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Events Highlight Sexual Violence

Anyone can be a victim of sexual violence. This is not only an American problem. It is also a worldwide problem. April is Sexual Violence awareness month. The Women’s Freedom Center has planned several events throughout the month of April in various places in order to raise awareness about sexual violence.


Shari is one of the women who works at the Women’s Freedom Center. She stated that rape culture is prevalent throughout the world, and many women are blamed for being sexually-assaulted. She also stated that sexual violence is glorified in the media. Many people are comfortable hearing rape jokes and laughing at them.


Shari also stated that sexism is prevalent. The first event will be held at the Brattleboro Museum. Tim Collins, who is an educator and activist, is one of the people who will be speaking at the event. He will also be performing a script with three other men. They will be doing a script about sexual assault.


Shari is saddened by the fact that victims are often questioned. Many victims are often asked what they could have done to prevent this. However, robbery victims are never asked about what they could have done to prevent themselves from getting robbed. Shari stated that sexual assault is a crime of an opportunity. Anyone can be a victim of sexual assault regardless of where they are at.


It is estimated that 80 percent of people who are sexually-assault knew the attacker. The Woman’s Freedom Center works with women, men and trans people. People who come to the Women’s Freedom Center can get a emergency housing and transportation. People who are intrested in getting help from the Women’s Freedom Center can call 802-254-6974 or 802-885-2050. You can also find information on the company’s website or Facebook page. Help is available 24 hours a day