Brad Reifler: Entrepreneur and Investor

Brad Reifler’s career began after graduating from Bowdin College. With a degree in Economics and Political Science in hand, Reifler founded his first company, Reifler Trading Corporation, in 1982. It handled millions of dollars in discretionary accounts and even expanded to institutional research, global derivative advisory, information dissemination and execution services. This would allow Reifler Trading Corporation to become one of the largest independent futures operations.

In 2000, Reifler was able to sell the company to Refco Inc., the world’s largest futures company. Before doing so, he worked towards becoming a professional in financial services who can be trusted by everyone.

Reifler then took that opportunity to later launch Pali Capital, a sell side broker dealer with focus in the equity markets, in 1995. He had great success there serving as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and would even make the company $200 million profits in his 13 years there and allow them to expand into the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

He currently works as the Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Advisory, a company specializing in providing professional advice to commodity and forex traders. Reifler has taken his time to work on creating a differentiated product offering. Due to the very unstable commodity market and even worse foreign exchanges, Brad Reifler is now a very sought after entrepreneur with 30 years of experience backing him up.

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