Bruce Levenson Work Tirelessly For NBA Board Of Governors


Before Bruce Levenson was a member of the NBA board of governors, he was the CEO of UCG. He company was designed to give information about oil prices and the oil industry. His company grew over time to feature a massive database of information, and the company was so large that he was able to buy a stake in the Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Thrashers and Philips Arena.

When the sale of the Hawks, Thrashers and Philips Arena was completed, Levenson managed the group of Washington owners of the franchises. The whole unit was known as Atlanta Spirit LLC, and they sold the Thrashers to a Winnipeg business group. That sale sent the Thrashers back to Canada, and the Winnipeg Jets were put back into the NHL.

When the Hawks were owned by the Spirit group with Levenson heading the way, they were able to hire Mike Budenholzer to run the team. Budenholzer was a long time assistant with the San Antonio Spurs, and he currently has the Hawks playing the best basketball in the NBA.

Recently Levenson decided to sell his stake in the team, and the team is 100% for sale. The growth of the team under Levenson’s leadership is more than anyone could have imagined. The game atmosphere at Philips Arena is among the most electric in the NBA according to ESPN, and the building itself is an exciting place to play basketball.

The small beginnings that Bruce Levenson started with informed how he would run the Hawks in the future. He was able to profit greatly from the sale of the Thrashers, and he will profit from his fine management of the Atlanta Hawks while still continuing to manage his primary business and offer information to oil industry on pricing and other news that helps make the global economy move daily.

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