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Following Trends Can Transform Your MLB Betting Fun into an Investment Opportunity

If you’ve been wagering against the MLB odds, you may have bet on games just for you’re own personal gratification. But, applying a few guidelines to your methods can turn what was a haphazard system into a potentially lucrative investment.


Granted, you might not get rich in an instant, but if you follow these subtle suggestions, you can take an entertaining hobby and transform it into an investment opportunity that will still be fun, while earning you money.


Dominance Factor


You should research dominant trends for team matchups first. Set yourself up a nice spreadsheet, or make three columns on a sheet of paper. Column one should have a list of situations showing team dominance, column two listing clear pitcher dominance and a third column noting each team’s current winning streak.


Team Dominance


Go back for at least three seasons and see what the records are for any two teams on the daily schedule. Look for overwhelming situations that are unique to which team is playing at home. Often strange trends develop in baseball where one team dominates another team at their home ballpark.


This is the first step in setting up a daily list of viable wagers. List situations where you see that one team clearly displays a prevailing advantage over their opponent. Always write in the winning percentage against the team they are playing at least the last three seasons.


Remember to keep your focus on the home team. Sometimes home and away numbers will be vastly different. Rank this data from the highest winning percentage, down to the least.


Pitcher Dominance


You now have a series of games that should show a trend. To improve your chances, the next column will include the pitcher statistical history against the team. Check the career match up history for the probable starter of the dominant team first.


List won/loss statistics for both starting pitchers to make certain you are not betting against a pitching dominance situation that cancels the team advantage. If you find a correlation between team dominance and pitcher dominance, put a checkmark next to this game. These are the baseball games that have the highest probability of maintaining a trend.


Recent Dominance


The last column will cancel situations where basic common sense might override a dominant trend. Be aware that series sweeps in baseball are rare. If, you see situations where the dominant team is looking to continue that domination by sweeping the final game of a series, use caution. But, on the other side of the coin is the idea that a team that customarily dominates a series may be trying to avoid a sweep. Note those situations in your third column and especially take advantage of the latter example.
Baseball is full of situational match ups, where team and pitcher dominance combined can be very indicative of the outcome. Look for dominant trends and try to spot subtle combinations. You’ll be able to gain a nightly advantage betting against the MLB odds and turn your fun hobby into a lucrative investment opportunity.