2017 in Review: OneLogin’s Top 7 Highlights

The new year has come, so it’s time to review the old year of OneLogin, their achievements and changes.

Brad Brooks has become its new CEO, after leading major tech companies for 25 years. The opportunity matched him and all his criteria; thus, he pounced on it. He notes that the customers will benefit from this move.

Fortune Magazine named it in the top 10 best small workplaces in the Bay area. This comes after it had already received recognition from San Francisco Business Times, Fortune and Glassdoor, four awards won in the last two years.

AirBus became one of the over 2,000 customers of OneLogin in 2017. Digital transformation – redesigning their information technology systems – drove AirBus’s move.

Customers approval for the company in 2017 was high, so high the business released 14 stories ranging from education to manufacturing to finance and to high technology. Fidelma Butler, Senior Director of Human Resources at Zendesk, even said, “What I find most useful about OneLogin is the time saved in onboarding and offboarding employees — it is one of the real strengths of the OneLogin integration with Workday, being able to easily integrate new hires and applications into the workplace.” When the service boosts customer trust in their products, there will eventually be growth.

OneLogin came out with Adaptive Authentication, a multi-factor authentication factor, in April. This tech uses a machine to check login details – geography, browser, device, and network reputation. It then warns the user before moving onto the next page.

It has updated its apps, now the ones used frequently appear first, they can be searched with keywords and phrases and other categories. They can also be added easily to one’s personal portal.

It has gained easier access for on-prem apps by meshing with the organization’s web servers and linking to it’s own directory.

OneLogin has come this far, and it still has further to go.

David Gietz Financial Guru!

(Recap) Veronica Dagher brought to you an in depth interview with the one and only David Gietz. Gietz is the president of the Nation wide Financial Company. He grew concerned when they took a survey asking people that were a mere 10 years from retirement and he was shocked to find out the results that showed him that most people claimed their financial advisors never even talked to them about Social Security. Gietz also states that Social Security is a very daunting topic because there is as many at 2,700 rules I’m the Social Security handbook alone. He also said that if Social Security is turned on too early the retirees can lose up to $300,000 dollars in the average of 35 years. That can be broken down to $12,000 dollars a year or even a more condensed pace of $1,000 dollars lost a month! Obviously that Social Security income is very important and needs to be optimized. This inter was brought to you by the Wall Street Journal, wealth advisors addition.

Mr. David Luther Giertz is a financial advisor that has been employed by Nationwide Investment Services Corporation with over 31 years of experience in his field and 4 exams passed. Mr. Giertz currently puts his decades of experience to work in Dublin, Ohio. Officially, Mr. Giertz is a registered broker through FINRA.

Brokers are sales personnel and their duties include buying and selling securities like stocks, bonds, mutual funds and any other investment related products. Whether in Dublin, Ohio or any other state across the USA, financial advisors are required to register in any state they conduct business. This holds true for Mr. Giertz’ as his experience and business acumen spreads far and wide across the states. As a financial advisor Mr. David Giertz is obligated to disclose any events which may affect his ability to advise or maintain professionalism.

Mr. Giertz maintains this well reflecting on his most recent filing submitted to FINRA where he had no reported disclosure events.

USHealth’s HOPE Program Nearing A Decade Of Giving Thanks To Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge has continued to make a difference in the lives of many and has been driven to enable others to do the same as well through the HOPE program at USHealth. The name is an acronym that stands for “Helping Other People Everyday,” and it has become a life goal and daily mission for many at the company. Troy McQuagge US Health started the program back in 2010 as one of the early initiatives as he had just taken over at the position of President. Now, the company and its parent must have received a boost from the kindness, because they are now operating at a level over 10x greater than at that time.

New Orleans was one of the first cities to receive a boost from the philanthropy of the HOPE organization. Hurricane Katrina could take out many of the lifelines, but it was not able to stop the goodness from flowing all around. They joined forces with the PNOLA (Phoenix of New Orleans) group in order to help the victims rebuild their homes. There were also many hundreds of man-hours dedicated to razing and restoration efforts in the areas that were hit the roughest. There have been many more similar efforts from the USHA (USHealth Advisors).

For example, something like $70,000 has been donated to HOPEKids Arizona so that the non-profit can more easily handle its excellent work of helping the families of children who have been stricken with cancer or another terminal illness. Troy McQuagge likes to stand by these efforts by explaining that every company has a soul and that USHealth is simply exhibiting theirs through these charitable efforts. Chief Marketing Officer Brian Clark agrees and he also said that the company does not take the task of helping others lightly because the organization feels that it is part of their corporate responsibility that cannot be ignored.

USHealth Advisor Agents exist in many different communities throughout the country, and many are following the example by doing some similar work around their own place of business. For example, Division Leader Elizabeth Byrne helped to give back to veterans through collaboration with the Homes For Warriors program in Palm Bay. The workers helped to demolish, rebuild, repair, and cleanup new places of residence for many along the Brevard County landscape and as a service project of the Space Coast Paratroopers Association.

Overall, one can only hope for great things to continue to happen at the company so that they can flourish and then be able to give just as generously as they have been over these past years. As the Troy McQuagge’s HOPE program of 2010 nears its first decade of existence there should be more excellence ahead for all.

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Sheldon Lavin’s Remarkable Contribution in the Meat Processing Industry

Sheldon Lavin, the OSI Group CEO, has extensive knowledge as a consultant in the banking industry. He later invested in the meat industry, which is now an international supplier of extra value protein products. He has worked in the company for the past 43 years. Lavin transformed the brand from just being a supplier to McDonald’s, to serving several trade brands and food services.

Through his outstanding leadership, he has grown the organization to a global supplier with numerous subsidiaries. The agency includes OSI Industries, OSI International Inc., and OSI International Foods LLC based in the US. Through this establishment, the organization has created job opportunities to approximately 20,000 employees worldwide. OSI Group operates more than 55 facilities-based across 16 nations.

Sheldon Lavin has created a corporate culture at all levels of the firm, a trend that has had positive results in low worker turnover. In 1970, for instance, Lavin was involved in the successful finance preparations for Otto & Sons, the current OSI Group. Otto & Sons began a meat-processing factory, which was the main dealer of hamburgers to McDonalds Corporation. Sheldon became a partial proprietor of the meat-processing factory after a mutual agreement to join the organization as a partner.

Sheldon Lavin expanded the Otto & Sons company operations within five years. After the demise of the company’s owner, Otto, Lavin entered into partnership with his two sons. He later purchased their shares, a move that gave him full ownership of the business. Eventually, he changed the business name to OSI Group. Lavin, being a skilled investor and a competent manager, expanded the company’s operations to Taiwan and South America. Indeed, he has been at the forefront in enhancing and creating opportunities to Australia, Japan, China, India, South Africa, and the Philippines. Being an instrumental CEO, he has further created OSI’s presence in Brazil and Europe.

Sheldon Lavin, the current president of OSI Group, maintains an excellent profile in the food and meat processing industry. He is actively involved in the management of company operations. Due to his incredible achievements, he won a Global Visionary Award on 20 February 2016, courtesy of Vision World Academic. This acclaim was an honor to him and he dedicated his skills to ensure that OSI Group grows into a worldwide powerhouse.

The company has also received sustainability and environmental recognitions through Sheldon tenure. It is his wish that the upcoming corporate managers will continue in the growth and expansion of the firm. Mr. Lavin is also a mentor who seeks to inspire his successors in corporate leadership. He urges would-be leaders to dedicate themselves in the development of their firms with a prime focus towards creating job opportunities and growing the world economy.

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Betsy Devos; Grace Under Fire

The Trump Administration has brought some new names and faces to the national public’s eye. One name that is often coming up in the news is the Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos. One article that really seems to grasp the complexity of Mrs. Devos was published by the New York Times. The title of the article was, “Betsy Devos is Publicly Polite, but a Political Fighter.” The article was published in February of 2017 and was written by Richard Perez-Pena.


This article discusses how publicly Mrs. Devos seems quite cool, collected, and a follower. However, in the background she is quite the fighter when it comes to topics she is passionate about, such as the education system in The United States. The specific topic discussed in this article is about how Mrs. Devos appeared to take President Trump’s stand in the transgender bathroom usage topic. In reality, though, Mrs. Devos fought against the President rescinding this policy. She even attempted to warn key players in the Education Department about the President’s decision before it was announced publicly.


Mrs. Devos’ history in her home state of Michigan was also highlighted in the article. She has worked very hard over the past twenty years to open the educational options of families in Michigan. These efforts have allowed many students to attend charter schools, and various private institutions, instead of the inner city public schools that seem to be failing so drastically. Learn more:


Betsy Devos grew up in Holland, Michigan.She is the daughter of Edgar Prince, owner of a very lucrative auto parts company. She attended private schools throughout her childhood. However, even at a young age, Betsy could see that the education system was failing the majority of the children in the area. She is married to Dick Devos, son of Amway founder Richard Devos. Both families have a significant influences and financial backing to help them gain the support in various areas that they are passionate about.


Mrs. Devos has spent her entire adult life, and a significant amount of those fortunes, to shape the education system in the Michigan area. Throughout the years she has say on several school boards, local community boards, and has been a very active participant in the education system. She is now using that influence to help shape the future of the education system throughout The United States.

Together Barbara Stokes and Green Structure Homes Provide Disaster Relief Solutions in Alabama

In a world where both natural and human-made calamities have reached an all-time high, there are only a few companies that offer efficient disaster relief solutions. While most companies shy away from the thought of building innovative mobile, commercial and residential structures especially for disaster-struck zones, Barbara Stokes stepped forward and accepted this opportunity. Barbara Stokes is the CEO of Green Structure Homes and her efforts along with those of her team have helped ignite the hope in people who live in disaster-prone areas. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

In an attempt to give people jobs especially those who were affected by calamities such as hurricane Harvey, Barbara Strokes has taken the lead in offering manufacturing jobs in cities such as Texas, Carolina, Alabama, Florida and many more places. She also urges companies to help in relief efforts by taking similar steps.

Green Structure Homes is an initiative that was started in 2008, by Barbara Stokes and her team. Before starting this company that aims at the welfare of survivors of calamities, she has extensive experience in similar avenues as she has worked with Pisces Corporation and Boeing for many years. The skills she hones makes her a specialist in the industry, and this includes time management along with precision based construction skills.


As a Government contractor who works in conjunction with the mission of FEMA, Barbara Stokes firmly believes in giving back to the community by creating innovative, reliable, durable and mobile homes along with offices that are based on the latest engineering and manufacturing techniques.

Barbara Stokes is also known to actively donate to non-profit organizations, charities, and shelters in the Huntsville area amongst others. She is currently dedicating her time and energy in completing the contract that was given to her firm a short while ago. The project provided by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as well as FEMA was presented to Barbara Stokes in an urgent attempt in a critical situation to contribute to the relief of the victims of this natural calamity. Completion of this project involves building modular homes to aid in the efforts of undoing the damage done by Hurricane Harvey. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

Rio’s Infant Unit Plans Given The Support Of Felipe Montoro Jens

A range of new Infant Education Units is set to open across the Brazilian capital of Rio de Janeiro as Mayor Marcelo Crivella makes good on his promise of developing new preschool and kindergarten places across the city. To make sure the planned units have the most up to date technology and construction methods the plan is to develop what infrastructure expert, Felipe Montoro Jens calls Private-Public Partnerships; these partnerships have become commonplace across much of the world as private companies begin to play a larger role in the development of government programs found on many continents such as Africa and South America.

Felipe Montoro Jens believes the success of the program will be easier to contemplate as the World Bank Group has taken on the role of providing private companies to partner with Rio’s City Hall to provide support for the planned new kindergarten and preschool places. In total, Rio de Janeiro will see more than 60,000 new places open up in newly constructed Infant Education Units which will include 20,000 kindergarten places and a planned 40,000 preschool places to ease the burden on the overstretched services currently on offer in Rio.

Felipe Montoro Jens explained his belief in the success of the project had been heightened by the arrival of the World Bank Group as the infrastructure partner for the project. Private funding will be sourced from the company and provide their services to both construct and run the administrative side of the Infant Education Units. Diminishing funds provided for school lunches by the Ministry of Education means Mayor Crivella’s City Hall will make up the shortfall in funding to provide school lunches for those attending the newly constructed Infant Education Units due to open by 2020.

2021 NBA All-Star Game Will Be in Indiana

NBA fans in the state of Indiana have not had a lot to get excited about in recent years. However, that is set to change. It was just announced that the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis will host its first NBA All-Star game in 2021. There had been rumors circulating for quite some time that Indiana might be awarded the All-Star game from the NBA. However, nothing was made official until recently. It has been a very long time since Indiana last hosted an NBA All-Star game. That was way back in 1985 when it was held in the old Hoosier Dome.

The Indiana Pacers have played very well this season. They have been one of the surprise stories in the NBA. So NBA fans in Indiana can feel good for two reasons. It is a very big deal for a city to be awarded the All-Star game in a major sport. It creates a big boost for the local economy in the weeks leading up to the event. Local restaurants and hotels can benefit greatly from all the additional people coming to town. Unfortunately, 2012 is still a very long time from now.

The governor of Indiana and the mayor of Indianapolis both said a few weeks ago that they were hopeful about the NBA All-Star game being awarded to the city. However, both were cautiously optimistic when they were asked if they thought it would really happen. Both said there are a lot of politics involved in that sort of decision.

MB2 Dental Solutions Relieves the Ache of Management Services for Dentists

MB2 Dental Solutions is a dentistry practice support organization that has a membership of over 87 dental-owned practices. The company is headquartered in Carrollton, Texas. MB2 Dental Solutions offers distinct types of resources to locally owned dental practices so that their owners can focus more on providing better patient care.

The onerous business side of owning a dental practice can take up a great deal of time and money instead of placing more efforts in client care. MB2 Dental Solutions provides billing, collections, credentialing, marketing, recruiting, human resources, compliance, IT staffing and many other administrative management services for their dental company clients.

MB2 Dental Solutions believes that dentists can help each other by working together to accomplish more than they can by working individually in their dental practices. MB2 Dental Solutions offers an innovative progressive and autonomous perspective on dental management and development practices that helps to change the lives of their patients and the doctors for the better.

As a unique concept in dentistry, MB2 Dental Solutions is a company of dentists working for and with operating dental practices. The MB2 mission is to offer customized systems, guidance, and expertise in handling dental practice non-clinical management services. The MB2 firm takes care of the business side of any dental practice so that local dentists can continue to grow their business by focusing more on state-of-the-art patient care.

MB2 through their integrity practices, innovative teamwork, and work excellence helps dental practices in complete anonymity. They have over 80 affiliated locations in 6 states (New Mexico, Alaska, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Tennessee). MB2 Dental Solutions was founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva in 2007 who saw a need for individual and group practices to concentrate both on clients and the business side of their dentistry practices and to keep them profitable.

MB2 helps dental practices improve their operating standards that fosters happier professionals and a more natural business growth. MB2 Dental Solutions, their experienced staff, and unique trends and practice standards helps existing dental practices overcome any legal, payroll, etc. challenges that they may have to face and to place their skills solely on their clients. New technology-advanced dental practices are able to enjoy the freedom from much of their management services handled by MB2 and to concentrate more on their speed to market goals.

Indianapolis to Host 2021 NBA All-Star Game

Indianapolis has developed a reputation for being one of the best cities in the Midwest to host big sporting events. The city did an excellent job with the Super Bowl in 2012 and the Final Four in 2015. The attendance records set two years ago helped Indianapolis land another Final Four in 2021. City officials just learned today that they will be hosting another huge event that same year. The NBA has officially announced that the 2021 All-Star game will be held in Indianapolis.

This will be the first time that the Indiana Pacers get to host the NBA All-Star game since 1985. Many experts expected the prestigious game to get awarded to the city of Cleveland, but the NBA clearly wanted to reward the passionate Pacers fans. The beautiful new renovations to Bankers Life Fieldhouse and the city’s reputation as an excellent event destination certainly did not hurt either.

The Pacers front office worked tirelessly over the last few years to get this honor. The team sent several members of staff to the All-Star games in Toronto and New Orleans the last two years to improve their pitch to the NBA. They also had Larry Bird officially announce the Pacers’ desire to host the game by driving a race car to the NBA headquarters earlier this year.

The exact date of the game has not been announced, but the NBA traditionally holds the All-Star game in mid-February. In addition to the game, Indianapolis will also get to host the celebrity game, dunk contest and several other exciting events during the same weekend.

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