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Magic Mike XXL – What’s the story?

Magic Mike is a film that follows Channing Tatum and his character to finding his true self, love, and a life he could be proud of. In the original film, he finds love and finds himself stepping away from stripping on stage. Obviously, the life he once had became the norm, but discovering a life of happiness outside of stripping got him back to a normal life.

In Magic Mike XXL, the story takes on a new turn with opportunities for his character to become even more successful on the stage. Mike Lane has stopped stripping for three years, and the former stripper has found a sense of excitement ensuing him as he begins to reminisce on his past. He not only misses the stage and the freedom, but also the friends he has gained on the stage. When he discovers opportunity knocking because his old friends come looking for him to join a stripper convention in Mytrle Beach, S.C., and he eventually decides to join in and can’t wait to take it all off.

Just like in the first movie, this is a film that also gives fans the chance to see the guys take their clothes off easily. Women around the globe have jumped onto the opportunity of watching this film because of the famous stars like Matter Bomer and Channing Tatum who take plenty of their clothes off in the film. Their graphic scenes gives fans a glimpse into the guys without clothes on.

Critics have praised the film for its unique approach and how the love stories didn’t give any odd conflicts. The film had great dancing, provided wonderful character arks, and many different ways for the characters to head into. The story of part 2 made it the perfect way to end the film series, although there are many chances that another film will become reality. The movie series is extensively famous because of how it approaches countless areas of the mind and how we see ourselves regardless of what career choice we follow.

The movie had many rising stars join in the film. Crystal Hunt is a fairly new actress who played a big role in the film. Her acting was well received and highly praised because of her approach to the story.

Magic Mike XXL is one of the films that overcomes all kinds of personal barriers and helping people beat out typical stereotypes in life.

The Amazing Crystal Hunt

Crystal Hunt is an Emmy-nominated American actress who first entered the high demand career of acting at the age of 17 in 2003. She began acting in the daytime TV drama Guiding Light (2003-06) in her role as Lizzie Spaulding, a troubled daughter and misguided teenager. Earning Crystal the Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series in 2005 for her role as this dynamic character.

In 2005 Crystal’s career in films took off. She went on to play roles as the older sister of Chuck Overton in the family movie The Derby Stallion. In 2007 as Demetria “Dinky” Rosenead Hodgekin in Sydney White, beside Amanda Bynes. Crystal Hunt later joined ABC’s One Life to Live in 2009, playing the original role of a former Las Vegas stripper as Stacy Morasco.

Through her work in daytime drama and film Crystal has learned to capture the world through a lens and is an avid landscape photographer in her hometown of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Her most recent venture in 2014 included her first executive production role, in the sleepy southern horror movie about six college students who tackle the werewolf legend of Emily Burt, titled Talbot Country. Crystal continues to produce and be active both in front of and behind the camera in Queens of Drama a TV series that follows a group of actresses as they work to create, develop, and produce a new extraordinary, serialized, prime-time drama hoping to land a pilot deal by the end of the season.

One of Crystal’s latest roles finds her playing Lauren an unconventional character in the sequel to the 2012 film Magic Mike, in the 2015 comedy-drama movie Magic Mike XXL starring Channing Tatum.