Article Title: Zeco Auriemo ushering Brazil’s new age of luxury developments

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Zeco Auriemo is an iconic Brazilian realtor and the CEO and Chairman of JHSF Participacoes, a leading real estate company in the country. This real estate company focuses on coming up with luxury developments for this particular market. The headquarters of the company are Sao Paulo, and the company has been working on expanding its market to the whole of South America. JHSF is known for developing luxurious shopping malls, real estate establishments, commercial and residential properties, and hotels and gastronomy. The company has massively grown since Zeco Auriemo took its leadership.

A new age of luxury developments

Under the leadership of this accomplished realtor, JHSF has ushered in a new age of luxury developments in Brazil. The company’s latest development is a luxury complex in Sao Paulo named, Cidade Jardim Corporate Center. Zeco Auriemo mentioned that the crown jewel of this luxury development is the hotel chain brand, Fasano. On top of this, this complex has 180 retail stores, nine residential towers and four office blocks. The luxury complex cherishes the idea of living, working and exploring life in the same vicinity. The residential towers have apartments which are sold for 1.8 million reais a unit of 240 square meters and 16.6 million reais for a unit of 1700 square meters.

Success, dedication, and commitment

The CEO and Chairman of JHSF believes that dedication and commitment always lead to success. It is dedication and commitment that have led to his success as an individual and also that of his company. Zeco Auriemo said that success is made up of 10% inspiration and 90% sweat. The sweating part of success needs a very committed and dedicated individual to achieve it. Zeco always makes sure that he visits his developments every week until the end of their construction. This dedication and commitment is to make sure that his company’s luxury standards are upheld.

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