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Michael Zomber Displays Passion for Japanese Culture in Book


Michael Zomber, a prolific historian and collector, recently discussed a new book he published titled Shogan Iemitsu. In an interview, Zomber discusses the inspiration and passion that drove him to learn more and expand his knowledge on both Japanese culture, antique weapons, and the academic study of history in general.


For the past four decades, Michael Zomber has been collecting historical weapons and armor. Through his book and his place in the public eye, he seeks to expand public knowledge about these ancient items as well as inspire people to learn more about these items. Zomber knows that it is important for people to learn as much about the people who came before us as possible because this allows humanity to follow in the footsteps of success while learning from those mistakes to avoid repeating them in the future.


Outside of his book, Zomber and his wife run a film company called Renascent Films LLC. This film company publishes documentaries, shorts, and full length movies on the various items that Zomber has collected and discussed over the years, such as older guns and Samurai swords. Michael Zomber knows that his field can easily be seen as promoting war and violence, and therefore he takes the time in his movies to discuss the importance of peace in addition to joining organizations that seek to foster peace throughout the world.


According to his website, Michael Zomber has both undergraduate and graduate degrees from UCLA in history and various related topics. His education at UCLA has been key to fostering the growth of his career and his academic accomplishments. It also led to the success of his film producing company.


Michael Zomber has also been associated with the History Channel for decades. His most successful series is his documentary series titled “Tales of the Gun” which educates viewers on older weapons while also demonstrating his deep appreciation and massive passion for the various cultures and the intrinsic craftsmanship that went into the production of these weapons. Zomber is also heavily engaged in philanthropy, supporting to lives of families and individuals all over the globe trying to recover from the horrors of war.