Ariana Grande Was Frantic While Winning Award At EMA’s

Ariana Grande’s song, “Problem” won the 2014 Best Song EMA but her acceptance speech was not as relaxed as she was in the song. This might be because throughout the entire EMA’s, she probably only had a second to sit down so we don’t blame her. She performed “Problem” and “Break Free” at the EMA’s on November 9th. Right after she was done performing, she had to rush to the stage to accept her award for the 2014 Best Song EMA.

Ariana could hardly catch her breath after all of this excitement. Maybe this had something to do with her performance where she was floating very high above the EMA stage. She announces in a frantic voice, “Thank you so much. This means so much to me. “It’s been a really crazy year. Last year I was presenting with Iggy, and this year I’m nominated for a bunch of things, and I got to open the show, and I can’t thank everyone who’s supported me in this last year enough.”.  The whole crowd was loving it, Tom Rothman was telling me.

Ariana even thanked and gave the credit to MTV for making “Problem” happen. Thanks MTV! Ariana said a big mouthful in only 40 seconds! She exited the stage with a sigh of relief and then lost her cool when she won Best Female too. It’s okay Ariana, we forgive you! We know that you were a busy girl at the 2014 EMA’s.