopping spree. Operating via its philanthropic extension, the Dave Farbaky Foundation, and collaborating with the Learning Express Toys Company, the Aloha Construction company provides 60 seconds of wild spending given to four children chosen from low-income families.

Making this annual event a more frequent one, Dave, the C.E.O. of the Dave Farbaky Foundation as well as Aloha, has said that the company intends to conduct the events on a monthly basis to bless more needy children continually and

Financial Planning with Wealth Solutions

Financial planning and retirement services call for an organized, well planned approach. Just ask Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions, based in Austin, TX.


Starting back in 1994, Mr. Blair used his background in finance combined with his family’s teaching experience to form the structure for what would become Wealth Solutions. Using a focus on unbiased and objectivity whenever advice was to be given to clients as a touchstone, Wealth Management soon developed the Three Pillar approach to wealth manangement.


Pillar 1 is to identify strengths, goals, risk tolerance and growth opportunities tailored for a specific client. This will lay the groundwork for a clear financial roadmap for wealth management and retirement planning.


Pillar 2 focuses on the longer term strategy. This takes into account a clients liquidity needs and investment goals. Wealth Solutions moves all the pieces around the board to achieve the utmost performance with all their clients’ portfolios’. The magic is doing this in up markets, as well as down markets, and that’s when the experience of Richard and his team shine.


Pilar 3 is the all important insurance aspect of retirement planning. Richard and Wealth Solutions offer and manage life insurance, long-term care, as well as annuities.


These pillars designed by Wealth Solutions ensure that clients can grow, protect and feel confident that a trusted partner is protecting their assets. That’s what Wealth solutions is all about, a partner that provides all the tenets of wealth management, retirement planning and insurance needs all in one place.


It’s all about the clients. Having the right information, at the right time and always remembering that it’s more than money, it’s about families and their futures. Mr. Blair comes from a family of teachers, including his wife of many years. Teaching is often about listening, and Wealth Solutions strives to be the best at both.


Wealth Solutions has been serving clients for over 23 years in the Austin area. Mr. Blair uses his deep experience, as well as certifications including CAS, CES, CFS and RICP to ensure that the most up-to-date information is available to pass on to clients. Wealth Solutions operates as a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm. Learn more:


Talk Fusion Creator Shares Secrets of Success with HuffPost

Innovation takes many forms. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why it can be a complex topic which demands further elaboration. Thankfully some of the most innovative minds have stepped up to face that challenge. One of the more notable examples is Bob Reina. He’s the creator of multimedia tech company Talk Fusion. He’s also taken some time to detail his views on innovation and success. In fact, the venue itself is notable in that respect. He’s helping to contribute some of his wisdom with HuffPost, to mark their recent rebranding.


HuffPost has until now been known as The Huffington Post. The name change is in many ways an auspicious rebranding and refocusing event for the organization. It’s one of the reasons why Reina is such a perfect match for the event. In some part it’s a match due to the fact that Reina has had such success in the past with his own successful product launches. But the most interesting intersection of subjects relates to how Reina guides Talk Fusion.


The relaunch of HuffPost is also about putting a new focus on something they’ve always cared about. They’re not simply devoted to news or storytelling. To be sure, this is and continues to be something they’re interested in. But one of the most important events of the relaunch is the renewed focus on giving voice to the voiceless. This is most certainly something which resonates with Reina. Quite a bit of the content he’s contributed to the organization in the past has to do with helping people with limited resources achieve success. And when it comes to giving people a voice, it’s hard to think of anyone better than the creator of Talk Fusion.


Talk Fusion itself has been devoted to giving people a voice all the way back to the date of the company’s creation. Since 2007, Reina’s company has worked on ways to leverage communication in new and exciting directions. But one of their most notable achievements comes from the fact that they’re devoted to a fusion of various methods of communication. They don’t want anyone to be left out of the discussion. As such, even the most advanced multimedia technologies such as video email can be shared over a wide variety of different platforms. Talk Fusion has created a true cross platform multimedia experience that truly links the world in a whole new way. And Reina himself has ensured that the company’s operation is able to help not just big business, but individuals and charitable organizations as well. Learn more:


Marc Sparks is an Entrepreneur Who Brings Ideas to Life

Marc Sparks is driven by a keen instinct for business and he has started dozens of companies in his amazing work history as an entrepreneur. He has reached a rare level of success in his career and he goes about his projects today with the same passion and energy that he’s always displayed. One significant difference is he doesn’t have to start a business today from his back bedroom like his early, formative days.

Timber Creek Capital is where he plies his trade these days and they recently relocated their office to a new building. This new location is particularly inspiring as well as being conducive to a collaborative atmosphere. Sparks believes that an atmosphere that helps in producing creativity and innovation is critical to those wishing to craft extraordinary businesses.

The range of resources that Timber Creek Capital can provide budding entrepreneurs is comprehensive and befits someone of Marc Spark’s stature. He owns the private equity firm and with his specialized knowledge, they are having a significant impact on those who bring ideas with legs. He helps them implement a viable business model and also helps them develop a strong corporate culture. They also construct short and long-range goals which provide stepping stones and a measuring stick to check their progress.

The incredible career of Marc Sparks is inspiring to many others who hope to find success in pursuing their dreams. He has given them many insights and anecdotes in his book entitled “They Can’t Eat You” which is an entrepreneur’s guidebook. The title reflects the finality of a zebra having the worst day of its life when it ends up as a predator’s dinner. Humans, on the other hand, can always start over or find a new idea. This book is for those entrepreneurs who are losing hope on the sometimes rocky road of starting a business.

Sparks was convinced that he should write the book by some of his colleagues who knew that his experience would be invaluable to others. He is candid and honest in the book despite some painful reminders of past failures on his journey to success. He considers these accounts to be the most important content in the whole book as they show people how to avoid costly mistakes.

A story from the early days of his career reveals the perseverance of Marc Sparks. He can remember being so poor that he had to buy groceries from a Texaco gas station with his credit card. He recalls that he was still very excited about life and pursuing his dreams as an entrepreneur who brings bold ideas to life.

Another important factor in the success of Sparks is his willingness to lay it all on the line which he has done throughout his career. He’s not sure if it’s ignorance or a gift but he’s never afraid to lose it all and this mindset has paid off big for him. Learn more:


Mexico Gains Recognition In Business World Thanks To Omar Yunes

For the first time ever, Mexico held their own small scale version of the Best Franchisee of the World Competition. They wanted to be able to send their countries very best and most successful Franchisee so that they could show the world what they have to offer the international business world. Generally, competitors are judged on a huge variety of factors that essentially determine how successful a business will and can be. For example, they are judged on things like new programs, employee encouragement, employee happiness, implementation of new programs, and successful customer relationships. In Mexico’s case, they were able to name both Omar Yunes and Ivan Tamer the two best Franchisees in Mexico. Therefore, these two men were sent to compete in the real international event.

The international event took place in Florence, Italy and people from countries like Italy, Spain, France, Mexico, and Hungary were just some of the competitors and guests. People are not only recognized for their own individual success but they also attend to gain knowledge and spread their own knowledge in the industry so that other people can implement these strategies into their own businesses.

Omar Yunes is Franchisee of Sushi Itto. Sushi Itto is a Japanese style restaurant located in and throughout Mexico. Omar Yunes first became Franchisee of Sushi Itto at they very young age of 21. Since then, he has successfully expanded into 13 units all across Mexico and into different cities in the region. CEO of Sushi Itto and judged of the Best Franchisee of the World Competition both agreed that the relationship Yunes has with his Franchise is very unique. He completely transformed the traditional role a franchisee plays in the business world while still remaining professional. They even commented on how he has drastically improved customer service relations over the years.

The other representative from Mexico was Ivan Tamer. Tamer is Franchisee of Prendamex, which is a small network of Pawnshops also located in Mexico. Ivan Tamer was recognized for the sales program he created and implanted in order to increase revenue.

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Aloha Construction’s ways of giving back to the society and their importance

Aloha Construction refers to a firm that has been prosperous in its operations for about ten years under the leadership of Dave Farbaky who serves as the Chief Executive Officer. The firm’s establishment occurred in the year 2008 at Lake Zurich, Illinois.

As at now, they have already accomplished approximately eighteen thousand projects. It is evident that they are firm in their society. Its ownership and operation being under family bring out the implication that they understand the significance associated with adhering to their original roots within Lake Zurich then giving back whenever an opportunity arises.

Giving back to the society is essential. It is a form of appreciation as it must have supported the enterprise in some way to facilitate its success. The task of giving back serves as a way of returning the favor and enhancing a promising stand with the society together with helping the local families as well as the needy children. It provides a good feeling.

There are other benefits associated with giving back to the society. These include the fact that the amount given in as a donation is tax deductible. Giving services in line with charity groups or volunteer organizations within the community establishes a good PR thus promoting products and intensifying business as a result. The execution of good plans for the company often results in a positive outcome. It can be termed as a win-win kind of a situation between the society and the business.

It is worth acknowledging the different ways through which one can give back to the society. The essential and most effective ones are three. They include getting involved with local organizations, establishing one’s foundation, or even sponsoring a local event or team.

Getting engaged with the local institutions is the most appropriate option particularly when new to the work of charity. The availability of various options, charities, foundations, and organizations gives one to choose their most preferred.

The advantages associated with setting up one’s foundation include the facilitation of philanthropy that is more effective, accessibility to increased openings, and intensified control over one’s charitable donations.

The idea of local sponsorship facilitates brand awareness across the society. It also offers support for the young without the capability of taking part in some particular events.