Beyonce Preggo with Baby #2?

After her fun 7/11 video and other music being released, it seems like Beyonce is a very busy woman . On Instagram, she posted a picture that many people believe show a baby bump. It is of her at the zoo with her daughter. If the rumors are true and the singer is pregnant, this will be the second child for her and her husband Jay-Z, after their daughter Blue Ivy.

However, the picture is taken at a lower angel looking upwards which is not the best angle for anyone. She has not officially stated any information about being pregnant nor has her reps, so Dave and Brit Morin don’t really know. The only reason people believe she may be is off of these pictures which are the best sources. She has a big year coming up so if she is pregnant, she may have to take a halt from her career.

Of course, her loyalty to her family overrides her loyalties to her career but she is still about to embark on a new passage to her career that will build it up. She has a new album coming out which requires lots of publicity, appearances, interviews, and if possible tour to help promote the music. Even if she is pregnant, it will still be an exciting journey in her personal life for her growing family. Blue Ivy will have a sibling and they can grow further together as a family.

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