Brian Mulligan: The Backbone of Modern Media Business

There are many Brian Mulligan’s out there, but there is one who stands out above the rest. A man who prides himself on his hard work and dedication within his business endeavors. Featured on many famed publications, his success reigns across America, Brian Mulligan, Director and Member of the Audit Committee for the Ascent Media Group and Chief Executive Officer of Brooknol Advisors.

Most would say that Mulligan is a fortunate human being who spent his life working hard toward his career goals and success. He bathed in ambition set to achieve many career goals such as obtaining Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, Chief of Operations and more positions across a multitude of media companies over the span of 30 years.
His laundry list of superb education spans from the University of California, Los Angeles to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

He has served as Co-Chairman of Universal Pictures, CEO of Universal Television, EVP/CFO of one Fortune 50 company, EVP of Strategic Planning, Universal and Vice Chairman and not to mention Chairman of FOX Broadcasting and Cable. These companies being the most notable media and entertainment broadcasting companies in the entire world.

Mulligan considers himself an expert with a fiery interest in the likes of film, music, the publishing of music, television, cable networks, broadcasting, television networks and cable channels as well as video gaming. He has noted that he is passionate about continuing set solid structures these types of companies going forward.
Mulligan serves as a current member of the Los Angeles based business named, Digital Roundtable.

He has accomplished many community outreach endeavors in which have benefit thousands upon millions of people across the United States of America and some other parts of the world. One of Mulligan’s biggest accomplishments is known to be his work in the “A Better LA” campaign in which he aided in raised $90 million for education funding in Los Angeles. He also participates in many film and cinema groups, as well as small youth athletic organizations.

He has spent the last ten years or more as Chief Executive Officer for Brooknol Advisors. Within this position he maintains and seeks improvement for Media, Entertainment and Sports. He aids in advising many of these types of companies in strategic business planning, accounts, investments and more.

Mulligan has been known to be a backbone for the California media business. He has taken low companies and made them profitable and thriving, as well as grossing $175 billion in media and entertainment transactions.

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