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What makes Mauricio Mendonca Godoy Unique

Maurício Mendonça Godoy is known for his success story. He has crucial leadership skills that make him an accomplished individual. He is the CEO of Estaleiors do Brasil Ltda and has led the company to success. The oil and gas company were struggling, but when he joined, he changed the fortune of the company by introducing strategies to get it at the realm of success. He attended the University of Presbyterian Mackenzie and graduated with a mechanical engineering degree. He wanted to sharpen his managerial skills and joined Harvard Business School. His creativity and authenticity have enabled him to climb the corporate ladder.

Maurício Mendonça Godoy is unapologetic about decisions he has made to reach where he is today. Maurício Mendonça Godoy is described by colleagues as a dedicated person. He puts in the effort and time to accomplish tasks. He is also a team player who believes in working with others to accomplish set goals. He reveals that accommodating other people’s ideas have helped him to find alternative solutions to existing problems. He advises people in leadership positions to work with others to improve themselves. Maurício Mendonça Godoy is not threatened by new entrants in the company. On the contrary, he guides them on how to achieve set objectives and advance their careers. He has shown commitment towards his work, which makes him an impeccable leader. He has vast experience in the oil and gas industry, which make him suitable for the position.

He has worked in mining, construction and project engineering over the years. He believes flexibility is important if you want to achieve greatness. When he was starting his career, he did not have many options and took what was available. Working with experts in the industry moulded him into a sharp leader. He advices young people to choose careers wisely. Mauricio Mendonca Godoy says that he has witnessed many people who wish they chose a different career path. To avoid regrets, he urges people to take time to understand why they want to venture into certain fields. He also urges them to be patient when developing their careers. Willingness to learn will take you far, he says.

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Retain Employees Longer with Betterworks Performance Management Software and Strategies


Continuous Performance Management systems can boost employee retention and productivity, but this will only happen if executives adopt beneficial strategies. The California-based software company Betterworks encourages them to use positive, future-focused motivational language and train managers to give and receive this type of feedback.

Improving Retention

Employees appreciate clear goals and consistent non-punitive feedback. People often feel more satisfied with their jobs when they know what they’re doing right or wrong. Performance management systems can help supervisors determine if individuals need advice or additional training to complete tasks properly.

The software also makes it easier to reward and recognize a specific person or group of employees for outstanding performance. This motivates staff members; they’re less likely to go elsewhere when they don’t have to wonder if an employer has noticed their accomplishments.

Performance management programs deliver valuable insights that improve efficiency and productivity. Betterworks empowers their  clients to use the data generated by the performance management process to identify positive trends and time-wasting practices. A more efficient business can afford to boost retention by offering better benefits and higher wages.

Software Features

Betterworks’ web-based system empowers organizations to set specific goals, measure progress, and continually supply staff members with feedback. People can evaluate peers and subordinates. The program produces abundant real-time data on the performance of individuals, departments, and the entire company.


Betterworks enables clients to make the most of its system by providing a library of helpful training materials. It also offers support via telephone or email. The software runs on most desktop PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Interested parties can preview it by asking for a complimentary demonstration.

Betterworks Incredible Contribution

Betterworks is software for aligning, developing and activating a company’s workforce to enhance its growth. It increases the transformation of interactions between employees and their managers. Through this software, employers can fix traditional review processes and replace them with modern, Consistent Performance Management.

The company has recently announced its intention to expand the series B investment for Betterworks. The main goal of this innovation is to sustain the rate of products novelty as well as to advance sales drive in entrepreneurial organizations.

Customers mostly rely on continuous performance program on Betterworks. This is because, through this software, employees are allowed to feel a great connection with the work they are doing and how it leads to the achievement of essential goals set. Employers are also given a chance to offer a hand in the certified development of their employees as well as supporting them in achieving their purposes.

Continuous Performance Program helps employees to improve on their work. The program allows them to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the firm quickly. It frequently makes communication and in a simplified way. Through the frequent feedbacks, made employees can remain on track and stay motivated.

Betterworks provide a unique way for companies to practice Continuous Performance Management. This is through coordination with Objectives and Key Results. Through this employee get a sense of belongingness because they are allowed to take part in crucial talks and feedbacks are given to them. Employees get a feeling of recognition and better their activities due to the motivation they get. Betterworks support OKR as it is a crucial way in which both personal and company goals can be set and achieved.

Sheldon Lavin Must Be Aware of Industry Trends

Sheldon Lavin is a key leader of OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin and other individuals have been expanding their footprint in China. One factor that people have been worried about is that of the trade war between China the United States. Sheldon Lavin and other competent executives understand the nuances between US and China and how it will increase costs and potentially minimize revenues. As such, Sheldon Lavin must investigate finances and construct defenses to ensure that there isn’t any issues moving forward. We are already seeing issues in other industries where the trade war has affected industries, one of them has been that of footwear. More Than 70 Percent of American Footwear is Made in China.

The list released by the White House includes items that could be hit with 25 percent tariffs. Among other items, this also includes sneakers, casual sandals, golf shoes, and ski shoes, as well as footwear of all kind. A few decades ago, all of this would have not meant anything at all. But in today’s day and age where the American footwear industry is largely dependent on China, this could have very significant ramifications. As noted by CNBC, China is the largest supplier for footwear to the US. The country provided around 72 percent of all footwear that was imported by the US in 2017.

According to experts, while production has been moved to other countries by large companies, they are still using China as their primary or secondary location for footwear. This is mostly due to the country’s existing infrastructure of production and delivery mechanisms, as well as preset delivery channels which have been used by American companies time and again. This trust factor has not let American footwear companies pull out of China completely. For which, they may now need to pay a price. While the top two footwear companies in the US, Nike and Adidas, are trying to move away from China and setup their operations in countries such as Vietnam, they have not commented to news sources what they feel about the current update on tariff prices.

Krishen Iyer Lectures on 8 Marketing Trends in Healthcare

Krishen Iyer is the CEO of Managed Benefits Services, a consulting firm that generates leads focused on health and dental insurance verticals, or “niche” marketing from a specific industry. Small changes can be made while tracking the impact they have over time. In 2019, some things have to change about current marketing techniques. One potential marketing technique when it comes to health insurance sales is to use Facebook as part of your marketing budget. Krishen Iyer advises to use Instagram as another option where you can promote your company in front of potential clients because Instagram leads to visibility. See Iyer’s marketing tips here

For example, Krishen Iyer reminds us that you can advertise the fact that your clinic treats young children. Another way to promote your company is to use Chatbots, which interact with the user to send them in the right direction. New site visitors have easy access to any answers they may need. Video marketing is another 2019 marketing-savvy technique that you have the required expert-status to manage people’s health problems. Videos used the right way can promote an atmosphere of trust if you have adequate lighting in the room you film the video in. Live video is in a similar category when it comes to video marketing.

Live video on Youtube or Facebook has the means to get natural traffic onto your feed. Krishen Iyer says that videos can establish a person’s ability to answer questions on the air, giving real-time answers as well as feedback. You get a massive exposure, which generates attention out of it. Interactive content such as a blog post, articles, and email autoresponders seem to still have a place in a marketer’s toolkit. Text content can be laced with internal links that take people to where they want to go in an instant, as email marketing can still be used as well. Email marketing allows a professional to stay in contact with their clients, and it still works well in 2019. Adjusting your strategy is important to make it work over the long term. In 2019, voice search is also available as a marketing technique.

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Vinod Gupta Invests In The Future Success Of Women


It is a growing trend among leaders to reinvest in their community and workers. Leaders who do so often find a thriving society that they have helped to create, and are able to find a great deal of respect from others by giving back to those less fortunate. Vinod Gupta is a millionaire, but is known as self-made, having overcome many obstacles to get to where he is today.


Gupta has made great moves during his career, bringing him to his current position at Everest Group as the Managing General Partner. The company specializes in many aspects of business, such as private equity, venture capital, database technology, and even consulting services typically aimed toward businesses that are failing. Gupta has taken the reins in many ways within the company, parlaying his decades of experience to serve companies that are not performing to their full extend, building their success as he builds upon his own.


Using his own success, Vinod Gupta has been able to share his wealth with others. He has shown particular interest in investing in both his hometown and in women workers. Rampur Maniharan, home of Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic, is the hometown of Vinod Gupta, and now boasts the new women’s polytechnic school. Gupta donated a million dollars to developing the school, which was opened in the year 2000 and has since enabled countless women to earn life-changing postgraduate degrees in as short of a time span as two years.


In the same town, Gupta further donated his capital to a school for young girls, a cause that was much needed. His funds not only established access to Women’s Education, but ensured that it would have the necessary items, such as buses and books, required for success.


Gupta is just one of many industry leaders who is using his or her success to make a true contribution back to society, and his hometown is surely grateful to him and proud to call him their own. Visit This Page to learn more.


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