Brad Reifler Courts Middle Class Investors

As reported by Brad Reifler of Forefront Capital have decided to alter the focus of their business model. They plan to make the shift from catering to investors with at least a million dollars of net worth and an income of 200,000 dollars a year. Reifler now says he’s shifting his focus to the non-accredited investor that mostly gets overlooked in the investment arena. Forefront will allow investors to get in the game at a minimum of 2,5000 dollars. Forefront products will not be tied to the stock market as are 401Ks. This will make potential growth easier, and give investors a chance for an eight percent return on their investment.

Brad Reifler started his independent career in 1982, founding the Reifler Trading Corporatiom. The firm specialized in global derivatives. The company was sold to Refco Inc. in 2000.

In 1995 Reifler started Pali Capital. He built it into a company that averaged 200 million dollars in revenue for thirteen years. It had offices around the world, including the Uk, Austria, and Singapore.

Forefront Management Group and its subsidiaries specialize in being a boutique investment banking firm. It puts a premium on wealth management and investment advisory services. This is done for businesses, global institutions, as well as individual investors. For more information on the subject

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