Blue-Green Algae Is a Serious Threat in Indiana

Summer brings with it some very serious dangers that people need to be aware of in Indiana. There will be many people wanting to cool off and take a dip in various lakes around the state. However, these people need to be aware of the risks that go along with such an activity. Blue-green algae is a very serious threat that is lurking in Indiana lakes. This is because it is capable of producing several different compounds that are toxic. It has the ability to create rashes on human skin. It can make people extremely sick. It can even cause people to die in extreme cases. Therefore, it must be avoided at all costs.


One of the best ways to protect yourself is to avoid swimming in bodies of water that have pond scum floating in them. This is a good indicator that it is not a safe place to be. Experts say that you should also avoid putting your head below water in any inland body of water. You will be in big trouble if any harmful microbes get inside your ears. This has caused very serious illness for many people in the past. The good news is that no person in Indiana has gotten sick as a direct result of blue-green algae in three years. This shows that people are taking extra precautions that they did not in the past.


Fortunately, there are many effective treatments available for people who get sick due to the exposure to blue-green algae. The most important thing to do is to seek treatment immediately if you think that you might be infected. Treatments will be more effective if they are administered quickly. People who wait to seek treatment have a much better chance of getting extremely sick and suffering major complications as a result of their exposure. Experts say that you should be examined by a doctor right away if you get a pain in your ear or a headache after swimming in a lake.


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