Busy Moms Work Out to Improve Moods

A recent study published in Mental Health and Physical Activity, had a few interesting things to say about busy moms and their moods. We know that taking care of a family, kids, working outside of the home easily drains energy and causes a lot of women to get moody. It just seems like there is not enough time in the day to get things done. However, the study found that moms that busted a move were prone to be in a good mood and get more things done. Find out more here.

The busy working mothers were asked to keep a running journal of their daily activities. Boraie Development said that something that is probably too difficult with most busy moms. The journal followed their exercise and sleeping pattern. The researchers used the journals to complete their study. Their study findings were surprising. The researchers discovered that a bit of exercise during the day placed the women in a better mood than getting a few extra hours sleep.

According to the study, taking a leisurely stroll down the avenue was just as effective as high powered aerobics or lifting weights. It simply appeared that any type of exercise helped to enhance their mood and prepare them to get through the entire day and get a better nights sleep.

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