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Stream Energy : Earning Brand Loyalty through Philanthropy

In the wake of destruction left behind by Hurricane Harvey in Texas, one company was ready and eager to begin helping their community recover. Stream Energy, an energy company who offers fixed rate energy and other services such as phone plans, came with an army of volunteers to provide aid in any way possible to the citizens of Houston and its surrounding areas. This was accomplished with funds provided by “Stream Cares”, the philanthropic branch of Stream Energy and a new innovative method in how business do philanthropy.

Although in 2016 alone corporations across America donated over $19 billion in charitable funds, a vast majority of those were sent out as checks and not the actual company doing the work. Stream Energy is changing the game, they fully understand the perks that direct philanthropy offers companies. These include respect and loyalty amongst the community, free press, and national brand recognition. This method has worked so incredibly well for Stream Energy that other corporations are taking notice of their moves. CEO’s are to be said to be hiring advisors to formulate a plan to bring their own philanthropic ventures to fruition.

Stream Energy, however, has a leg up on the competition in the form of their unique business model. Stream associates often do not get paid for working these projects, however, it doesn’t matter to them, they want to be there helping their community. This passion to help stems from the business model that Stream uses to produce revenue. When an associate is hired they are then tasked in networking with the community in the hopes of offering Stream services. Due to this constant communication, many in the company form bonds with their customers and community as a whole. There is no doubt that this innovation in philanthropy can only be seen as a win-win for companies and communities alike.

Nick Vertucci Poker Player, Real Estate Magnate

Poker is a thriving sport in the United States. Each day, millions of people play poker online. Nick Vertucci is an avid real estate investor. Despite his financial success in this industry, Nick has a side career as a poker player.

Learning to Play

Nick Vertucci learned to play poker online. He enjoys all of the different options when playing the game. Unlike most sports, there is not a perfect way to play poker. Instead, the game makes players rely on their gut instincts as much as their overall playing skills.

When he was young, Nick spent a few hours each day playing poker online. He competed in a few online tournaments, and he finally decided to enter a real tournament to play for money.

First Tournament

When Nick Vertucci entered his first tournament, he did not feel like he belonged. He was playing with people who had decades of experience playing poker. He lasted several days in the competition, and he even left with some prize money.

Slowing Down

Once Nick Vertucci started his career as a real estate investor, he stopped playing poker as much as before. However, he uses the skills that he learned playing poker in other areas of his life. Bluffing is a significant part of any business negotiation.

Other Success

Nick also runs a successful business that is designed to teach people how to invest in real estate. The vast majority of people are never educated about how to invest and build wealth for the future. Real estate is the perfect investment option for people who do not have a ton of experience investing. Nick uses his real estate course to teach beginners how to get started investing. Over the past few years, he has helped thousands of people get started investing.

Vinod Gupta Invests In The Future Success Of Women


It is a growing trend among leaders to reinvest in their community and workers. Leaders who do so often find a thriving society that they have helped to create, and are able to find a great deal of respect from others by giving back to those less fortunate. Vinod Gupta is a millionaire, but is known as self-made, having overcome many obstacles to get to where he is today.


Gupta has made great moves during his career, bringing him to his current position at Everest Group as the Managing General Partner. The company specializes in many aspects of business, such as private equity, venture capital, database technology, and even consulting services typically aimed toward businesses that are failing. Gupta has taken the reins in many ways within the company, parlaying his decades of experience to serve companies that are not performing to their full extend, building their success as he builds upon his own.


Using his own success, Vinod Gupta has been able to share his wealth with others. He has shown particular interest in investing in both his hometown and in women workers. Rampur Maniharan, home of Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic, is the hometown of Vinod Gupta, and now boasts the new women’s polytechnic school. Gupta donated a million dollars to developing the school, which was opened in the year 2000 and has since enabled countless women to earn life-changing postgraduate degrees in as short of a time span as two years.


In the same town, Gupta further donated his capital to a school for young girls, a cause that was much needed. His funds not only established access to Women’s Education, but ensured that it would have the necessary items, such as buses and books, required for success.


Gupta is just one of many industry leaders who is using his or her success to make a true contribution back to society, and his hometown is surely grateful to him and proud to call him their own. Visit This Page to learn more.


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Jojo Hedaya And Unroll.Me App


Jojo Hedaya is the proud co-founder of the Unroll.Me app. He has also served the company as the Chief Executive Officer. The idea of starting up Unroll.Me came up when he was working on a project with his friend Josh Rosenwald. The two had met while studying at Yeshiva in Israel and were lucky to have blackberry phones. Unfortunately, their project did not push through and this when they thought of coming up with another project. As they were going through their emails, they found out that their inbox was overloaded with so many emails and most of them were unwanted emails. This is when Jojo Hedaya started working on a project to create the solution for getting rid of those unwanted emails.


This was the birth of the App which has gained a lot of popularity due to its ability to filter emails and delete unwanted subscriptions which have greatly helped a lot of users from dealing with a load of unwanted emails. The App is used globally with over 300 million users. Its ability to compile inbox messages in emails has made it gain a lot of appreciation from people around the world. Go Here to learn more.


A lot of users including media and tastemakers have subscribed to Unroll.Me and have described their experience while using the App as simply “life-changing”. Unroll.Me is one of the most used Apps in the App store.


Jojo Hedaya’s exemplary leadership skill and managerial skill and also his creativity has led the company to greater heights. The headquarters of Unroll me is located at 7th Avenue, New York in the United States. Unroll me is also very fast in scanning unwanted emails and this has made it a very efficient App to use.


It is now competing with great email apps such as Gmail where it has facilitated the subscribers with a list of their subscriptions making it easier for them to unsubscribe directly from the page. Jojo Hedaya is working hand in hand with his team to come up with new ideas to make the App even better and more efficient for the users.


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Michael Burwell Helps People Connect With Positive Experiences In Business


Even though Michael Burwell is the CFO of Willis Towers Watson, he knows there are things he can do that might help other people get the options they need. He believes in working hard as a businessman and always trying to do better than he did before. It works for him since he knows what to do and how to help people understand all the opportunities they need on their own.


It also makes him want to help others, so they have a chance to see everything that can make the company better. There were times when Michael Burwell struggled at the beginning of his career, but that’s part of what made him the best person for the job. Even when he worked hard and did everything the right way, Michael Burwell pushed to make things easier for himself. He wanted people to understand the impact of the work he did so they didn’t have to worry about the issues that came from the industry.


It made sense for Michael Burwell to do things that could help the company. As the CFO, a big part of his job is making people understand all the options that come from the company choices. He knows what to do and how to make the company better and that’s part of his job. He also knows there are ways he can create a positive environment for everyone who needs it. Thanks to his hard work and the time he spent learning about how to help others, Michael Burwell has a better experience than most other people in the industry.


Working hard is all about making things easier for his clients and Michael Burwell understands the importance of hard work. He also understands there are things that might make Willis Towers Watson better than ever before. It takes a lot of dedication and time to come up with the best solutions for success and Michael Burwell believes in the right way of doing things. Since he knows what people look forward to and he wants to make it easier for them, he knows just what to do to make a difference.


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The Interesting Story Of And Founders Jojo Hedaya, Josh Rosenwald


Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald are the founders of one of Rakuten’s most recent purchases, Unroll.Me.

Unroll.Me manages all of a person’s email subscriptions in one place via one easy to use email every day delivered to their inbox at whichever time they prefer.

Called the “Daily Rollup”, it can combine notification emails from services like Groupon,, Facebook, Twitter, and any other commercial email into one simply digestible email. This declutters users inboxes so that they don’t detract from other important emails. In other words, it’s a better way to organize your email inbox instead of cherry-picking and sifting every day. Go Here for more information.

The circumstances of how Jojo Hedaya and Josh met are, well, “divine”. While studying abroad in Israel and sitting in front of a rabbi, the rabbi noticed that the two were the only ones who were using Blackberrys in a time where everyone practically has an iPhone or a Samsung. He suggested that they have to hang out, and because they did and got to talking, it was revealed that they actually share the same birthday of the same year. Take fate as a sign and running with it, the two used this to their advantage and started brainstorming on ideas of how they could improve the world in which they live and earn a living from it … all while still in school at Boston College.

Eventually their userbase became so large after seven years (1.3 million) that they got noticed by Rakuten-owned package tracking app “Slice”. Slice ended up acquiring Unroll.Me, and from there the rest has been history. Rakuten is the 14th largest internet company: a Japanese company focusing on marketing data and analytics which it sells to Fortune 500 companies.

A month after purchasing Slice, the company bought Ebates for one billion dollars. is the perfect complement to Slice’s existing user base; Josh and Jojo Hedaya could not be more happy with the deal.


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Michael Burwell: CFO Of Willis Towers Watson


Michael Burwell is the Chief Finance Officer of Willis Towers Watson, a leading solutions provider in insurance brokerage and advisory, risk management and solutions for the company. Burwell is the head of the offices in Arlington, Virginia, although the main headquarters are in London. Willis Towers Watson was created as a result of a merger between Willis and Towers Watson. The company is valued at $8.6 billion and has employed over 43,000 workers in over 100 countries. The main goal of the company is to help their clients turn their risk into successful opportunities. They offer global advisory, solutions, and broking all of which help their clients achieve the desired results with their businesses.


From the website of the company, they help clients optimize benefits, expand their financial power and strengthen individuals and institutions. The main role of Michael Burwell is to facilitate advisory services to global insurance services providers. He deals with matters related to finance. His expertise in business valuations realms makes him the best-suited person to carry out this role.


It is under the guidance of Michael Burwell that Willis Towers Watson has created an investment management service known as AMX. This service is based in Europe and the United States. The form is assisting clients with assets of over $120 million. The services they provide allows small and large money managers to save time and money by reducing aggregation and compliance process.


Michael Burwell has been in the business valuations industry for the past three decades. He has acquired experience from the top companies in the country. Among the positions he has previously held include Head of Global Transformation, COO and CFO in the United States all in the past one decade. He has also worked for 11 years in the audit sector and 12 years In Transaction Services Advisory. He has assisted many organizations in pre-merger valuation processes.


Michael Burwell is a native of Detroit, Michigan. He is both ruthless and careful when making decisions. He is a mentor to many people he has worked with. His character is of a perfect CFO and leader of an organization.


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Michael Burwell: Using Leadership Skills To Mitigate Industrial Risks And Uncertainties


Insurance companies operate in a competitive environment that requires them to have their executive members to be on top of their business. The risky industry requires that all leaders running the critical department of an insurance company to be highly experienced and knowledgeable about the industrial trends so that they can make sound decisions that will help the company to navigate the risky period while at the same time maximize on getting profits during the booming periods. This explains why Willis Towers Watson decided to hire Michael Burwell as their Chief Finance Officer.

Michael Burwell is an experienced financial expert who has had a distinguished career at Pricewaterhouse Coopers Limited, where he has worked for more than thirty-one years. His ability to work in multiple departments, most of them related to finance, gives him an upper hand and an added advantage to formulate and execute business strategies that will help in shielding the organization against making losses while at the same time ensuring that the company makes profits, especially when opportunities arise. Mike will be replacing the retiring John Haley, who has held the position for an extended period.

Michael’s skills and knowledge will come in handy in steering the financial department of the insurance company, which might be experiencing financial challenges due to the economic turbulence being experienced in the United States and other parts of the world. Michael Burwell is a knowledgeable executive who has critical leadership qualities, which will be important in running an organization that is already experiencing changes by ensuring that it remains in its course. His skills and knowledge in incorporating advanced technology in the financial department will help in ensuring that the stale financial department at Willis Towers Watson gets some life.


About Michael Burwell

Mike is an experienced financial analyst and auditor who has spent more than 31 years at Pricewaterhouse Coopers Limited in various departments. He will be moving on to be the new Chief Finance Officer at Willis Towers Watson, where he will get an opportunity to execute his eleven years in assurance and auditing in an insurance advisory company. He has previously performed auditing roles in insurance organizations.


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Meet The New CFO At Willis Towers Watson: Michael Burwell


Willis Towers Watson has announced Michael Burwell. He replaced the previous amazing Roger Millay, who retired in 2017 October. Willis Towers Watson is known to be one of the largest and best firms in the United States which provide various services and products to the U.S public. The company specializes in providing the most outstanding broker solutions to different individuals and companies. The Directors in the company had to hold a meeting and discuss how they could replace an icon that is like Roger Miley. The board later agreed that Michael Burwell was the perfect match of the position according to his excellent background.


A Glance at the Career of Michael Burwell


Michael Burwell is a well-known CPA who holds a degree in bachelor’s in business administration from the University of Michigan. He has been working in the financial industry for over 30 years now. That has given Mr., Burwell an extensive experience and skills in finance management. He understands when any company should spend money and when it should hold back the money. Nevertheless, he has the ability to detect the right projects in business as well as oversee the corresponding risk which will come with any investment.


The leadership experience of Michael Burwell is beyond recognition too. He has gained a lot of experience in working in various companies as a leader and managing different kinds of projects. The skills he has collected for the years makes him a perfect match for the position of CFO at Willis Towers Watson.


The Willis Towers Watson Chief Executive Officer, John Haley, had the opportunity to welcome the great Michael Burwell to the firm. He also said that Burwell would be a great asset to the company and he will be so happy to work with him. On the other side, Michael Burwell was very happy to be part of the company. He stated that the opportunity would enable him to use his skills and knowledge to the maximum as well as providing him with new challenges in the industry. John Haley also said that Michael is a very important individual in the firm and any contribution towards the growth of the firm would be highly appreciated. See This Page for related information.




Adam Milstein Uses Philanthropy To Motivate His Business Practices

Adam Milstein is an Israeli native who moved to the United States many years ago. Adam is the son of an Israeli real estate developer. He participated in his father’s business after serving obligatory time in the Israeli Army. Adam then went on to pursue higher education in Israel. After marrying and starting a family Adam Milstein decided that he wanted to take his ideas to the United States. He moved his wife and children to the new country and enrolled at the University of Southern California.


Adam Milstein obtained a master’s degree in Business Administration at USC. Adam was very passionate about his career direction. He worked as a broker for a few years. However, Adam soon decided that these organizations did not have his best interest at heart. He felt limited in his capacity. Therefore, Adam decided to venture out and work as an independent real estate investor.


Adam Milstein went on to found Hager Pacific Properties. Adam is the managing partner of the organization. Hager Pacific Properties is in the business of developing properties throughout the United States. It participates in various areas of the industry such as industrial facilities, office buildings, apartment buildings, shopping centers and research development projects.


Adam Milstein is part of a growing demographic of Israelis moving to the United States. Israel continues to struggle economically with low paying jobs, high cost of living and political strife. It is estimated that there are up to 1 million Israeli natives living in the United States. These are the reports of legally documented immigrants who have become American citizens. There are many more who travel to the U.S. on temporary work visas and remain in the country. The United States attracts many of Israel’s most highly educated individuals. This is because of the high wages for such people and the considerable amount of opportunities at universities around the United States.


Adam Milstein and his wife have made a concerted effort to reach out to Israeli natives through there program called the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The organization is designed to help Israelis adapt to the new country. It offers programs for personal development. There are also educational tools to help Israeli natives maintain a connection with the home country.