Andrew Rolfe Highlights The Importance Of Unrestricted Funding For Nonprofits

The Ubuntu Education Fund is a nonprofit supporting educational reform globally by implementing a model that is based on changing lives of people in the community. This is done by offering cradle-to-career support and mentorship for children in high-risk communities. By dealing with the underlying challenges in education, there is a higher possibility of averting the vicious cycle of debt.


As the Board’s Chairman, Andrew Rolfe has spent most of his career contributing to educational reform in South Africa. He forwards that it is necessary for donors to offer support for such causes without any conditions attached to them. This is because if they dictate how the giving is spent, then the nonprofit will not be able to achieve its objectives.


The Ubuntu Fund’s founder, Jacob Lief, argues that highly restricted funding is not constructive. This is why he started saying no to donors who come with restrictions. He says that it is rather they work with a few funders who support the cause, not because they want to be on the board, or have a name in a building. Jacob Lief forwards that it is better to operate with a small unrestricted budget that will complete more activities, as opposed to a large, preconditioned one.


According to Andrew Rolfe, more children will benefit from the Ubuntu Fund if they are focused on learning, and not on the source of the support. Securing donor funding is a challenging task, but it is important for both the donor and donee to have a good early understanding. This averts any conflict that will be generated by different expectations. Unrestricted funding allows nonprofits to come up with innovative solutions to tackle their thematic cause.


About the Ubuntu Fund


It was established in 1999 by Jacob Lief and Malizole Gwaxula in an attempt to counter the collapse of South Africa’s educational system. The goal of this model to motivate change and positive social impact by focusing on the family as the core unit of society.


Andrew Rolfe ascertains that this model will bring about more in-depth effects because the education of each child is considered as an investment. This is why the fund provides cradle-to-career assistance. Through this, Andrew Rolfe believes that they will bring about long-term change and lasting relationships by giving proper education to those who need it.



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