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Randal Nardone – Co-Founder and CEO of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is the man behind the establishment of Fortress Investment Group. The idea behind the formation of Fortress was to help other people. He knew the importance of providing others with an opportunity for a better future. He also knew that there were certain things that he could do and positively impact self-employed people. Nardone always had a feeling that Fortress Investment Group was on the right track as long as he was confident of the chances he had for success. The firm managed to grow and expand due to how he set it up and the fact that he was always active. Randal Nardone always concentrated on giving them all they needed for the growth and success of the company. He also knew that there were some things that he should change if necessary to change the course of the business. Read the article at to know more about Randal.

Among the things that motivated him towards founding Fortress Investment Group were his incredible skills and vast experience. He had worked in many firms and various senior positions. He had a feeling that several things would lead to tremendous difference to his clients. Under his leadership and management, Fortress Investment Group grew and attained immense success. He significantly contributed to providing clients with suitable opportunities that they needed to be successful. Randal Nardone was always supportive and concerned about all things that were happening in the business. He vowed to offer support where all his clients needed it.

Randal Nardone always showed clients that everything would turn out great whenever he helped people with the various alternatives that they had. He was always fond of the business and appreciated any input; hence, people were ever optimistic and confident with all what was happening. Many people were hard-working and highly committed, which made Nardone feel like it was all his responsibility to provide them with what they needed. Fortress Investment Group success was so great that it caught the attention of SoftBank, which later decided to acquire it at 3.3 billion USD cash. The acquisition was a great achievement as Fortress had a more excellent opportunity of growing and expanding, resulting in greater success.

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Blake Mallen and VI

VI is a company originally known as ViSalus Sciences from the time of its founding in 1997 by Blake Mallen and his business partner Nick Sarnicola. VI had its original headquarter in Los Angeles. That headquarters has now moved to San Francisco. This company was envisioned to be a healthy lifestyle brand by Blake Mallen, who had begun to notice the alienation felt by his fellow Millenials.

VI was an attempt to get these Millenials out of their funk by realizing the possibilities that life offered. Not only would VI offer them the chance to get personally fit and vigorous, but it would also offer them the chance to be financially independent through the company’s multi-level marketing (MLM) strategy.

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VI offers customers innovative health products like meal replacement shakes for losing body weight and gaining muscle. There are energy drinks as well, and supplements offered in what is called ‘the VI-Pac.’ Blake Mallen wanted to market these products in a new and innovative way compared to traditional MLM strategies. These old strategies did not have the ‘cool’ factor that Blake was looking for. So he came up with the idea of challenge-marketing. The “Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge” was thusly born. This challenge was advertised all over social media and it produced results. VI hit 2-billion in total revenues.

Later on, Blake Mallon developed another lifestyle brand called LIV. One can check it out at LIV is supposed to help people let go of the traditional bucket list and replace it with the LIV list. The LIV list is tailored, memorable experiences that anyone can partake of right now. It is based in Blake Mallen’s philosophy that one ought to consider ‘shifting the script’ from what one is supposed to do, to what actually works best for one’s greatest happiness and self-actualization.

Too often bucket lists are based on societal expectations. Blake Mallen says that following societies expectation may be cheating oneself. One should seek the most happiness in the now, and not put off for tomorrow a trip or adventure that may never come to fruition.

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2018 Was A Big Year for Fortress and Leaders Peter Briger, Wesley Edens and Randal Nardone

2018 proved to be a year of epic change for the investment firm Fortress Investment Group. The firm which was founded in 1998 celebrated its 20th year in business and was also acquired by SoftBank Group Corporation, one of the most well-known and established financial conglomerates in the world. The multibillion-dollar purchase by SoftBank will keep Fortress Investment Group involved in many of the latest developments in the global real estate market as well as private equity funds for the foreseeable future.

Fortress Investment Group since it was founded in 1998 has become a well known financial firm that began as a hedge fund before growing to become an investor and financier as well. In 2007, Fortress became the first fund of its kind to become publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

With the sale of Fortress Investment Group to SoftBank was completed in December of 2017, last year saw the $40 plus billion in assets managed by Fortress independently by Wes Edens and Randal Nardone in New York, as well as Peter Briger in San Francisco, beginning its integration with Softbank’s global plans. When the sale of Fortress to SoftBank was complete Fortress Investment Group again made history at the New York Stock Exchange by becoming the first private equity firm of its kind to be delisted when it ceased trading in December of 2017. Click here to learn more.

With Fortress Investment Group no longer being a publicly-traded company Chief Executive Officers Peter Briger and Wesley Edens will no longer be required to do many of the tasks that occupy a significant portion of the CEO of a publicly-traded company’s time. This will likely free both Mr. Edens and Peter Briger to focus on core operations and investment strategies instead of quarterly calls, etc.

The acquisition of Fortress Investment Group will grant SoftBank access to the top-notch experts in private equity and asset management. Fortress, with its leadership team of Peter Briger, Wesley Edens and Randal Nardone is going to help SoftBank ensure the company maintains and expands on its position as an industry leader. Visit:

Paul Mampilly- A Professional Stock Exchange Adviser

Paul Mampilly is a Chief Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is also the founder of Profit Unlimited Newsletter, a guide to stock market subscription. Paul is also a co-manager to True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes trading services. He focuses on helping Main Street American to grow their investment using technological advancement and to utilize any investment opportunity. He has worked as an Assistant Portfolio Manager at Bankers Trust and as an analyst in the Deutsche Bank Asset Management.

Paul Mampilly has also served in different posts in different financial management service providers. Among these are co-Portfolio Manager and management team at Kinetics Assets Management, the author, editor, and publisher at the Capuchin Group, the Money manager at the private banks in Swiss and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Visit on his facebook to learn more about his platforms

Paul Mampilly is an American and a Fordham University graduate. He is a renowned World finance professional. After his graduation in 1991, he worked in Bankers Trust as a financial manager. He has proved to be the best financial investor as he won a competitive award presided by the Templeton Foundation. He has unmatched passion in stock market investment. Like a Hedge Fund consultant and Financial Advisor, Mampilly used to interact with several customers who have helped him grow in his business. He is a stock exchange marketer who advises his customers to buy shares for more years.

Paul Mampilly is a successful manager. While at Kinetics Asset Management; he managed to make the company realize its growth of more than triple the amount when he joined. He also writes newsletters on the Profits Unlimited. He has turned his business to artificial intelligence. He believes that with technological advancement, companies that use artificial intelligence have more advantages over others. Mampilly has released a video that teaches about artificial intelligence, the data that it generates and steps on how to sign up, and its application to the real world of business. He also explains how artificial intelligence work as security to their businesses.

Paul has played a significant role in helping investors achieve their goals and objective. He is a notable figure in the world of business. Visit:

Maurício Mendonça Godoy – A Leader Like No Other

If you ask one of Brazil’s most successful business leaders, throughout their career, what is the most important lesson they’ve learned? Maurício Mendonça Godoy, President of EBR, would respond that he learned asking the correct questions leads to making the correct decisions. This has led Godoy to successfully hold high positions or head several companies including EBR, Toyo Setal, and Estaleiros do Brasil Ltd. Maurício Mendonça Godoy graduated from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie in 1977 and 1981. Afterwards, he successfully joined the world of oil and energy industry. Here, he would cultivate his expertise and bravery in business that would allow him to navigate a secession of success. Maurício Mendonça Godoy has lead by example and contributing knowledge, know-how, and professionalism to his employees.

This has permitted his team to work on many tasks simultaneously and, most important of all, methodically. Godoy’s team develops confidence in his leadership, their role in the company, as well as the company’s ability to continue succeeding. These key factors transforms a company from an average business into an exceptional one. Maurício Mendonça Godoy believes in treating everyone equally. This is evident inside and outside the workplace. This boosts the moral of the workforce and contributes to more loyal employees. Better workplace moral translates into better production and efficiency. This ultimately converts to breaking with tradition and getting profits hand over fist.

Godoy felt that the orthodox way proved extensive in human resources, substandard dissemination of information, and adjustments to scope challenging. Godoy employees work constantly to improve on previous methods they have implement to accomplish goals for clients. He has used this wealth of knowledge over the years to accumulate the diverse workforce needed to complete projects like that of the award-winning Petrobras project at the EBR shipyard. Only with his unique skill set and vision could EBR have achieved this. Needless to say, Godoy’s passion, vision, and compassion for his workers all creates the legacy he has built over the decades. His is truly one of the few great business leaders of today’s time.

Matt Badiali Offers Expert Investment Advice To Those Who Are Willing To Pay Attention

Matt Badiali is a financial expert who knows quite a bit about making the right investments in the natural resource world. He has traveled all around the world to find investment opportunities and continues to reveal new opportunities everyday through his writing. If he were to start over from the beginning, he would work for companies for free that he was interested in so he could get his foot in the door with them. He believes that experience is extremely important and would like to see people partaking in the right ventures to move their investing career forward.

Matt Badiali recently talked about how he believes that reading is one of the most important things a person can do. He enjoys reading a spread of publications including The Mining Journal and The Wall Street Journal and enjoys gathering information so he can share it with others. As a writer, he needs to know more about what is going on in the world than the average person. This enables him to construct the right investment strategies for himself and the people who count on his advice.  Read full interview of Matt at

Matt Badiali has been able to continue to grow his readership base because of his ability to over-deliver. Instead of doing the bare minimum needed to keep up with his newsletter, he always offers more value than people are expecting. On top of writing for his own newsletter, he writes an article every week for a free newsletter that is published by Banyan Hill Publishing. He has been able to nurture his relationship with his readers by offering them valuable investment ideas and information on an ongoing basis.

No one in the investment world makes perfect investing decisions every single time. Matt Badiali is no different, and in the past, he has made some missteps of his own. Instead of getting worked up over it, he was able to let go of these investments rather quickly. He advises others to do the same and believes that one of the biggest mistakes an investor can make is to not let go of a problem once they have solved it. Read More:

DonataMeirelles Fashion Tips

DonataMeirelles is a fashion expert and she is mostly known for the phenomenal work she has done as a fashion influencer and current Style Director for Vogue Brasil where she does her best work showing women how to look their absolute best by dressing and accessorizing women with her creative fashions and she has been an expert in this field for 30 years. There are a lot of famously name brands that are recommended by DonataMeirelles and these are just naming a few of them. which are:

Ralph Lauren

  • Ralph Lauren


  • TaniaBulhoes


  • Diptyque

Jo Malone

  • Jo Malone

DonataMeirelles also was honored by amfAR and the Brazil Foundation for the work she has done for both of the organizations and she is also the founder of the Women in the World Foundation as well. She was presented with the Humanitarian Award in 2014 for her public advocacy dedicated to the people that are living with HIV and AIDS. Learn more about Donata Meirelles at for more fashion trends.

Tips and Tricks From a Fashion Expert

Meirelles believes in the power of accessorizing. She says it is important to have a variety of many different accessories ranging from scarves, jewelry, belts, and handbags. When it comes to looking great according to Meirelles there is no accessory off bounds when it comes to fashion.

Knowing the Fashion World of Women

When it comes to being a fashion influencer on styles and the accessories women want. You want to get your fashion tips and tricks from the very best and Meirelles has been in this business long enough to know and she has the accreditations to prove it and successfully back it up.

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Private Equity Investor Mark Holyoake Finds Gold In Iceland’s Seafood Industry

British investors feel the pressure of Brexit. Theresa May wants to make a deal with the European Union, but British lawmakers don’t like the prime minister’s plan. International companies and investors are unsure about the future. But Mark Holyoake, the founder of Oakvest, a private equity firm is not one of those unsure investors. Mr. Holyoake expanded his investment tentacles in 2010. That’s when Mark decided to invest in Iceland Seafood International.

Investing in the seafood industry in Iceland was a risky move for 47-year-old Holyoake. His main business was property management and development. Venturing into the Iceland Seafood industry when Iceland banks were going out of business, and the country’s economy was on life support seemed like a strange move to some British investors who follow Holyoake’s investment strategies. But Mark saw an opportunity those investors didn’t see.

It took Mark and the new executive team at Iceland Seafood International nine years to update their systems and develop a business plan that included selling and shipping fresh seafood to food companies in other countries in Europe. Those companies wanted a daily shipment of fresh North Atlantic seafood. Mr. Holyoake’s business expertise and his money helped ISI become a major supplier of fresh seafood in Europe. In 2016, Iceland Seafood International went public. And in 2018, the ISI merger with Solo Seafood strengthened the company’s ability to reach other parts of the world.

Mr. Holyoake resigned from the ISI board in 2018. His company still owns a decent slice of ISI, but Holyoake is back in the real estate investment business in Ibiza. Mark and his family live in Ibiza. Mark decided to invest and manage the Herdade da Comporta property with members of the Carvalho family. But Mark still keeps up with his investment in Iceland Seafood International. That investment changed the way he does business. He knows the challenges Britain faces now will give him more successful investment opportunities if he does the research and is willing to risk his money on calculated business and political hunches.

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Isabel Dos Santos is a Role Model to Young Women

Isabel Dos Santos, 42, is the first child of Jose Eduardo Dos Santos. She has been involved in various investments that led Forbes to rank her as the most powerful woman in Africa. Her net worth is currently over $3.5 billion. This makes her the first and leading female billionaire of the country.

Isabel Dos Santos was an alumnus of King’s College. She studied engineering. Upon graduating, she established a restaurant known as Miami Beach. It was the first beach restaurant in Luanda. That was the beginning of her entrepreneurial career. She has since become a board member of several high-profile companies, particularly in Angola. Isabel owns controlling shares at Unitel. She also holds significant shares at Banco BPI and ZON Multimedia.

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Isabel Dos Santos first worked for a recycling firm before starting a truck business. The outset of the use of walkie-talkie helped her to join the telecommunications industry. She also served as Urbana 2000’s project manager before expanding her business interests. Over the years, she established several businesses. She also made significant investments in high-profile enterprises.

Isabel Dos Santos faced significant challenges while advancing her career in male-dominated fields. She was marginalized in her quest for new executive roles. As such, she has been helping women to overcome barriers to their jobs. She understands that by mentoring women, they will be encouraged to empower their families and grow the economy of the continent. Dos Santos adds that successful women of Africa should take up the challenge too.

Isabel Dos Santos believes that her continent’s transformation is dependable on empowering women to join the business world. She also adds that Africa harbors many potential entrepreneurs. However, they have been marginalized. Dos Santos reiterates that it’s sad how such business professionals are treated with contempt as this prevents them from uncovering their potential to succeed in business. To empower such individuals, she implores them to pursue their studies. She also asks them to apply for c-executive positions in the job market. Isabel knows that it’s important to create employment opportunities for young business professionals. The success of these women will influence their state’s economic positioning.


Stream Energy: The Value of Giving Back

Making a larger impact is what Stream Energy is all about. The company is notable for its excellent philanthropic efforts. For instance, the foundation of Stream Energy also known as Stream Cares were able to assist people after hurricane Harvey and strives to alleviate homelessness all over Dallas, Texas by partnering with Hope Supply Co. The hurricane dropped as much as fifty-six inches of rain throughout Houston neighborhoods, a lot of people saw how terrifying it was, how the entire place was flooded, and hundreds to thousands of individuals who lost their homes and their loved ones. Stream Energy cares for others and their entire management is trained to put the needs of other people first. The mission and vision of the organization are to use money that they have earned from their success to help those in need and to fund the restoration of Dallas.

Stream Energy is a successful energy and electricity enterprise that is notable across the country. They want to help ease the economic burden of their own clients and to make a change by giving cost-effective and reliable energy at all times. Corporate philanthropy is part of their purpose, releasing their own charity foundation known as Stream Cares simply shows how they have ongoing philanthropy all over Texas and across the United States of America. Stream Cares is part of the organization, leveraging philanthropy and charity is one of their primary objectives. The case of hurricane Harvey just proved how effective and efficient their foundation is to alleviate the problems of others.

As an organization and a business, launching a separate foundation for philanthropy is an outstandingly new phenomenon because it offers a wide array of benefits. Stream Energy consistently provides to the community of Dallas and as well as obtaining the respect, trust, and loyalty of their clients, the public, and people residing in Dallas. Being altruistic has allowed them to spread happiness and to bring back the lives of those who suffered. Giving back and prioritizing the needs of others just like what Stream Cares Foundation did is very inspiring and is something that everyone must learn to do.