Award-Winning CEO Troy McQuagge Excels In Enabling Affordable Healthcare

Troy McQuagge is the CEO and President of USHealth Group. He was recently recognized by the prestigious One Planet Awards. The organization honors business as well as professional leadership. It identifies top performing employees and companies in various categories across multiple industries. Troy McQuagge won the “CEO of the Year” award.

He has been serving as the CEO of USHealth Advisors since 2010. He has restructured the company for profitability repositioning the marketing and retail distribution section. USHealth Advisors recorded tremendous growth under his leadership. The subsidiary acts as the sales engine for the group. He has served the group in various executive positions. He rose to become the President of the group in 2014. He has led the company to achieve rapid growth in the healthcare insurance industry.

USHealth Group operates subsidiaries providing innovative health coverage solutions to families and small and medium sized employers. Some of the other subsidiaries include Freedom Life Insurance, Ascent Funding, and National Foundation Life among others. Learn more at about Troy McQuagge US Health.

Troy McQuagge dedicated the award to the whole team at the group. He reiterated that the honor was a demonstration of their commitment to affordable and flexible healthcare. The group leverages a diverse talent pool as well as extensive provider networks to provide competitive products that deliver on customer satisfaction.

Troy McQuagge has had a successful career in the insurance industry. He has spent over thirty years in business development and executive positions. He worked for Allstate Insurance straight from college in 1983. He then joined United Insurance in 1995. He became President of the group’s insurance agency in 1997. The group restructured to HealthMarkets in 2006. He worked as the President of the new insurance agency, HealthMarkets’ Agency Marketing Group (AMG).

He was in charge of business development and sales. The agency hit the $1 billion mark in sales revenue in 2007. This rapid growth was recognized by Selling Power as well as Stevie Awards in the same year. Troy McQuagge has won numerous industry awards both as a corporate leader and as part of the various business units. He received the CEO World Awards’ gold trophy in the CEO of the Year class in 2017.

The organization also designated him the Most Innovative CEO of the Year in 2016. The group won the Corporate Social Responsibility category by the same organization.

Troy McQuagge has emerged as one of the most influential corporate leaders to watch. The awards demonstrate his excellence in leadership. They are a show of recognition from industry peers and the communities the group serves. He ensures value for both shareholders and customers alike.

Troy McQuagge studied at the University of Central Florida and graduated in 1983. His guiding principle is to put people first. He mobilizes his internal teams to focus on the patient.

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