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Jose Borghi Tackles The Visual Aspect Of Selling

One thing that is to be remembered is that people are visual when it comes to buying something. Therefore, the whole point of advertising is to make something look good. However, one is not going to be able to make that many sales if their advertising does not look that interesting. Therefore, a lot of creativity has to go into not just the nature of the campaign, but also the visuals of the campaign. Therefore, when people look at a commercial, they will be stunned by all of the creativity and care that went into crafting a visual masterpiece. Then they will not be able to help but to see what the commercial is advertising.

Jose Borghi has helped many companies sell products and services in that way. For one thing, people will be interested in the product for wide variety of reasons. One of the reasons is that the visual presentation gets them curious about the product. It also gets people thinking that the product is really worthwhile since the creators of the ad cared enough to put a lot of thought into their campaign. Therefore, the company works well in making the sale of the product, service or promotion.

There is one part of the ad that needs the most attention. It is the product that is being advertised itself. Jose Borghi knows that the product itself needs the most attention in the advertisement. Therefore, it is important that the product is not overshadowed by anything else in the commercial. Jose and his ad agency makes sure that the product is given the best visual treatment. For instance, it is important for the audience to know how a certain product is to be used. Whenever Jose uses his creativity to show the style and the usefulness of the product, then he will attract the most customers that would want this product.

Jose has shown a lot of creativity in his advertising campaigns. This is why he is one of the most sought out advertisers in Brazil. His advertising agency also attracts a lot of clients that want his assistance with increasing his sales in Brazil as well as internationally. for more.

How Jose Borghi Established a Successful Career as an Advertising Executive

Operating an advertising firm in today’s constantly evolving and the competitive digital world comes with its special challenges. Successful advertising executives such as Jose Borghi have confirmed that the advertising business is not for the faint-hearted individuals. The business has its moments of difficulties and, hence, talented entrepreneurs know how to act when they are in different positions. For instance, when they are down, they devise strategies for regaining their power and ascending to the top. When they are up, they dedicate their efforts and resource towards maintaining their top positions.

Contributions of Jose Borghi in the Brazilian advertising industry

Jose Borghi is the founder and CEO of Mullen Lowe agency (formerly known as Borghi Lowe). He is perhaps one of the most powerful advertising executives in Brazil. He has created several globally recognized campaigns, including the Mammal Parmalat, whereby kids appeared in stuffed animals costume and sang memorable jingles. Other campaign created by Borghi includes the Delta Airlines, Antarctica, Bunge Group, and Asia Motors.

Academics and career

Jose Borghi earned his marketing degree from Sao Paulo State-based Pontifical Catholic University. He secured an entry-level position at a marketing company known as Standart Ogilvy. He proceeded to work for numerous Brazilian advertising agencies such as Leo Burnett, Talent, FCB, and DM9/DDB. Borghi teamed up with Erh Ray to establish their advertising agency known as BorghiErh. They built their firm from scratch – sourcing for investors, financial advisor, and hiring new employees. Lowe, a Brazilian advertising agency, purchased BorghiErh back in 2006. Erh sold his shares and ceased to be a member of the company. After the acquisition, the company adopted the name, Borghi Lowe, and later on, became Mullen Lowe.

Inspiring success story

The success story of Borghi in the advertising field is full of inspirations. It empowers ambitious young entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams with confidence. He had to overcome various challenges to reach where he is today. In his third year of high school education, Borghi had no idea of the career path he was going to follow. One day, he accompanied his sister to watch a performance screened at the Castro Neves, a local theater. The screening displayed the adverts that had scooped Lions Awards at Cannes. The awards caught the attention of the young Borghi, and immediately he made a decision to pursue a career in the specialty of marketing and advertising. Today, he is reaping fruits of passion and hard work – Borghi has received numerous accolades and recognitions throughout his career.

White Shark Media And The Ability To Listen To Customers

It is important for a company to be willing and able to listen to customers. Customer feedback is one of the most important things that a business could receive. For one thing, it could help the business grow. If the workers did not listen to customer suggestions, then the success of the company would be limited. For one thing, people would wind up walking away from the company because they would decide that it was out of touch with them. This is one of many reasons that it is important to allow customers to have an influence on the company. Another thing to consider is that the customers have made the success of the business.


Fortunately, for companies like White Shark Media, they are willing to listen to the feedback they get from customers, no matter how hard or negative they might be. One thing they do is actually take the time to read through the customer comments and determine whether or not they are actually worth considering. This is one of the factors that have shaped White Shark Media into what it is. They have taken the time to listen to the people that have actually brought the business the success that it has gained.


Among the things they have changed for the better is the way they do business. For one thing, they have improved the communication between the customer and the professional. One thing they do is let the customer in on the services they do. The customers are then able to know about all of the aspects of the campaign and figure out for himself what is working and what could be improved upon. They are also willing to listen to the customer that has actually had successful experiences with running advertising campaigns. They also allow the customer to decide how the campaign goes as a whole.


White Shark Media has shown that it is run with humility. This is one of the attracting factors to the company. When the business owners realize that they do not know everything, then they will be able to be able to learn some new secrets from others.