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Goettl experts to the rescue, saving you money on your energy bill

Goettl: The Most Reliable HVAC Services

With summer in full swing the temperature is heating up to uncomfortable levels. The HVAC experts at Goettl have a couple of tips to help you save on your monthly energy bill without burning up in heat. Cover your heating and air conditioning unit from weather conditions and the sunlight. If you unit is in direct sunlight it will heat up, thus taking more energy to cool your home.

According to Review Buzz, a tree, awning, or shrub will provide necessary protection for your unit, but remember to give it 2 feet of clearance so it can do its job properly. Speaking of direct sunlight, keep your blinds down to decrease the amount of sunlight/heat that gets into your home. Open up vents that will help circulate the cool air from room to room. If you don’t dust buildup can hinder air flow which can strain your HVAC unit. It’s also very crucial to maintain your HVAC unit by having it routinely checked on. This will keep it running optimally and will save you from major repairs in the future. Is your heating and air conditioning unit from the stone age? Upgrading your unit will ensure that you won’t have to worry about repairs for a long time and it will run more efficiently.

Looking for the best heating and air conditioning companies in the state of Arizona? Goettl Air has been voted #1 in the state at the best in the business. They strive for excellence with every job they do and their loyal customers keep coming back for more. Visit AZ Central for more info.

This award-winning and charitable started with humble beginnings in 1939 during the Great Depression. The three Goettl brothers Adam, John, and Bill wanted a fresh start so they moved to Arizona to get their family owned business up and running. They have expanded over the years and have businesses not only in Arizona, but in Nevada and Southern California.

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