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The startup company activator, Glen Wakeman

The market strategist Glen Wakeman is recognized as an investor and author that shares knowledge on matters ranging from administrative strategies to economics. Wakeman has had plenty of exposure with developing markets, business management and divestitures that qualify him as a tactician who provides angel investors and global financiers’ and business people who are aiming at increasing their capital with strategic advice. He also came up with a performance methodology consisting of five phases including leadership power, human capital, risk management, governance and implementation in business which has been adopted in the corporate world (

Glen Wakeman is proud to be the executive leader of Launchpad Holdings LLC. Launchpad Holdings is a company that is focused on identifying corporations or individuals with potential in the corporate world and developing for them customized solutions for issues that may be causing them not to reach their potential in order to minimize the rate of failing startup companies. The New Orleans situated company critically analyzes what is brought forth to them by clients and uses their findings to tailor specific solutions for every client.

Glen Wakeman has always been a curious man. He wondered why many companies that are based on excellent ideas and talents do not succeed. He came to the realization that most of these companies are developed without a proper plan and structure and cannot strategize solutions to emerging issues hence the failure. This gave rise to the launch of Launchpad Holdings in 2011. Before launching Launchpad Holdings, Glen Wakeman worked for GE Capital which gave him the chance to work in thirty-two different countries, six in which he semi-permanently lived in during his twenty-year tenure. The exposure led him to understand the business deeply on various continents and the similar as well as unique challenges they endure and how these different companies tackle these issues.

Glen Wakeman is also a writer about ways entrepreneurs can transform ideas into money making projects. The successful mogul, small business owner, CEO, and mentor attended the University of Scranton where he graduated having attained a Finance and Economics degree. He also has an MBA from the Chicago University.