Best Foods of 2014

2014 was the year that a lot of great foods made their debut. Whether you love a great meal when you’re watching your favorite team play or you just want to a quick dinner for your family, these foods can give you some inspiration.

Pizza got more than one makeover in 2014. Little Caesar’s introduced the pretzel crust pizza with a cheesy sauce. Domino’s also made the pretzel crust an option for pizzas, and offers pies topped with a number of fresh vegetables. Pizza Hut offers a spicy pizza with a Sriracha crust, as well as a dessert pizza that features caramel and marshmallows.

The Pizza Hut in Australia came up with the Dorito pizza, which features crushed tortilla chips on the crust of the pizza. The taco pizza made its introduction at Pizza Huts in Korea. Jonathan Veitch really didn’t care for those options.

Breakfast foods for the year included the waffle taco from Taco Bell and the croissant sandwich with chicken and bacon known as the Ultimate Stoner Sandwich.

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