Dr. Mark McKenna the Doctorpreneur

Dr. S. Mark McKenna is a licensed medical doctor originating from New Orleans. He graduated from Tulane University’s Medical School. He has a license in Surgery and Medicine from the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. After graduation, Dr. Mark started practicing medicine alongside his father while concurrently launching McKenna Venture Investments which is a boutique real estate firm. Dr. McKenna is a dedicated community servant and a passionate patient advocate.

Most of Dr. McKenna’s business interests perished during Hurricane Katrina which destroyed the city of New Orleans. Without losing hope, the doctor actively participated in the aftermath of the storm in rebuilding the city through the redevelopment of low to moderate-income housing. The doctor then relocated to Atlanta where he launched ShapeMed. ShapeMed is an aesthetic and wellness based medical practice. The doctor later sold ShapeMed to Life Time Fitness Inc. in 2014 where he served as the National Medical Director up to 2016. He then moved to OVME in 2017 as the founder and chief executive officer.

The doctor says that his idea to start OVME came from his association with the medical aesthetics industry for over ten years. He grew his practice which he ultimately sold to a publicly traded company. He is a hardworking doctor, father, and husband who wakes up early and goes late to bed. He manages to materialize his ideas by regularly setting goals and practices visualization. He also meditates at least once daily which he qualifies as a recipe for success.

Dr. Mark McKenna has a family of four. Gianne McKenna is Dr. McKenna’s wife. Together, they are the parents to Milana Elle and Ryder. The doctor is currently a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization after serving as a board member of the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

In 2013, Dr. Mark was a featured guest on Doctorpreneur which is a CBS television show. The show highlighted the entrepreneurial spirit in the healthcare and medical communities. The doctor expressed how pleased he was for getting an invitation to the inaugural episode of the new show. In the presentation, the doctor discussed his practice ShapeMed.


Mexico Gains Recognition In Business World Thanks To Omar Yunes

For the first time ever, Mexico held their own small scale version of the Best Franchisee of the World Competition. They wanted to be able to send their countries very best and most successful Franchisee so that they could show the world what they have to offer the international business world. Generally, competitors are judged on a huge variety of factors that essentially determine how successful a business will and can be. For example, they are judged on things like new programs, employee encouragement, employee happiness, implementation of new programs, and successful customer relationships. In Mexico’s case, they were able to name both Omar Yunes and Ivan Tamer the two best Franchisees in Mexico. Therefore, these two men were sent to compete in the real international event.

The international event took place in Florence, Italy and people from countries like Italy, Spain, France, Mexico, and Hungary were just some of the competitors and guests. People are not only recognized for their own individual success but they also attend to gain knowledge and spread their own knowledge in the industry so that other people can implement these strategies into their own businesses.

Omar Yunes is Franchisee of Sushi Itto. Sushi Itto is a Japanese style restaurant located in and throughout Mexico. Omar Yunes first became Franchisee of Sushi Itto at they very young age of 21. Since then, he has successfully expanded into 13 units all across Mexico and into different cities in the region. CEO of Sushi Itto and judged of the Best Franchisee of the World Competition both agreed that the relationship Yunes has with his Franchise is very unique. He completely transformed the traditional role a franchisee plays in the business world while still remaining professional. They even commented on how he has drastically improved customer service relations over the years.

The other representative from Mexico was Ivan Tamer. Tamer is Franchisee of Prendamex, which is a small network of Pawnshops also located in Mexico. Ivan Tamer was recognized for the sales program he created and implanted in order to increase revenue.

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The vision that led Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho to whom he is today.

The legal profession in Brazil is one of the biggest in any country in the world this is helped in most part by the numerous law schools in the country as well as the significant need for lawyers within the state.The country has over eight thousand registered lawyers this is a statistic from the Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil which the body that oversees the practice and registration of lawyers in the country.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a pioneering lawyer in Brazil and has grown his legal practice from the ground up.For a man who did not have any form of undue advantage when he first joined Mackenzie Presbyterian University to study his degree, it took sheer tenacity to be who he is today.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has received various accolades both as a person and as part of his firm Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados where is a partner.He was recognized by the magazine the Latin Lawyer as one of the top legal minds in Brazil, and to this, not many people can question it.He is constantly referred to as a legal entrepreneur this stems from the various legal achievements and contributions he has made to Brazil’s legal community.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho started managing his firm in 1991 and from the minute he took over he set out to make it the top law firm in Brazil as well as can represent his clients in other jurisdictions.He was able to divide the firm into departments which would then be responsible for overseeing their areas of specialization.This department ensures that the firm’s lawyers can concentrate on specifying aspects and thus give a client the best legal representation from a very highly informed point of view.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is also conscious of new legal areas that are coming up by the day this is why he is always looking to expanding his firms expert capabilities this can be reflected on the environmental departments which are responsible for handling emerging environmental laws which are quite new in the country.The laws are only being implemented as the country become aware of the environmental impact of companies to the environmental and this is what makes Ricardo very necessary to his clients who he offers compliant when venturing into Brazil.

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Paul Mampilly Giving Insights To Investors In The Food And Medical Industry

Paul Mampilly is one of the most successful investments advisers in the US and runs Profits Unlimited which is the biggest newsletter in the investment industry. Paul has previously managed multi-million dollar accounts as a hedge fund manager and has won many investment awards.

Paul has a proven track record, and all the investment advice he gives in his newsletters have very high chances of success. Mampilly can see an investment opportunity where no one else can, and according to him there is an amazing opportunity for food companies and precision medicine providers.

According to Mampilly the Millenial generations have now reached adulthood and have no skills of cooking. The reason for their lack of skills is that they were raised at a time when both their parents were working thus relied on food that were cooked elsewhere. The millennial generation based on research has an eating habit where they spend most of their time and money having dinners out more than any other generation. It is estimated that they spend over 50 dollars a week on these dinners. These categories of people are beginning to have kids and face the challenge of cooking and feeding their families. Millennials are currently purchasing foods that have recipes for homemade cooking and are healthy. One thing that investors in this industry must realize is that the millennial generations is highly educated and are aware of the market trends. They also research their food, and during their lifetime they have witnessed a rise in lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes and food allergies. Food delivery companies have been thriving in the food industry not only because they provide convenience but also because they provide a healthy and nutritious meal. For this reason, Mampilly recommends that investors do purchase stocks in this type of companies.

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Another key sector that investors should be keenly interested in investing in is the medical industry and specifically on precision medicine. Precision medicine is a process where a medical doctor uses an individual’s genetic information and medical history to diagnose and treat a medical condition. Precision medicine helps improve the level of accuracy in treatment and diagnosis and allows for personalized treatment. Also using precision medicine a doctor a doctor can match ones symptoms against a large database hence it makes it easier to target an illness. This is an investment opportunity that everyday investor in the medical industry should consider buying.

Paul Mampilly is an American investor and a former hedge fund manager who has for a very long time been offering investment advice to investors in America and globally. Mampilly attended Montclair State University where he pursued a degree in BBA finance and accounting. Mampilly also holds an MBA Finance from Fordham School of Business.

Mampilly in his long, rich career has worked for several financial institutions such as the Swiss Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland and Deutsche Asset Management.

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An Investment Officer with a Different Approach

SahmAdrangi is an Iranian-born Canadian, founder and the Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management. SahmAdrangi is a holder of Bachelors of Arts in Economics from the Yale University. At the University, he wrote cavalcades for the campus newspaper which shows his subliminal progression from lefty rabble-rouser.

Work experience

Before finding his firm, he was an investment analyst at Longacre Fund, which is a private investment partnership. In the firm, he conducted investment analysis and research for both the credit fund and equity fund. He has also worked at Chanin Capital Part in the bankruptcy restructuring group where he gave advice to creditors. His work included representing bondholder committees, bank debt holders, preferred equity committees and creditors of bankrupt companies. He has also worked at Leverage Finance group of Deutsche Bank where his job was to syndicate and structure high yield bonds and non-investment grade bank debt, by buy-out financing, exit financing, and debt refinancing.

Sahm at Kerrisdale Capital Management

In Kerrisdale Capital Management, he has been in charge of all developmental operations. The company was launched with under $1 million but it currently manages $150 million. He is best known for publishing and short-selling research. Besides publishing research, he has been an activist in many investments including Lindsay corporation management. He has been a speaker at several conferences, which includes the Sohn Conference, the distressed debt investing conference, the value investing conference and traders for a cause. He got famous when he first exposed fraudulent Chinese companies, subsuming China-biotics, Lihua international, China Marine Food Group and many others. He has appeared in various interviews on Bloomberg and CNBC where he’s been headlined in major publications including, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, among others.

Adrangi is a fairly recent convert to dog-eat-dog capitalism. While his firm shares research on a wide variety of industries and companies, recently, he has focused the firm’s evolvement on specific sectors where it has refined expertise. One area of focus has been the Biotechnology sector and it has published research on development stage companies which includes Zafgen, Therapeutics, Bavarian Nordic and plentiful others.

Aloha Construction’s ways of giving back to the society and their importance

Aloha Construction refers to a firm that has been prosperous in its operations for about ten years under the leadership of Dave Farbaky who serves as the Chief Executive Officer. The firm’s establishment occurred in the year 2008 at Lake Zurich, Illinois.

As at now, they have already accomplished approximately eighteen thousand projects. It is evident that they are firm in their society. Its ownership and operation being under family bring out the implication that they understand the significance associated with adhering to their original roots within Lake Zurich then giving back whenever an opportunity arises.

Giving back to the society is essential. It is a form of appreciation as it must have supported the enterprise in some way to facilitate its success. The task of giving back serves as a way of returning the favor and enhancing a promising stand with the society together with helping the local families as well as the needy children. It provides a good feeling.

There are other benefits associated with giving back to the society. These include the fact that the amount given in as a donation is tax deductible. Giving services in line with charity groups or volunteer organizations within the community establishes a good PR thus promoting products and intensifying business as a result. The execution of good plans for the company often results in a positive outcome. It can be termed as a win-win kind of a situation between the society and the business.

It is worth acknowledging the different ways through which one can give back to the society. The essential and most effective ones are three. They include getting involved with local organizations, establishing one’s foundation, or even sponsoring a local event or team.

Getting engaged with the local institutions is the most appropriate option particularly when new to the work of charity. The availability of various options, charities, foundations, and organizations gives one to choose their most preferred.

The advantages associated with setting up one’s foundation include the facilitation of philanthropy that is more effective, accessibility to increased openings, and intensified control over one’s charitable donations.

The idea of local sponsorship facilitates brand awareness across the society. It also offers support for the young without the capability of taking part in some particular events.

Market America Unfranchise

Market America Unfranchise is a company that has been successful in its activities in many countries. Its main purpose involves broking between producers and consumers. It is an online sales company. It has been in existence since 1992. It was founded by James Howard and Loren Ridinger. The company has a workforce of approximately 650 people. The headquarters of the enterprise is in Greensboro, North Carolina.Market America deals in products that range from household items to custom websites. It is mainly dependent on its distributors and works with numerous affiliated companies to reach its market. The company began its operations at North Carolina in the United States. It deals with the sale of electronic equipment, water filtration systems, and auto care. The founders later spread their activities to Australia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Upcoming events

The Market America Events for the year 2017 are scheduled to take part across the countries that it has achieved success through its distributors. The list below is a comprehensive schedule of the events;

  • The East Coast Product Symposium; this will take place in Atlantic City in New Jersey at the Atlantic Convention Center from 6th to 8th October.
  • Singapore Leadership School; planned to run from 20th to 22nd October in Singapore
  • Taiwan Leadership School is expected to run from 27th to 29th October at the Nangang Exhibition Hall in Taipei.
  • NutraMEtrix Annual Convention is expected to run from 27th to 29th October at the Hyatt Regency Dulles in Herndon, VA.
  • Hong Kong Leadership School will start on 3rd November in Hong Kong.
  • Moving Up Seminar; this is a three-day event that will start on 3rd November in Miami, Florida
  • Moving Up Seminar; planned to take place for two days. It will be opened on 5th November in Miami, Florida.
  • Northeast Regional; to be held from 17th November at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, RI.

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SahmAdrangi Is Set To Bet $100 Million Against A Single Stock

SahmAdrangi has successfully raised over $100 million. The investor plans to use this money to bet against a single stock. The investor raised the money through Kerrisdale Capital Management, his investment company. Sahm is both Kerrisdale Capital Management’s founder and chief investment officer.The money will be invested through Kerrisdale’s new ‘co-investment’ fund. According to industry experts, this will be the first time for such an investment drive to be conducted in the United States. They noted that SahmAdrangi’s company has ventured into a new field of investing raised funds. Previously, companies have mainly used similar funds to invest in traditional fields such as helping distresses energy companies to recover. The funds have also been used to enhance the recovery of residential mortgage-backed securities. However, Sahm’s small investment firm is seeking to use the money to short the stocks of a public company that is yet to be unveiled. SahmAdrangi incorporated Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009. The company is based in the city of New York.

SahmAdrangi is an American trader, financial expert, and a shrewd entrepreneur. He has loads of experience in investing in stocks. Sahm has used his vast market knowledge found a company that offers innovative products. The firm focuses on helping investors to make handsome returns from investing in different stocks.The trader made a name for himself in the competitive financial industry by shorting many fraudulent Chinese companies. Presently, the Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating a number of these fraudulent companies. His success in short research activism earned him recognition from different financial experts around the globe.SahmAdrangi began his career in the financial industry as hedge fund manager by working for Deutsche Bank in the investment banking division. In addition, Sahm served as an analyst for Longacre Management, a renowned multi-million-dollar distressed debt hedge fund. The shrewd investor also rendered his services for Chanin Capital Partners as an analyst. The executive graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Yale University, one of the prestigious universities globally. The investor attributes his success to the business skills he gained while he was pursing his studies at the university.

Bob Reina: He’s The Man

The term “He’s The Man,” gets through around a lot and it is always in a positive manner. It shows that someone is in firm control of what they are doing and they control their lives. Bob Reina is the man over at Talk Fusion as the CEO and founder. He founded the company back in 2007 with a clear goal and clear mission: change lives. That is a big goal, but you have to dream big in today’s world. No one should settle for anything less than the best. It is the Bob Reina way and it is the Talk Fusion way. They are known as the best in the business at video technology. It is why they have won awards and afforded people the opportunity to work from home.


For so many people all over the world, that is the dream for them. They want to wok from home. They have a great idea and they want to see this idea put into motion. However, many of them are missing the tools to make it happen. Bob Reina is offering the tools, the guideline, and everything for the customer. He believes in them and he knows they can do something great with their careers. They are capable of anything they set their mind to in this day and age.


People have to understand that these are people that have been beaten down by the 9-5-job situation. They have had enough of it and they are sick and tired of it. They are worn out from it. It has made them miserable and they want out sooner rather than later. After all, you truly can’t put a price tag on happiness. However, Bob Reina is going to make sure people are happy using Talk Fusion. He is also going to use his position as CEO and founder for something positive.


Nothing is going to stop him or stand in his way. One of the greatest things he did was make a record-shattering donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. It was said to have saved countless animal lives. Learn more:

How Imran Haque has Changed Lives in North Carolina

Imran Haque is an experienced and skilled physician who delivers high-quality health care. Haque is the founder of Horizon Internal Medicine based in Asheboro, North Carolina. He is a renowned medicine specialist with over 15 years of experience performing physical exams and treating a wide variety of diseases. He has served various hospitals including Randolph Hospital, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital, First Heath Montgomery Memorial Hospital, South Eastern Medical Hospital and High Point Regional Hospital. Dr. Imran Haque holds a medical degree from Universidad Iberoamerican. He attended the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program to seek further training.

Horizon Internal Medicine is a hi-tech medical practice located in Dublin Square Road in Asheboro. The Hospital provides laboratory and ultrasound services for patients. Horizon Internal Medicine is different from other facilities in the region because of its modern equipped facilities and adequate staff, which has made it reliable for patients. Imran Haque employs efficient, highly trained and skilled personnel. He provides them with the latest equipment to ensure that they perform thorough checkups and routine examinations for better treatment. Doctor Imran provides consulting services alongside collaborating with other doctors and physicians to help patients seeking professional Medicare information. Horizontal Internal Medicine accepts common medical insurance cover plans in North Carolina.

Imran Haque has offices located in Asheboro, Ramseur and surrounding areas, which enhance easier access to the facility by patients. Imran has developed a customized patient care and spends ample time with patients to get outstanding results. He also tracks his patient recovery process using his workforce. Imran Haque provides professional 360 resurfacing to his patients through offering Botox injection, cosmetic treatment, and weight management treatment. Haque also helps to prevent and treat hair growth in unwanted areas of the body. Horizontal Internal Medicine is a trustworthy partner and has earned Imran Haque praise for his quality services.


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