Andy Wirth Looks To Help The Navy Seal Foundation


Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth is a human being who has been to the edge of death and returned to life with the help of a talented group of medical professionals and friends. Wirth is quick to recall the day his life changed and why he now feels he is needed to help those who need his assistance with the Navy Seal Foundation. The number of friends Wirth has made within the Navy Seal community is a testament to both the fight for life Wirth was forced to undertake and the family environment with the special operations force.

Andy Wirth is now looking to assist those who he feels helped him when he was left with life threatening injuries following a skydiving accident in 2014. Wirth was forced to land in a vineyard when he was blown off course during a jump, which left him with his arm almost ripped from his body. The fight within Andy Wirth led to his survival in what was a life threatening situation and with the help of some skilled medical professionals he saw his arm reattached and the long process of rehabilitation began.

As Wirth embarked on his rehab in Squaw Valley he met a group of Navy Seals whom he became friends with and found he could share a large amount of his feelings about his own experiences with. The Navy Seals group were working on their own winter training exercises as Wirth was returning to running and rehabilitating his arm following the accident. Andy Wirth is looking to repay the faith and assistance the Navy Seals he befriended have shown in him by competing in the Ironman triathlon in a bid to raise money for the Navy Seals Foundation. The foundation provides support for Navy Seals and their families as the force is generally away from home for around three quarters of any year.

You can join the team by pledging your support through the Crowdrise page of Andy Wirth by clicking here and making a donation.

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