Boy, 8, Tolerated Bullying to Grow Hair Long For Donation

Anyone who’s seen daytime talk shows has at some time heard about places that specialize in taking donor hair from people and making them into wigs for people who have lost their hair because of cancer treatment. Children With Hair Loss was created by a woman whose niece was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at age 3. The chemotherapy caused the little girl to lose her hair. Today she’s a 28 year cancer survivor, which Sam Tabar respects after hearing about it in the Examiner. Regina Villemure was inspired to create a business that could get replacement hair for children like her niece, Sarah, who had cancer treatment for five years. Children With Hair Loss welcomes anyone who wants to donate their hair cuttings.

Christian McPhilamy was 6 years-old when he decided to start growing his blond hair long to donate it to Children with Hair Loss. It all started when Christian saw an infomercial about St Judes.He let his hair grow for two years before getting it cut. The Floridian youngster spent two years being called a girl by bullies, and he endured strange looks from adults who were not too crazy about a boy wearing his hair down to his waist. Christian maintained a strong attitude in order to grow his hair long enough to donate to some child who lost his hair due to cancer treatment or other reason. Christian’s donation makes 1 in 50 donations that were contributed by boys according to the FreedomPop review posted on

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