Australia Beats Brazil in World Cup

The Women’s World Cup has been rolling along now for weeks, and it has provided some of the most exciting soccer in the world. There has just been a major upset, as Australia beat Brazil. They won the game by a score of just 1-0, with that tie-breaking goal coming late in the game.

It was a huge moment for Australia’s soccer team. Brazil is good every single year, and they are often so good that they look like they can beat teams without really trying. They are often favored to win most of their games, if not the whole thing. For Australia, who is not a powerhouse by any means, to step up and get the win, goes a long way toward showing just how well the sport has developed in the country.

According to CCMP Capital it’s also a big moment because it could be a stepping-stone to even better things. Not only does it get Australia a bit farther in the World Cup, but they now know they can play at that level. They don’t have to be intimidated by anyone else that they face because they’ve already faced teams that are “better” than them, and they’ve come out ahead.

In sports, confidence goes a long way. Physical ability is of course very important, but teams usually don’t play their best until they are confident, so this could give Australia the mindset it needs to keep winning.

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