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Jeunesse Global Product Review – Naära

When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis founded Jeunesse Global, their main goal was to create products people could use and easily market. More than just a skin care and health company, Jeunesse also has a ton of financial growth opportunities for consumers as well. The multi-level company is unlike any other, as the products they provide actually are worth marketing. Along with their many topical products, they also have a ton of effective internal products you can use.

Jeunesse Global Product Review – Naära

One of their most popular wellness products you can consume is their Naära drink. This skin care drink provides the body up to 5,000 mg of TruMarine Collagen. As you may know the body and face’s skin consists of collagen and uses it in order to sustain elasticity. With age the body loses collagen thus making you more susceptible to saggy skin, fine lines, and dark spots. Revitalizing the body from within to receive collagen will allow for it to shine through on the surface as well. This drink will replenish your skin from the loss of collagen and replace it with renewed stronger cells.

When you pair Naära with a few of the topical products of Jeunesse, you will be able to see a significant change in your skin in a timely manner. Creating an effective skin care regime is quite easy with the products of Jeunesse. They are also quite easy to implement to regimens as well. Not only will you have options for reversing the signs of aging with Jeunesse Global, but you’ll also be able to use their various fitness products as well. Jeunesse wants to reinvent skin care and wellness by digging deeper into the root causes.

If you want to use a product you can also be a distributor of, then Jeunesse Global is the solution you’ve been looking for. They are all about empowering their consumers by also being financially capable to sustain the benefits they receive from Jeunesse. Don’t hesitate any longer to start your journey with Jeunesse, and your future self will thank you in the long run.

The Influence of Jeunesse Global

Something customers often do not consider when they witness the level of tyranny within the health and beauty industry is that just because there are many corrupt corporations does not mean that they all are. One shining example within the community that stands out as being particularly suited to adapting to the needs of the people is Jeunesse Global, and the reason their reputation for customer satisfaction is so enormous is likely due to the factors surrounding their conception.

Jeunesse Global was not just a business; it was a response. When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the cofounders of the prolific health company, first saw what their industry had devolved into in 2009, they were so concerned that they decided they would make a difference. While many businesses enter an industry because they want to capitalize on its level of public interest, Jeunesse Global stands out as being a more result-driven corporation.

Unfortunately, the reality of our economic ecosystem is that the interests of the corporate few often do not reflect those of the many. It is reassuring, therefore, to see a business model like Jeunesse Global, where the people’s needs are considered before all else. After all, it is these needs that will ultimately end up pushing us to the best society we can be. Through listening to the common people, we can determine which parts of our society are defunct and need to be changed.

While many businesses would rather simply ignore the public’s desire to improve themselves, Jeunesse Global seeks to work with it. They do not want people to feel alienated within their own bodies, so they create the products needed for individuals to feel comfortable in their own skin. Ultimately, this is their vision. They see a future America wherein everyone feels as though their bodies are running at their greatest capacity, and they want to do everything they can to reach that future. The creation of Jeunesse Global will go down in history as being one of the single most influential decisions upon American health, and with their track record, we can trust that their influence will be positive.

Jeunesse Y.E.S. System Product Review

Jeunesse has a product collection known as the Youth Enhancement System. Their company mission statement is to help the world “look and feel young” as people empower each other to unleash their full potentials. Part of that includes the launch of the Y.E.S. products.

The Story of How Jeunesse Started

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis first launched Jeunesse in 2009. In fact, they started this company after having already retired from another line of work. Along with the development of the Y.E.S. line, they created a sales structure that would spread word of their products for increased profit. Randy and Wendy reportedly set up a compensation plan that provides incentive to participating marketers.

Facets of the Y.E.S. Collection  

Y.E.S. formulas produced by the Jeunesse enterprise address multiple facets of the mind and body while striving for improved well-being. This collection of products offers improvement of these qualities:

  • Balance –ZEN BODI is created to provide balance by reducing appetite, burning fat and building up muscle.

Balance –

Restoration –

  • Restoration –A formula made of fruit and vegetable extracts called FINITI promotes restoration to damaged skin.

Defense –

  • Defense –Acting as an antioxidant treatment, RESERVE is a product that provides defense against cancer.

Rejuvenation –

  • Rejuvenation –The Luminesce skin care cream is one that works at diminishing lines and wrinkles. It also helps the skin glow.

Diminishment –

  • Diminishment –Working along with other Y.E.S. formulas, the Instantly Ageless is another that aids in lines and wrinkles reduction. It also helps alleviate under eye baggage and provides pore treatment.

Enhancement –

Energy –

  • Energy –At only 50 calories per can, the Nevo product made of fruit juices and no artificial sweeteners provides a low-calorie energy source.

Clarity –

  • Clarity –Made of silkworm cocoons, the M1ND treatment acts as an exfoliate for removing dead skin cells to support clear complexion.

Beautification –

  • Beautification –The NV bronzer was made to provide skin nourishment and make the face glow like it would after an airbrush treatment.

Mark Mofid, MD–A San Diego Area Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Mark Mofid is a plastic surgeon and his practice is located in La Jolla, California. He has been in business since 2004. He shares the practice with his wife who is a dermatologist. According to Dr. Mofid, they have an incredible staff that has contributed greatly to the success of the boutique practice.

Dr. Mark Mofid’s clinic started out very humbly in a small office with just two exam rooms. The practice became extremely successful and now Dr. Mofid’s clinic has state of the art equipment and capabilities. They have an AAAASF/Medicare accredited surgery center, and a Cutera laser for laser treatments. They are able to offer a number of different types of laser treatments such as vein treatments, chemical peels, and dermabrasion.

Dr. Mark Mofid also offers an extensive list of plastic surgery procedures for the face, breasts, and body. Dr. Mofid accredits his success to simply doing a great job and keeping clients happy. He doesn’t do any type of advertising and his practice thrives from word of mouth. He makes sure to offer tried and true service and technology, opting to stay away from certain “fad” procedures.

Mark Mofid graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University. He completed the rest of his advanced training at John Hopkins University. While there, he earned his medical degree, training in general and plastic surgery. He also completed a fellowship in advanced craniofacial research.

He is a published writer, having contributed to Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Plastic Surgery Practice magazine, and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery to name a few. He is also a staff member at several hospitals in the San Diego area. Dr. Mofid’s accomplishments don’t stop there. He is also an avid researcher and is responsible for improving the quality of gluteal implants in the United States. Mark Mofid is a gifted surgeon and an innovator, and he will continue to make major contributions in the field of plastic surgery.

Lime Crime Launching A New Product Line

Lime Crime is by far one of the most unique brands in the world of makeup. There’s so much that has happened for this company over the past few years sine they launched back in 2008. Today, they are known for being the most outgoing and most “out there” brand because of their colors and unique different ways they helped women shine with their makeup. The company is known for being out of this world. Their product options range from colors you probably didn’t even know existed. This is a brand worth buying quality makeup from. The key is to know what the differences are.


The best new thing thats coming from this brand is their new Unicorn Hair Dye that offers their fans with new hair dye that provides a very unique set of options. With more than 13 different hair colors and shades, you’re going to love the variety that this is going to give you and the wide range of things you can do with this. Lime Crime wants to revolutionize the way we all do makeup and our hair, and so they combined this new addition to the brand to give fans what they have always wanted. People love changing their makeup and going all out with their hair, so this is a great way to make Lime Crime reach out to more people on expressing their personality.


The brand is highly known for creating quality products, and this product line is no different than anything else. What makes this new product set so exciting is that the products are semi-permanent in the fact that they can stay on the hair for several days. When they fade away, it will remain beautiful on the hair because they are known for sticking onto the hair and lasting with quality no matter what.



They are now trying to reach out to more people, and this product line is going to be capable of giving you what you need and when you need it. Join the fun and enjoy top quality nice looking hair through the power of this fun new product.

Why Social Media Fans Really Love Lime Crime Products


If you have around different social media platforms today, then you must of the insanely sparkly company known as Lime Crime cosmetics. The company strives to create a bright, beautiful and bold makeup brand. Through the help of their founder and CEO, the beauty company has grown immensely to have more than two million followers on its Instagram page. According to Doe Deere, Instagram is a way to market her brand and market her products personally. She has come up with various innovative ideas through the interaction. She continues to encourage her fans to be always unique and fearless when applying makeup. It creates a unique style that is loved by everyone.

Deere is a Russian-born lady who move to New York City during her seventeen years. She pursued fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. However, Deere did not have the eye for fashion; she had other passions such as music and initially wanted a career in music. Her bold decision to join Lime Crime has seen her enjoy various benefits. The success story of the company on its social media platform is amazing.


The company handles most of its interactions on their main page known as @limecrimemakeup. Their success in Instagram that happened in less than a year is highly commendable. Customers on the page can see pictures of people using the makeup such as nail polish, eye shadows and lipsticks. Customers can see the shade applied by other users instantly. Deere loves to share the amazing images and looks by her followers. It demonstrates that Lime Crime has done a lot to bring out creativity in its members.


Doe Deere’s personal makeup style has always been filled with trendiness, fantasy, and boldness. Celebrities like Katy Perry now adore her lips, though they initially followed the dull traditional setting. Doe Deere was not afraid to make her dream come true with a makeup company. However, she relied on the traditional concept of composition. Once she moved to radical colors and a mainstream style, her products gained a massive following on Tumblr as they were loved by many.


Going Bold With Lime Crime

Doe Deere is often seen wearing some of the makeup from her company, Lime Crime, in pictures on Instagram and other social media sites. She is a woman who enjoys wearing the bright colors and wants women of all ages to know that they are important no matter what they wear. Deere has been named a Top Female Entrepreneur and continues to develop Lime Crime into a company that encourages and uplifts women.

Deere has always been artistic. When she was a child, Deere would try to add as much color as possible to her wardrobe. She would have bright accessories, clothing and shoes that made her stand out from the rest but showed her personality to others. Her first makeup story involves being with two friends at a sleepover. They wanted to conjure spirits, but they needed something to wear aside from black clothing. Deere made the suggestion of wearing pink eyeshadow, on the official Lime Crime blog curated by Doe Deere she made that suggestion, and her ideas sprouted forth from there.

Deere hasn’t always been good with applying makeup. She didn’t start looking at how to apply it and what shades work well together until she was in her mid-20s. When she finally got a grasp on colors that look good on the face and fingers, she decided to take that knowledge to the public. This is when Lime Crime was created. She named the company Lime Crime because her favorite color is lime green, and she feels that wearing makeup should break the rules of traditional ideas that have been seen in the past.  Join the conversation on Facebook, where Doe always communicates with her fans.

Silent Skepticism, Roaring Results: A Wen by Chaz Experiment

Harry Winston once said, “People will stare. Make it worth their while.” While looking good for others is not necessarily important, it is crucial to feel so good about yourself that you will wish to share it with the world. Unfortunately, too many women are unable to radiate confidence as a result of their lackluster hair.
Chaz Dean [see,] is a hair stylist that understands the importance of feeling great mentally as a result of looking great physically. As a result, he crafts hair care products designed for restoring even the drabbest hair to a more natural, healthy state. His use of natural ingredients guarantees that every strand will reap the benefits of holistic medicine while simultaneously sustaining cosmetic desires.

While discussing the benefits of Wen by Chaz hair products, it is salient to offer evidence that supports the claims. Emily McClure decided to conduct an experiment using Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner on her fine hair. Her admittance of being a hair product snob eliminated any bias from the experiment and further supported the belief that this girl knows what she is talking about and what she is in search of.

Lasting one week, the experiment was actually a means to disprove the effectiveness of the product. After the first wash, though, it was rapidly apparent that McClure would not offer any negative findings pertaining to the Amazon sold formula. In fact, she was both astounded and appreciative of the data, which proved that these products do restore a person’s hair to a healthy state free of any past damage. As every strand became noticeably shiny and voluminous, Emily grew both surprised and ready to make this product her forever formula. Visit the Wen YouTube channel for more info.

The Beautiful Benefits of Shea Butter

Shea butter has been used for years to moisturize the skin. The butter can even be applied to the skin to saturate the cells with moisture and prevent wrinkles and stretch marks. Studies have also shown that due to the cinnamic acid in shea butter, it can reduce inflammation all over the body. Shea butter has the ability to shield the skin from acne breakouts and even the skin tone to get rid of blemishes. The butter also has a low SPF (6), so it can be combined with your favorite sunblock to shield your skin from the sun while providing your skin with extra moisture.

There are a number of shea butter companies around the world that promise to offer quality products. EugeniaShea is one of the shea butter companies that stand out in this regard. Eugenia Akuete, a native of Ghana, wanted to provide a way for women to make a lucrative living and create a solid financial future for their children.

Eugenia wanted to prove that women from Ghana were capable of managing a household while being business owners. EugeniaShea was founded to free women from cultural and societal barriers that prevented them from being successful. Eugenia left her corporate job at Goodwill Industries International and began her shea butter business in 1999. Investing just $20, Eugenia started selling small jars of shea butter and shipping it to the United States. She was able to make $3,000 her first year in business and decided to work on her business full time. She named her trading company Naasakle Limited, after her daughter.

Eugenia Akuete is currently the president of the Global Shea Alliance, and continues to ensure that women are empowered professionally. Eugenia Shea is proud to continue offering quality shea butter for women to cure and prevent a number of health concerns, and is proud to promote women’s empowerment.