An Ominous Fear The Walking Dead TV Spot Arrives

Fear the Walking Dead is coming soon. The spinoff prequel to The Walking Dead arrives in late summer and it should greatly appease the appetite of those sincerely interested in seeing more zombie mayhem on the small screen. In addition to the mayhem, a bit of the backstory to the events in The Walking Dead are going to be revealed.

A new preview teaser has been released and the 30-second sequence is ominously interesting. In the TV spot, a young man tries to warn his mother about the outbreak of the zombie infestation. She ignores him because, after all, the authorities would be right out there in front warning people of such a catastrophe. The young man is then admonished not to spend a lot of time online listening to foolishness.

Ominous music rises up as the video goes to black.

A lot of dark themes are present in this very short clip, as Brian Bonar points out. The hint that you cannot trust the government or the authorities is overarching. The everlasting concept of a generational gap is reflected as well.

Overall, the teaser does its job. Anyone who views the clip is going to be very intrigued about what occurs during the series. Hopefully, the series will deliver a ratings smash for AMC.

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