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World Wide Drought Being Handled By Venezuela With Electricity Rationing

In a wise move to keep law, order, and proper business functions operational, the Venezuelan government must deal with the very same problems with world wide climate change that all other countries which are also having to cope. Venezuela relies on their very powerful hydroelectric turbines at their country’s dams. However, because of the severe dry times, with very little rain for the last two years, the total electricity production has been reduced significantly.
The country’s government analyst Danilo Diaz Granados found that electric production was lagging behind increased electric use as the heat of summer has been coming on. Some industries are being asked to do better management of their electricity use. “Many countries around the world are facing the same issues, but not always finding such direct and successful solutions” says Diaz Granados.

There are three districts in the country that will be designated as exceptions to the rationing: the Nueva Esparta and the capital district of Caracas. The rationing will take the form of four-hour suspensions of electric service in a rotating way, affecting all the other regions. This has become a serious matter of national consciousness, according to the prime time TV news program on Venezuelan de Television (VTV). This information came from this article.