Anthony Petrello philanthropic works in support of children with brain disorder

Although there many rich people out here in the United States who are used to using unscrupulous means to get the wealth they possess, there other wealthy entrepreneurs who have made their wealth out of sheer hard work. We all know of numerous Wall Street billionaires who use crooked means of acquiring wealth from unsuspecting citizens. This is a pure case of moral erosion. Some people no longer care how they earn their wealth as long as they finally pull through, even if it through some unscrupulous means. However, there are still good people who believe in making in life through legitimate ways. People who appreciate the importance of using straight means to break the glass ceiling in terms of achievements.

One of the people who fit in this category of good hardworking people is Anthony Petrello, the current CEO of Nabors Industries. Anthony Petrello lives in Texas. As an oil drilling company executive, he possesses a lot of wealth. As part of giving back to the community, Anthony Petrello supports a number of philanthropic initiatives in his Texas neighborhood. Since his childhood, Petrello has always been a caring person. His current philanthropic works are just a continuation of a passion that he already had. His efforts in philanthropic works were given a boost after the birth of his daughter, Carena. His daughter was born with a medical condition that needed to be addressed by methodologies that were already non-existent. It, therefore, meant that there was a need for research to be conducted to come up with a solution for the disorder his child was suffering from.

Together with his wife, Anthony Petrello has decided to make a contribution in support of the development of a medical research center that would develop treatment methods for children living with neurological disorders. Anthony Petrello has already contributed $5 million to support the development of research center at Texas Children’s Hospital. He has also pledged to contribute another $2 million to support the research initiative in future. He is as well making efforts to bring in donors and other philanthropists to contribute to the development of this research center. The research center will bring together, highly experienced doctors and surgeons who will conduct research meant for coming up with a solution for neurological disorder in children.

About Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is the CEO of an oil and gas drilling company, Nabors Industries. He was appointed to the position in 2011. He also the head of the executive board of directors at the firm.

Since joining the drilling firm in 1991, Anthony Petrello has held various positions including that of chief operating officer.

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