Ideal Medical Procedures Performed by Dr. Imran Haque

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Ideal Medical Procedures Performed by Dr. Imran Haque

Dr. Imran Haque serves at Ramseur, Asheboro, and the surrounding areas. He is a highly experienced and honored internist who has been in service for more than 15 years. He offers a variety of services in his institutions. These include weight management services, Venus body contouring, 360 resurfacing, diabetes treatment options, physical exams, dermal fillers, Botox, and laser hair removal. Dr. Imran Haque studied at the University of Virginia and currently has a license to perform medical procedures in North Carolina. He participates in maintaining the Certification Program for Internal Medicine.


He has specialized knowledge which allows him to perform routine doctor operations as well as the extra services. Due to his flexibility, he has a high number of patients as he can serve as a primary care physician and also treat specific ailments. Dr. Imran Haque detects common illnesses and refers the necessary medication to the patient. The presence of ultrasound services and a laboratory in his office facilitate complete and quick treatment.


Dr. Imran Haque performs dermal filling procedures which are nonsurgical solutions to various cosmetic problems. These fillers are used to restore lost weight, enhance facial contours, and plump lips among many more practices. The professional doctor also offers anti-aging solutions through Botox which is excellent for eliminating wrinkles and facial lines. Dr. Imran Haque has helped many people lose unwanted weight at his Institute in Ashebero. He is termed as one of the best specialists in assisting people to lose weight and keep fit around that area. This is done by recommending various treatments for loss of weight and then educating the patients on ways to live healthy lifestyles and consume nutritious substances.


A patient seeking weight management assistance should seek a doctor who qualifies in the following areas. They should provide medical options to manage weight, make time to talk about lifestyle decisions that contribute to a person weight, and also one who can perform cosmetic operations to enhance the patient’s body, if necessary. Another of his many services is Venus Body Contouring which improves the body shape of the patient. This is done by tightening the skin, reducing cellulite or reducing wrinkles, depending on the patient’s problem.



Kabbalah Centre Teachings

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In order to take your life to new levels of understanding, one of the best things you can do is embrace a spiritual teaching. The Kabbalah is one of the versions of spiritual teaching that many people gravitate toward for a lot of different reasons. In order to learn a little bit more about this area of faith, you should read on and factor in these points of view.

What exactly is the Kabbalah?

Kabbalah is a spiritual teaching that revolves around the Torah, while taking more of an esoteric slant. The faith teaches that the old testament is about us and speaks in an esoteric way to learn more about our souls and connection to each other.

What are some things that the Kabbalah teaches?

#1: We are all connected

The main teaching you will see at the Kabbalah Centre and everywhere else it is taught is that every human being is connected. We come from the same source and this transcends any differences that we have.

#2: Embrace life’s pleasures

Other forms of religion are heavy on abstinence, while the teachings taught at the Kabbalah Centre focus on knowing the after life is important, while embracing this world. For instance — that piece of cake with your wife could be a great way to forge love when your intention is in the right place.

#3: Clothing is important

Something as simple as clothing that you wear can be an act of expression and giving. Dress yourself in a way that lets you be the highest version of yourself. The Kabbalah centre was founded in Los Angeles in 1984 by Philip Berg. It is a teaching that has taken on worldwide notoriety – particularly in recent years. People who go to the Kabblah Centre experience are able to take advantage of a number of different courses and build community. If you are looking to visit the Kabbalah Centre, visit the website and don’t hesitate to stop by.

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Colts Add Speed to Defense

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For the past few seasons, the Indianapolis Colts have been one of the most anticipated teams in the league. Much of this anticipation has been due to the continued progress of their offense. Last year, the Colts’ offense took another step forward as quarterback Andrew Luck continued to look like he would soon turn into a superstar. Heading into the next NFL season, the Colts will once again look like a potential favorite in their division. While most would assume this is due to their offense, many experts believe that their defense could be what helps them win (


Last year, the defense of the Colts looked good at times but started to look very slow and old by the end of the year. Much of this was due to the fact that their defensive unit is one of the older units in the league. However, this off-season the Colts have taken a lot of steps to get faster, younger, and more talented on defense.


If the current projections hold true, the average starter on the teams defense will be just 25 years old. This is a big drop compared to the prior season when the average age was just over 29 years old. Two of the biggest additions to the defense came from the NFL draft. This includes adding defensive back Malik Hooker who starred at Ohio State last year. Hooker is just 21 years old and will lead the newly revamped defense during the next season.


Indiana Impacted by Heavy Rains

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While the State of Indian is normally associated with having dry land and plenty of cornfield, it sits in the middle of a path that can be prone to major storms. Over the past week, the State of Indiana has been impacted by a variety of storms that have had lasting damage in certain areas of the state (


Over the past few weeks, a few different areas of Indian have been affected severely by the storm systems that have come across the state, and the rest of the Midwest. Officials in Washington County, Indiana, have reported that they have had to declare a state of emergency due to the high flood waters. The city, which is normally best known for its agriculture, has had a lot of rain over the past few weeks. This past Sunday, the city took in over 3 inches of rain in less than one hour.


Following a few days of continued rains, the cities in Washington County were already on alert due to high river levels. However, during the past few days, the city has had a few different periods of extreme downpours. Due to the high amount of rain, the city ordered a voluntary evacuation. While many people did leave the city, many in the city decided to stay back. Many of those have been helpful in helping to build barriers to protect a variety of different civic centers, but a lot of the downtown areas have continued to see a lot of flood damage.


Washington Country, MO is located just 50 miles away from Louisville, KY, and is also within a short drive of Indianapolis. The city is normally a popular stop for people traveling between the two cities, but the current rain systems could have lasting damage to the economies in both cities. It has been estimated that the total rain damage in the city could exceed several million dollars. Many of the local businesses are expected to be out of business for the next few weeks.


Evansville Regional Airport to Receive $12.4 Million Renovation

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Renovations of $12.4 million have been planned for the Evansville Regional Airport, including a single security line, modern food service, and more family and children accommodations.


Construction is reported to begin this summer and should take about one year to finish. The airport’s board recently approved a $10 million loan to help fund the new furnishings and contracted a local architectural firm, Hafer. Indiana’s Regional Cities program will contribute $5 million to the renovations.


Infrastructure improvements to the terminal will include new administrative offices and a boardroom, with new paving and LED lighting, as well as canopies covering pick up and drop off areas, to be introduced outdoors.


Flyers have often complained about a lack of food options past security. In response to such complaints, a new restaurant will be added post-security, with a seating areas that will offer diners a front row view of the airport’s runway.


A children’s play area, family restrooms, and a nursing room will be additions aimed at making family flight time easier for travelers.


The renovation project was inspired by new TSA requirements. Current administrative offices in the airport are located behind where the proposed security line will form. The new plan will have one central screening area as opposed to several intermingling lines.


More than 5,200 flights depart Evansville Regional Airport each year, with over 400,000 total passengers.


Is George Leaving Indiana?

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According to whispers from various reputable NBA circles, Indiana’s favorite basketball superstar may be in jeopardy of leaving the city of Indianapolis. Due to a series of factors including, the departure of Larry Bird as the Pacers’ President, the fact that the Pacers are probably in a rebuild mode, and their only way to acquire much-needed assets would be to deal away some of their star power, Paul George may be on his way out the door. There very well may be a series of costly exists as, starting PG Jeff Teague will become an unrestricted free agent this year, and Paul George, if not dealt, will follow next year, possibly leaving the Pacers without their star player or any additional assets. Your text to link…

One of the major aspects affecting Paul George and the future of the Indiana Pacers is the fact that George missed out on being selected to the All-NBA team. This effectively limits his ability to receive a max contract should he remain with the team he’s lead in recent years. Next year Paul George would still have the option to drastically increase his salary should he make the All-NBA team, but despite his physical prowess on the court, this is far from a foregone conclusion, and with free agency continuing to be the elephant in the room, makes the chance of George remaining with the team much slimmer.


Indiana State Senior Corp’s Program Celebrates the Aged Volunteers

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In the state of Indiana, there is usually a reason for celebration. From car shows to music festivals, carnivals, and historical re-enactments, the state of Indiana is a fun place to be. It has a total of approximately 240, 000 volunteers. In a bid to honor the old volunteers, the National Corporation for Community Service will hold an event to appreciate the efforts of these people. The organization operates programs like AmeriCorps as well as Senior Corps. These programs have in the past years assisted millions of people. This month, the state is set to honor members of the Corps Senior program. According to Samantha Warfield, the press secretary in charge of the program, the program assists children to learn how to read, act as exemplary grandparents for foster children as well as be companions for their fellow seniors.



Community Service



Samantha also stated that most Americans have benefited from the two programs. Because of the advantages of these programs, she suggested that the untapped resources of the non -profit organizations have been helpful to the state. The program is looking forward to recruiting more volunteers in the future. This is in a bid to extend its services to the people of Indiana. Although the cabinet of President Trump is set to cut down the budget of the program with the aim of boosting military spending, Samantha is confident about the possibilities of the stated initiative to expand even more with time. With more than 5,000 volunteers from Senior Corps, the celebration would have a positive impact on the lives of the less fortunate in the states.

George Soros- Political & Social Influence and Philanthropic Activities

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George Soros was born in 1930 in Hungary under the pro-Nazi Hungarian regime. This was before he escaped to London for studies and later relocated to America. In London, Soros joined the London School of Economics where he operated as a waiter and railway porter. Afterward, he began his financial career at a merchant bank. As indicated in Politico, over the recent past years, Soros together with other rich liberals spent millions of dollars in support of various political aspirants of their choice. For instance, they supported the electing of Hillary Clinton against the retired President Bush and also against the current President Trump. However, Soros was not a great donor in US politics until the election of 2004 where he contributed $23,581,000 to 527 different Groups. Read this story about George at

On philanthropic matters, Soros has funded global efforts in promoting drug policy reforms. His philanthropic funding involves efforts to bolster non-violent democratization within post-Soviet states. The efforts are mainly from Eastern and Central Europe, and usually, take place through Open Society Foundations, formerly Open Society Institute (OSI) and National Soros Foundations. According to the Washington Times, Soros also funded the Ferguson protests by offering $33 million within a year to a group that incorporated activists.

George Soros has been a noticeable worldwide supporter of equitable standards and foundations for over 30 years. His magnanimous Association (Open Society Foundations) provides support to human rights and democracy organizations in over 100 countries. The New York hedge fund director is a standout amongst the most politically influential people in the world. From the mid-1980s specifically, he has utilized his tremendous impact to help reconfigure the political scenes of various countries around the globe.

Soros started his philanthropic activities in the year 1979, offering grants to dark South Africans under politically-sanctioned racial segregation. In the 1980s, he assisted in promoting the public sharing of ideas within the Communist Eastern Bloc by giving photocopiers that were used for reprinting banned texts. After the falling of the Berlin Wall, he established the Central European University and financed the cultural exchanges between the Western and Eastern Europe. Soros thus played a significant role in assisting the Soviet society that had affected him some time back.

With the ending of Cold War, George Soros extended his philanthropic efforts to the United States, Asia, and Africa where he supported a wide variety of new efforts to form more transparent, accountable, and democratic societies. He was among the key earlier voices that criticized drugs business.

Throughout the years, Soros has offered support to lawyers and paralegals that represented hundreds of unlawfully held people. Other similar efforts entail underwriting the biggest efforts in the globe that integrated the Europe’s Roma and offering school fees for thousands of bright and needy students from marginalized groups. To date, his political influence has continued to have bigger influence within the United States and even globally.

Nine9 Offers Actors and Models Tips to Breakout

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It is no secret that modeling and acting are tough careers to get involved in. In fact, most people end up giving up, but that does not have to be you. In an interview with Nine 9, the Unagency, Nine9 reveals how you can be one of the few that breaks through and makes it big as a model or actor.First off, Nine9 reiterates how important networking is to success. If you want to be well known then you have to start networking so that people know who you are. This means that you take every opportunity you can to connect whether that means volunteering, working as an extra, getting an unrelated job on the set. Introduce yourself as you can and always be ready to pitch in and help. Sincerity is rare in the climate, so it is usually recognized when seen.

Second, you need to take classes because if you want to be a professional you have to be willing to put in some work to earn that status. There are always workshops and classes that you can sign up for, especially if you live in the California area. The harder the train the more natural you will be when you audition. You can also use these classes to network.

Nine9 is a unagency that helps provide the tools, support, and opportunities to budding models and actors that want to breakout in the entertainment industry. They have worked with people for the past ten years developing top technology and helping build client relationships. Their goal is to help the 99% of actors and models that are not signed into an agency get the edge and take over the entertainment industry because there is strength in numbers.Read full article: Here.

Renown Health Opens A New Clinic In Reno Mall

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Renown Health has many areas of medical practice that patients can find at local Nevada hospitals and clinics, and they are now bringing primary care to a mall space in south Reno. This new clinic is meant to provide a more warming atmosphere to regular patients and newcomers, and it also may cut down on travel time for some. This clinic will have most of the regular waiting rooms and reception desk features, and it will also have a conference room for special consulting between healthcare providers and patients. There will be about 11 physicians and nurses onsite, though there is the possibility of one more physician coming in the near future. This facility is now the 12th primary care clinic for Renown.

Renown Health is a unique healthcare services provider that operates in a non-profit capacity in the greater Reno area. Part of their mission statement is to make sure that the funds and income they receive are all placed into community healthcare resources and improvements for their facilities. New patients can use Renown Health’s website search services to find physicians or health facilities by name or practice near them. A big part of their medical research and treatments come from Stanford Medical School, one of the Pacific Northwest’s leading medical institutions. But Renown Health wouldn’t be what it is without the leaders they have on the board.

Renown Health is managed by the Health Board, the Renown Health Foundation Board, the Hometown Management Board, and business board. Leading the way at the top of health operations is CEO Dr. Anthony Slonim who has spent years both in medical practice and leading other physicians at local hospitals. Along with Slonin, Dawn Ahner is the Chief Administrative Officer who is in charg of Renown’s financial investments and HR management functions.

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