Barbara Stokes- Woman With a Plan and a Mission

Natural disasters are something that the world must endure, but when disaster strikes, people quickly leap into action upon the disaster’s severity is determined, such as the massive Hurricane Harvey that ravaged the Southern coast. In Alabama, a housing company called Green Structure Homes is a registered FEMA company who assists in providing green and safe homes for the individuals who lose all their possessions in the disaster. GSH is owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Barbara and Scott Stokes, who work diligently to provide quality temporary residential and commercial construction options. Read this article at

GSH, under the careful direction of Barbara Stokes, has implemented many safety features into their mobile housing units, or MHU’s, such as mobile access ramps for every building and a fire suppression system is equipped in each dwelling. Barbara Stokes has a passion for safe and green building, therefore making GSH a sought after companion for natural disaster zones and their mobile housing units have also been found on military bases.


In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, GSH was given a $28.5 million dollar contract to provide mobile housing units for all the stranded families who were left with nothing. The company has been named a Disaster Relief Construction Contractor and has the authority to begin emergency building in the event of a natural disaster. Barbara Stokes has made many strides toward providing the safest and highest quality temporary housing relief to families who are in a time of suffering. Mr. and Mrs. Stokes have helped millions have a safe place to stay while waiting for permanent housing and will continue to provide quality disaster relief services in the many years to come. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

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