Buffalo Towns Struggle for Money as Winter Storms Continue to Cause Chaos

The epic Winter storm that struck the Buffalo region from Monday through Sunday has left a devastated area across the region, which is now at risk of serious flooding as towns struggle to pay for the aftermath of the storms. Around seven feet of snow fell during the storm, which has left around a dozen dead and forced towns in the Buffalo region to spend their entire Winter budgets in just three days after the storm was over, CBS News reports.

Flooding remains a major risk as the temperature rises above 40F and begins to melt the snow that remains at dangerous levels in most areas. Meteorologists have also forecast rain in the coming days, which Igor Cornelsen says will add to the weight of the snow standing on many structures and increase the chances of buildings collapsing as heavy rains fall on top of mounds of snow.

One of the major problems the area faces, according to Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown is the lack of funding available to pay for the continued cleanup, which has seen volunteers attempt to clear snow from the homes and businesses of many residents. Towns in the Buffalo area are looking for Federal assistance to assist in the cleanup as boats and emergency services are assembled in preparation for the expected flooding to arrive.

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