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Cryptocurrency Trailblazer, Malcolm CasSelle

Cryptocurrency is a fascinating subject to many people but is taking new strides in the gaming industry thanks to people like Malcolm CasSelle his new company Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX).

Developed by the founders of the company OPSkins, the progressive company WAX is a decentralized platform that enables anyone to participate in a virtual marketplace with zero investment in security, infrastructure, or payment processing. OPSkins is the world’s leading marketplace for online video game assets and WAX is using blockchain technology to make the whole process more streamlined.

The company’s WAX Tokens are a utility that can be used to trade virtual goods not just video game assets but also allows cryptocurrency exchange. Malcolm CasSelle, President of WAX, believes that the gaming world will showcase the world of cryptocurrency to the masses.

Malcolm CasSelle is one of the entrepreneurs behind many groundbreaking companies. Besides acting President of WAX, CasSelle is CIO of OPSkins. His previous business adventures include CTO and President of New Ventures at tronc, Inc., Senior Vice President and General Manager, Digital Media of SeaChange International, and Groupon’s joint venture with Tencent in China. Holding a bachelor’s degree from MIT and a master’s degree from Stanford University, both in computer science, it is safe to say that WAX is in excellent hands.

CasSelle began his venture in cryptocurrency in 2012 as a partner in early bitcoin mining projects. He has worked closely with many cryptocurrency startups like BTC China, GoCoin, and Blockchain Capital Partners. His history of working with China-based companies is only more accessible since he speaks Mandarin and Japanese.

CasSelle’s earlier life is a humbling one, being born and raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania. His great-grandfather William Henry Casselle (1882-1956 was a man from Philadelphia and very popular in the middle-class community. Helping his community prosper he has been quoted several times in the Philadelphia newspapers. CasSelle’s grandfather was a favorite barber, John “Jack” T Casselle.

Malcolm CasSelle is a trailblazer in his knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain. I look forward to hearing more ventures to come from CasSelle and WAX.


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Drew Madden: Healthcare Trends For 2018 To Look Out For

It is the time of year when we go out and try to make predictions about the year that is about to unfold. In this particular edition, we are focused on what trends may come in 2018 in the healthcare sector.


Digital Health


A more digital landscape for healthcare is incredibly likely. After all, we have already seen how technology has impacted the rest of our lives, it is not really a surprise that it would leak into the healthcare sector as well. You can expect to see more hospitals and doctor’s offices paying to upgrade their equipment, particularly as that equipment becomes a little less expensive.


Purchasing Pharmaceuticals Online


More patients than ever are going to purchase their prescriptions online. This is something already taking place in a large way. A lot of the revenue is currently going overseas, particularly to pharmacies from places in India. They are taking the lion share of the market at the moment, but even that could change. Find More Information Here.


Amazon has made some inroads into the possibility of being able to sell these products online themselves. They have applied for licenses in numerous states, and you can expect that at least some of those will get approved.


Predictive Analytics


The ability to predict outcomes ahead of time is something that statistics brings to us. While math is not able to determine the exact outcome of any particular event, it is possible that it help bring more accurate predictions in general when it comes to medicine.


Drew Madden and others see this particular aspect of medicine as something that could play a major role in making health outcomes better. He views these kinds of things to make the best possible decisions for his entrepreneurial work in the industry. He always strives to make for better workplaces, more attractive outcomes for patients, and the best overall experience possible in medicine. Over the years, his passion for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) has driven him to make a series of accomplishments in the health sector. Madden is a healthcare IT businessman who has previously led the largest Epic consulting company globally: Nordic Consulting Partners.


Trying to foresee what may happen in the future is always a bit of a guessing game. However, these are the trends that have carried the day up to this point, so it would not be surprising to see them continue into 2018.



How Can Technology Improve Healthcare

Technology is critical to the growth of various industries. Healthcare is an industry that is full of controversy right now. Over the past few years, the cost of healthcare has increased much faster than inflation. As a result, numerous people have trouble affording quality healthcare.


Drew Madden is one of the leading experts in the technology industry. As an IT expert and business owner, he is working on various projects related to the cost of healthcare.



Lowering Costs


One of Drew Madden’s biggest priorities is lowering the cost of healthcare for clients. There are many people who have chronic health issues who cannot get the help they need.


Drew Madden has a plan to help his clients. Not only is he investing in preventive care options, but he is also working on projects to lower the overall cost of different procedures. When more technology is used, the cost of a procedure is much lower. Not only do doctors have to spend less time with patients, but they are also able to work more efficiently.



Lifestyle Changes


Another important aspect of lowering the cost of healthcare is for patients to make lifestyle changes. There are many people who suffer from health issues because they live an unhealthy lifestyle. By encouraging people to eat healthy meals and to exercise regularly, the overall need for major procedures will decrease.


Health insurance also becomes less expensive for people who are healthy. Many health insurance companies struggle to quantify the risk that customers have. As a result, the overall cost of health insurance is much higher. See This Article to learn more.



The Career of Drew Madden


Drew Madden has had a great career in the IT industry. Over the past few years, he has worked hard on various projects for his clients. He knows how to add value to companies that need his services. Over the years, his passion for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) has driven him to make a series of accomplishments in the health sector. Madden is a healthcare IT businessman who has previously led the largest Epic consulting company globally: Nordic Consulting Partners.


Although his business is growing rapidly, he still wants to improve his business in numerous ways in the coming years. When his business is successful, he is able to help more people. Drew Madden is passionate about improving the healthcare system in the United States through better technology.


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The Great Businessman Matthew Autterson

Success does not come easy. Matthew Autterson can attest to you that being dedicated and self-driven play a vital role in achieving one’s goals. In his college, years back at Michigan State University, his life as a student was a busy one.


He completed his studies in 1980 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. He later joined the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program for further studies. His high profile academic achievements help him to acquire his first job at the First Trust Corporation.


Matthew worked for some years and interacted with professionals who had more experience than he did in the field. He managed to form an unbreakable bond with the workmates where they came together and begun working on an Integrated Resources Inc. company. It has been offering financial services to the people of New York over the years.


After four years, Autterson was posted as the president of the Resources Trust Company. This enabled him to get experience that is more reliable. His leadership skills attracted more customers to invest in the company.


Resource Trust Company was later taken over by Broad Inc. in 1989. Nine years later, AIG acquired this company for $18 billion. This amount of money was agreed upon due to the positive impact achieved during Matthew’s time.


Other than been very successful in business-related fields, Matthew Autterson has been involved in various philanthropic projects. He is a member of the Board of Directors at the Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB).


He has significantly influenced the breakthrough of Colorado’s Business Community due to his expertise in moneymaking ideas. This has led to its stability thus gaining trust from a wide range of investors.


Matthew has also worked for the World Presidents Organization where he displayed his leadership capabilities. Denver Zoology Foundation has benefited from Matthew Autterson professionalism. He was the Chairman of Board of Directors in Denver Hospice at some point in his career.


In 2013, CNS Bioscience, Inc was established. Later, Matthew became its CEO. The company produces clinical stage drugs that act as painkillers for neuropathic pain. This has improved the lives of neuromotor patients who face discrimination in society. Go Here for more information.


As observed, Matthew Autterson has helped save the lives of many people. His achievements have changed the minds of companies on how they influence the society with their services. He is a true philanthropist who knows not how to favor himself.



An Investment Officer with a Different Approach

SahmAdrangi is an Iranian-born Canadian, founder and the Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management. SahmAdrangi is a holder of Bachelors of Arts in Economics from the Yale University. At the University, he wrote cavalcades for the campus newspaper which shows his subliminal progression from lefty rabble-rouser.

Work experience

Before finding his firm, he was an investment analyst at Longacre Fund, which is a private investment partnership. In the firm, he conducted investment analysis and research for both the credit fund and equity fund. He has also worked at Chanin Capital Part in the bankruptcy restructuring group where he gave advice to creditors. His work included representing bondholder committees, bank debt holders, preferred equity committees and creditors of bankrupt companies. He has also worked at Leverage Finance group of Deutsche Bank where his job was to syndicate and structure high yield bonds and non-investment grade bank debt, by buy-out financing, exit financing, and debt refinancing.

Sahm at Kerrisdale Capital Management

In Kerrisdale Capital Management, he has been in charge of all developmental operations. The company was launched with under $1 million but it currently manages $150 million. He is best known for publishing and short-selling research. Besides publishing research, he has been an activist in many investments including Lindsay corporation management. He has been a speaker at several conferences, which includes the Sohn Conference, the distressed debt investing conference, the value investing conference and traders for a cause. He got famous when he first exposed fraudulent Chinese companies, subsuming China-biotics, Lihua international, China Marine Food Group and many others. He has appeared in various interviews on Bloomberg and CNBC where he’s been headlined in major publications including, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, among others.

Adrangi is a fairly recent convert to dog-eat-dog capitalism. While his firm shares research on a wide variety of industries and companies, recently, he has focused the firm’s evolvement on specific sectors where it has refined expertise. One area of focus has been the Biotechnology sector and it has published research on development stage companies which includes Zafgen, Therapeutics, Bavarian Nordic and plentiful others.

Anthony Petrello: Leading Nabors Industries Towards Success

Anthony Petrello- the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Limited, is one of the highest paid CEO’s in America. Nabors Industries deals with drilling oil, geothermal energy, and natural gas. Although the drilling contractor company is based in Hamilton, Bermuda and Houston, Texas, its operations are in Africa, the Americas, Middle East and the Far East.

Anthony Petrello also doubles up as the Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee member of Nabors Industries Limited. The company is one of the largest natural gas and geothermal drilling contractors in the world. The company which was previously known as Anglo Energy was started in 1968. Mr. Petrello started working for the company in 1991 as the Chief Operating Officer.

By 2002 he had been promoted to the President’s position. Due to his consistent hard work, Mr. Petrello once again climbed up the ladder to a Deputy Chairman position in 2003. He retained this position for eight years, and in 2011 he became the CEO of Nabors Industries. In 2012, his leadership role expanded as he became the Nabors Industries Board Chairman and learn more about Anthony.

Mr. Petrello is affiliated with many other successful companies and where he holds various notable roles. Some of them include where he holds the Director position, Stewart & Stevenson where he holds the director position and Texas Children’s Hospital where he is the Director, Hilcorp Energy Company where he also serves as the director and many others.Before working with Nabors Industries Limited, Mr. Petrello was the Managing Partner of Baker & McKenzie’s New York office. The successful CEO launched his career in this law firm when he joined it in 1979 and resume him.


More On Anthony Petrello:

Anthony Petrello attended the Havard University Law School and he graduated with a J.D. degree. In addition to this, he also attended Yale University where he graduated with a Masters Degree in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics and more information click here.

Currently, Anthony Petrello holds the position of the Director of Texas Children’s Hospital. The hospital deals with clinical programs and research of the children with various neurological conditions. This position is very close to his heart especially since his daughter, Carena suffers from periventricular leukomalacia which is a neurological condition that affects premature babies due to insufficient blood or oxygen to the brain. Through his role in the hospital’s board, he hopes that her daughter and other children like her get a chance of living an ordinary life and Anthony’s lacrosse camp.

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The Reign of Susan McGalla

There is a lot of talk about marketing professional and business leader Susan McGalla and the way that she has been able to change the entire for women that want to be a part of the retail industry. McGalla has received a lot of accolades for all the work that she has done in her CEO position.

She received a degree from Mount Union College. She started working with a career in Joseph Horne Company, but this would only be the beginning of her achievements. She would learn about marketing concepts in school and implement these concepts throughout her career as she continued to move up the corporate ladder in a very swift manner. Eventually she would build a career in the workforce as a business leader that reached the level of CEO. This is where she reached a great level of success, and that is how I became inspired by what she was doing.

As someone that owned her very own consulting company it would be easy for people to recognize her skills as a branding and marketing expert. I certainly think that she knows exactly what it takes to make a business thrive.

A lot of people are impressed with the way that Susan McGalla has been able to lead in the different positions that she has working. I think that she is a good resource for any woman that may have been considering going into the area of corporate business and marketing.

Susan has proven that she knows a lot about the business, and she has the skills that it takes two get results when it comes to building a brand. It takes a lot of experience to become good at building brands, but Susan has what it takes because of the positions that she has held. When she worked for American Eagle I have no doubt that she knew about every aspect of the company.

Susan worked her way up the ladder so it was easy for her to know about different departments and how the business worked because she was hands-on in so many different roles throughout the company. By the time she reached the level of CEO it is possible that she may have become connected to multiple business functions throughout the company. This gave her better insight about where the brand was going and how she could alter different departments to increase sales.

Susan McGalla Teaches Young Women How To Succeed In Business

Susan McGalla is a keen businesswoman who has done quite a lot of work to ensure that her career and the careers of other women are improving. A lady who is searching for a better career path may follow the instructions that Susan has offered, and they may read about her views when they are planning their own careers. There are quite a few things a woman may do, and she will change her life with Susan’s help.


#1: Have A Diverse Career


Susan believes that all women should have a diverse career, and they must look for jobs that will take them to places that they are most comfortable. Susan has worked in more than one industry, and she knows that there are many women who will not leave their industry out of fear. Leaving a chosen industry for another is important for a woman who may move up the ranks when she changes jobs.


#2: Work Harder Than The Men


Women who are in the business world must work harder than anyone else, and they may create a precedent that will help them build their image. The image that women build in the office will change how people perceive them, and they will help to keep that perception by working harder. They may continue to work in a way that will put them above their co-workers, and they will find that they may be promoted simply based on their work ethic.


#3: Share Every Idea


Women must share all their ideas without being stopped by someone else. Susan McGalla has spent a long career in fashion where she has been the owner of many ideas for her employers. She wanted them to have the best new ideas for their businesses, and she gave her opinions in every meeting to ensure that she could be heard. Her word became more and more valuable over time, and the companies she worked for became more reliant on what she said and did.


A woman who is planning her corporate career must ensure that she is working in the same style as Susan McGalla. Susan has had one of the best careers for female executives, and she is a role model that all women may take up to ensure that they have a plan for the future. Women may grow their careers when they are using the plan from Susan’s notes.