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Beneficiaries Of Arts Grants In Indiana

The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) gave Indiana funds amounting to $165,000. The funding is meant to be divided among 10 local organizations. Each organization will get between $10,000 and $30,000.


Big Car Media, Inc. is set to receive $25,000. The amount will be used to support the art and public life residency. The artists in the area will work with other business people to organize pop-up artist residencies. The aim of the activity is to promote interest in the commercial corridor. Castleton United Methodist Church will receive $10,000. The grant will be used to support the creation and design of a public art project at Still Waters Adult Day Center.


Harrison Center for the Arts Indianapolis will receive $10,000. The funds will be used to create public art. Luke Crawley and Quincy Owens will sculpture the art. It will be located in the Monon 16 neighborhood. Indianapolis Museum of Art Indianapolis will receive $30,000 to support research initiatives. The museum’s media and technology team will conduct a summative research and collect data on the development of interpretive content and engagement.


Heartland Film, Inc. will receive $15,000 to support the Heartland Film Festival. The event will feature documentaries and narratives. Lotus Education and Arts Foundation, Inc. will receive $20,000 to finance the Lotus World Music and Arts Festival. The festival will have educational workshops, art-making activities, and demonstrations.


Other beneficiaries of the funds include the University of Saint Francis Fort Watne and the South Bend Symphony Orchestra.