Brian Mulligan: Promoting the Younger Generation


Brian Mulligan, the 55 year old CEO of Brooknol Advisors, LLC., based in Los Angelos, California, has quite the resume. His career that spans over 30 years, includes such offices as Chair and CEO of many media and entertainment powerhouses such as, Co-Chairman of Universal Pictures, CEO of Universal Television and Chairman of Fox Broadcasting. Recently added to his resume is Vice Chairman of Deutsche Bank,to name a few.

Mr. Mulligan, hailing from humble beginnings has escalated to a financial giant in the media and entertainment industry. Mr. Brian Mulligan you certainly have a full calender. WIth the many responsibilites that are associated with his many chairs and as Chief Executive Officer to a vast array of industry related companies and financial institutions, it’s a small wonder he finds the time to be the proverbial philanthropist.

What caught my attention and spurred my interest was the list of charitable organizations he was involved in. But, what’s more is I found that where he donated quite generously to these chariable organizations, he also seemed to find the time to become directly involed.

He is involved in charities like “A Better LA” that was responsible for raising over $90 Million dollars for schools in the Los Angelos area. He always was involved in organizations like St.Jude’s Children’s Hospital, City of Hope: a hospital dedicated to to the research, treatment and cure of several types of cancer, MCA Charities: that involve the treatment of brain cancer in children, The United Way, Land of Free Foundation: an organization that supports the men and women of he armed forces, YMCA and the USC Marshall School Dean Scholarship Fund: enabling those who have excelled but are still unable to afford the right school to enable them to excel in life. These are just a few of the charities that Mr. Mulligan has been actively involved He has given, not only money, but time and goods and services to these organizations.

What caught my eye the most, however, was how he had become so directly involved in some of this charity work. On top of his many other organizations and charities Mr. Mulligan donated something more valuable than money, he donated his time. He Coached youth tackle football and a travel basketball team. He also served as commissioner of the youth basketball league.

Where hard work and dedication can lead to a very successful career, charity work and looking out for those less fortunate, is not a skill that can be learned in a classroom, it a trait that one must be born with or taught throughout our life. The feeling of that humbleness and humility which remind us all that that our circumstances, no matter how blessed we are now, could change drastically, without warning. My hats off to you Mr. Mulligan, well done.

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