Amazing Art Sculpture

“Amatria” is the “sentient” art sculpture located in a glass atrium space on the fourth floor of Indiana University Bloomington’s new School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering’s Luddy Hall. The dedication ceremony for the brand-new state-of-the-art $39.8 million 124,000 square-foot- Luddy Hall occurred on April 13, 2018, to welcome its 15 classrooms and labs, 31 career counseling and interview spaces, and the latest 3-D printing equipment.

They use the term “sentient” for Amatria because the word comes from the Latin verb sentire, which means “to feel.” Amatria, created by Canadian artist and architect Phillip Beesley, is an extremely unique masterpiece with microphones and sensors throughout that sense audio levels, which enables it to greet and interact with people as they walk past! As it reacts, parts start to light up, vibrate, or make a zapping sound. PhD students are analyzing the received data from the sculpture.

Amatria is made out from many different materials including metal scaffolds, plastic pieces, glass vessels filled with vinegar which serve as vinegar batteries, and many more unusual and huge components. It took approximately 200 volunteers, which included students from several IU schools, to put the massive piece together.

It is desired that arts and humanities scholars interact with Amatria to help understand how to implement artificial intelligence systems, how to design smarter environments, and how to use them. The Department of Intelligent Systems Engineering is hosting summer camps be held in Luddy Hall so that students can learn about artificial intelligence and build small form versions of Amatria.

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