Amazon’s The After Is “The Over”

Fans of The X-Files like Sam Tabar are probably reeling from the disappointing news that Chris Carter’s Amazon streaming series, The After, is not going to be produced. Carter was the creative person behind the development of The X-Files for Fox. The After was supposed to be his big comeback series. Most importantly for Amazon, the series would have given the company a new, original television series to combat Netflix. Netflix is slated to debut a ton of new, original programming in the next year. Unless Amazon can keep up with its top competitor for online streaming, then Amazon is going to end up looking old and stale in the eyes of consumers.

That is never a good image to have when attracting consumers. Entertainment is supposed to be hip. If Amazon comes off as too “old school”, then it is going to lose the war of perception. By the time Amazon does get any original streaming content online, the damage to the brand may already end up being done. At that point, audiences may meet a new program with nothing but indifference.

The After was a science-fiction survival thriller set in the days after the apocalypse. Basically, it was The Walking Dead without zombies.

A pilot was filmed and aired and no other episodes have been order. The After is officially cancelled and no reason was given as to why. Maybe Amazon needs to get its act together or face its own apocalypse.

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