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VI is a company originally known as ViSalus Sciences from the time of its founding in 1997 by Blake Mallen and his business partner Nick Sarnicola. VI had its original headquarter in Los Angeles. That headquarters has now moved to San Francisco. This company was envisioned to be a healthy lifestyle brand by Blake Mallen, who had begun to notice the alienation felt by his fellow Millenials.

VI was an attempt to get these Millenials out of their funk by realizing the possibilities that life offered. Not only would VI offer them the chance to get personally fit and vigorous, but it would also offer them the chance to be financially independent through the company’s multi-level marketing (MLM) strategy.

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VI offers customers innovative health products like meal replacement shakes for losing body weight and gaining muscle. There are energy drinks as well, and supplements offered in what is called ‘the VI-Pac.’ Blake Mallen wanted to market these products in a new and innovative way compared to traditional MLM strategies. These old strategies did not have the ‘cool’ factor that Blake was looking for. So he came up with the idea of challenge-marketing. The “Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge” was thusly born. This challenge was advertised all over social media and it produced results. VI hit 2-billion in total revenues.

Later on, Blake Mallon developed another lifestyle brand called LIV. One can check it out at LIV is supposed to help people let go of the traditional bucket list and replace it with the LIV list. The LIV list is tailored, memorable experiences that anyone can partake of right now. It is based in Blake Mallen’s philosophy that one ought to consider ‘shifting the script’ from what one is supposed to do, to what actually works best for one’s greatest happiness and self-actualization.

Too often bucket lists are based on societal expectations. Blake Mallen says that following societies expectation may be cheating oneself. One should seek the most happiness in the now, and not put off for tomorrow a trip or adventure that may never come to fruition.

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