Another “A” list to the superhero mix!

Everyone knows who your typical superheroes are, Robert Downey Jr. and Christian Bale. But they may be a new superhero to enter the scene, Matthew McConaughey has been testing several scripts with both marvel and DC comics, but has said he hasn’t found the right thing yet according to Igor Cornelsen. Saying that he is defiantly open to playing a hero or anti-hero role. As many of us know Mathew is very good with comedy roles as well as drama, which would fit him perfectly into a “outlaw” type role. Two of the main things Mathew looks for in a role is if the role makes him feel excited of playing it and if the money is exciting. There has been no word about what films he has auditioned for yet but no matter what role he plays he will be a good addition to the super hero saga. But rumors has been spreading around that there may be an open role in Captain America: Civil War and the Justice League series. Overall the excitement will be intense when we find out which comic Mathew McConaughey will be playing in the near future

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