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AI Making Waves in the Fashion Industry

Slyce is a company that sees where the future of fashion is going. They understand that consumers know what they want and like and they just want help finding out where they can get it. Slyce has developed a visual search technology that, in a variety of easy to use ways, can cross check what they consumer wants with an online store’s catalogue. The technology will identify similar clothing and accessories that are for sale online and suggest them to the consumer.

Slyce allows consumers to use three different methods when attempting to find the clothing or accessory they like. Individuals can either use a barcode, coupon or QR code through the software’s scanning technology. Alternatively, consumers can upload a picture of a billboard or advertisement that has a picture of the item they like. A final option is for the consumer to take a picture of the item of clothing or accessory and upload it to be analyzed. The software then analyzes the picture for metadata or other attributes, including pattern, color and style. Then the software finds the exact item or suggests similar items to it.

Slyce was mentioned in a Deccan Herald article from January 17, 2016. The article said Slyce was among a group of companies that had starting utilizing AI in order to better serve customers. Image intelligence is an old area of AI that is still growing and learning, and it has proven to be especially useful in the world of fashion.

The article also discussed product discovery and personalization as a major route that AI is taking. Product discovery has been around for many years now, due to Amazon’s success with it. It is another field, similar to image intelligence, that is being fine tuned in order to both give consumers a more positive experience and to help business create more revenue. The idea behind is that if a business can help its customers find what it wants more quickly and seamlessly, everyone wins.

It finished by saying that AI has come a long way but it has a long way to go. The potential applications of AI are intriguing and now it is just up to developers to work out the kinks and bugs that are plaguing the system currently. Once that is accomplished, consumers and businesses will be able to interact much more easily.