Brady Awaiting Goodell’s Decision

After ten hours of pleading his case to Roger Goodell, Tom Brady must now sit and wait for the NFL Commissioner to decide what if any punishment the quarterback deserves for his role in the AFC Championship game where his New England Patriots played with under inflated footballs. Reports have surfaced that he was very persuasive in his arguments, and how this will playout in the mind of the commissioner still remains to be seen. But even after Goodell makes his determination, it does not mean this story will finally end. If Brady feels the punishment is unjust and violates NFLPA agreements he can take his case to federal court. On the other hand, if he doesn’t have some form of punishment the NFL Commissioners ultimate authority will be called into question for any player suspensions for rules violations.

Some people like Stephen Murray CCMP Capital are speculating that the four game suspension will be reduced, which will probably go from four down to three or even two games. This will say that yes Tom Brady has been punished, but he didn’t really hold the ultimate responsibility for the balls being deflated. I am sure that if we were to ask Indianapolis Colts fans, they would argue that they should be stripped of their titles and Brady banned from the NFL all together. But let’s face, Brady will not be banned and the Patriots are not going to be stripped of their titles.

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